Udaan 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj getting angry on Imli. Chakor asks him to leave Imli. Tejaswini comes and stops them. She asks the guard to let them come inside. Kasturi and Bhuvan come with other villagers. They all greet her. Tejaswini asks Suraj to get ready for Ram Navami. Kishori says she made big mistake that day, and argues with Kasturi. She says Tejaswini said to make one child study and one Bandhua, I should have agreed. Chakor says you know the bandhua life. Kishori asks her to stop it, I should have sent Chagan to school, you are enjoying in haveli.

She apologizes to Tejaswini. Tejaswini acts sweet and says you said what you felt. She says many people change when they succeed, same happened with Chakor. She asks them to come for puja. Laali asks them to work and gives the flowers. Chakor tells

Chagan she will teach them, they all are blaming her on wrong matter. Chagan says I will not study, our friendship is over. Kasturi and Bhuvan ask Chakor not to worry. Chakor says don’t worry, they will know one day who is liar. She says I m going to one who understands me that I m not a liar.

Chakor tells Dadi everything and says she did not lie, how to explain them. Dadi opens her eyes. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………..plays………..Chakor says it means you got conscious and Tejaswini is stunned.Chakor says she will get fine. Ragini says I prayed to Lord to save Dadi. Tejaswini worries. Suraj saysDadi is still same, she is liar and can say anything. Chakor says no, I saw her. Tejaswini looks at Ruby. Ruby says I will check. She says Dadi is in coma. Suraj says she is liar and goes. Ruby asks Chakor not to make stories and goes. Chakor thinks and says I know you will be fine soon.

They all do the Ram Navami puja and Tejaswini does the aarti. Chakor comes and prays. The kids are annoyed with her. Suraj and his friends laugh. The puja gets over. Lakhan asks all the guests to go and have food, and the villagers can have food in the stable. They all go. Kasturi and Bhuvan gets sad. Imli asks Chakor to go and she will get her. Kasturi says she is all alone. Imli asks them to go. Imli talks to Chakor and makes her happy by her talk. Roshni says she has some plan and tells Suraj. He gets happy.

Imli takes Chakor to have food. Chagan is angry. He says he won’t have food and all the villagers get angry. Chakor says haveli kids are not her friends, they trouble her a lot. Roshni comes and acts friendly to her. She asks Chakor to come with them. Chakor gets a plan and says yes Roshni, you are right, come and have food with me, sit with me, I m very hungry. Imli understands her plan and tells the kids that Chakor has some reason, and sees fingers crossed at her back. She laughs.

Roshni asks Chakor to have food and ill treats her. Chakor smiles and says we will eat in one plate, as we are friends. Roshni gets irked and Tejaswini asks Suraj and his friends to help Roshni. Chagan asks why is Imli smiling. Imli says come with me, see how friendly is Chakor with them. Imli asks everyone to come. Chakor asks Roshni to have food as they are friends. Roshni gets angry and calls her bandhua, scolding her. Everyone see this and are shocked. Chakor smiles after exposing Roshni.

Kishori requests principal to remove Chakor and take Chagan in school. Tejaswini smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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