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The Episode starts with Tejaswini asking Ranjana whats happening, what are these decorations. Ranjana scolds her about Suraj, who got shattered after Imli rejected his love, now Suraj and Chakor got Vivaan and Imli together. They both argue. Chakor tells Bijli that people make rituals and its for happiness. She gets the aarti plate to welcome Vivaan and Imli, and wonders where is Suraj.

Ragini gets the jailer caught by goons and asks did you ask police to find evidence against Bhaiya ji, do you doubt we did this to burn evidence. Jailer says yes, even if you kill me, I have given orders already. She says orders can change and shows his wife. He gets worries seeing his wife caught by them. She asks him to call his man and tell him to leave our man. Jailer calls….

Vivaan and Imli come home.

Bijli says I think they have come. Chakor says yes, we will surprise them. Imli asks Vivaan why is haveli door shut, I think they won’t get happy seeing me as your wife. He says don’t worry, they will be happy, come with me. He holds her hand and takes her. He pushes the door and they see Chakor with the aarti plate. Chakor surprises them. Vivaan and Imli see the haveli decorations and smile.

Vivaan asks whats happening. Chakor says imli became your wife today, what happened before was a game. She thinks Suraj did not come, I think I should start aarti. Suraj comes and holds aarti plate. Suraj and Chakor do the aarti together. Vivaan asks Imli to see, he told her the family will welcome them. Chakor says its Imli’s grahpravesh in true sense. She asks Imli to hit kalash and step in Alta color and walk in. Imli smiles and comes inside the house by following rituals. Tejaswini taunts Imli for becoming bahu of this haveli. Vivaan apologizes to Ranjana for not telling her. She says its fine, I can understand. She welcomes Imli and says Chakor said you should take blessings from elders, you should take blessings from Suraj too, he is elder in age and relation too, go.

Vivaan and Imli go to Suraj. Suraj says its not needed. Vivaan smiles thinking of Suraj’s good deed to make him realize his love and telling him that Imli loves him. Vivaan says you are really elder Suraj and touches his feet. Suraj says what are you doing, I said this is not needed. Vivaan hugs him and thanks. Suraj says I did not do anything great, I just did what was right. He thinks many things spoiled because of me and I just tried to manage it, I will be away from you all so that I don’t make any mistake again. He leaves.

Chakor happily cries. Chakor asks Vivaan to take Imli to his room. Vivaan stops Imli and says when all rituals are happening, this ritual should also happen. Imli asks what. He lifts Imli in arms and takes her upstairs. Chakor cries seeing them. She prays for Vivaan and Imli.

Vivaan gets Imli to room. They get surprised seeing the decorations of their wedding night. He says Chakor is a magician, she has done all this. She says I know, she did this, it would be tough for her to decorate our suhaag sejh, she still loves you. He says no, you are mistaken, I went to meet her, she said she does not love me so I got courage to tell her. Imli says no, I know she still loves you. Chakor comes and interrupts, asking Vivaan to give her nek to get entry in the room. Vivaan says you are blackmailing poor people.

Imli asks Chakor why did you tell Vivaan that you…. Chakor says its fine if Vivaan does not want to give nek, just give me promise as nek that you will love Imli a lot and keep her very happy. She gets a sherwani for Vivaan and asks him to become groom, I will make your wife a bride, its your suhaagraat today, such night does not come again, two person promise of love forever, go and get ready. He smiles and goes.

Chakor gets bridal dress for Imli. Imli asks whats all this. Chakor says don’t ask anything, just get ready as bride, come. She cries. Ragini calls and tells Bhaiya ji that our man will get free, inspector is fine, he will follow our orders till his wife and children are with us. He say you did right. She says Ranjana has sent news for you, you will like it. She tells the news. He laughs and says their love story is strange, it changes every week, Suraj is in bad state, child and lover are gone, he won’t have anything, wife, money and power, this is right time for me to come back to haveli. He shouts Suraj I m coming, I will make you example for the world. He tells Ragini to tell Ragini that fire in Suraj should not blow off, till I m back, I m coming, get ready Suraj.

Chakor makes Imli ready….. Imli smiles and holds her hand. She asks why did you tell Vivaan that you don’t love him. Chakor says one sided love is not love, you and Vivaan love each other, like Suraj loves you and you love Vivaan, we should not get in complications. Imli says you sacrificed your happiness for my happiness. Chakor says it would be sacrifice if Vivaan loved me, but he loves you a lot, don’t think anything, forget it, your life is having a new start, promise me you won’t tell this to Vivaan.

Ranjana angers Suraj by talking about Imli being in Vivaan’s arms, she will be away from you forever, will you like to meet her for the final time. Suraj goes and knocks Vivaan’s room door. Vivaan and Imli look at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what happen to this story writer. How vivaan loves imli, Love is happen in life only once . But……It is not good. This is not love. Hate imli and vivaannnn

    1. Yeah but I think love will happen twice.. But waiting for sukor scenes

  2. poor Chakor…always sacrifices her happiness!

  3. I agree..how can Vivvan all of sudden love Imli! what he will change his mind again once he finds out that Chakor still loves him!

  4. Omg kN is soo angry on suraj his first target is suraj and i think next week he is going to enter the haveli and thats why chakor wont able to give suraj divorce and leave the haveli so that she can save suraj from kN realy waiting for next week episodes

  5. I am so happy because finally imli and vivaan confessed their love for each other.. Now I hope sukor will also fall in love with each other some day!

  6. Yaar aur kitne din vivan aur imli ka natak chalega sukor love track chalu karo

  7. Vivan’s love for Chakor was all fake,,.Poor Chakor…,,when Suraj and Chakor falls in love with each other it will be deep

  8. Actually sach bolu toh vivan kese imli se pyar kar betha ye toh samaj me hi nehi aea..sahedh yea lead role me nehi hea islie jadha kahani inpar nehi dhikhai..and plz writer ab sukor ki love story par dheyan dho…barna trp toh gai kamce..bohot log dekhna chor dengge..Ab plz vimli bandh karo..

  9. vimli track is boring.. want to see sukor…… I am dying to see sukor romance….

  10. Vivaan Itna jaldi apna Sacha pyar ko bhul gaya aur imli se pyar.. aur chakor suraj k sath nahi rehni chahye.. us insaan k sath Jo apni behen ko rape kiya aur usse pregnant karvaya :/

    1. rape nahin tha.
      it was imli choice as well

  11. Vivaan Itna jaldi apna Sacha pyar ko bhul gaya aur imli se pyar.. aur chakor suraj k sath nahi rehni chahye.. us insaan k sath Jo apni behen ko rape kiya aur usse pregnant karvaya :/ Aditya aur chakor achi Jodi honge 🙂

  12. Ranjana I will killllll……uuuuuuu….all vimli sumli games r just solved nowww…..plzz…..don’t make prblms againnnn……am begging uuuuu……already v bored of these gamesss…..and now u evil ranjana……………oooooopppppssss……….if the serial going in this wayyy….reallyyyy…guyzzz…I will stop watching itttttt…..sureeeeeee………..

  13. Dalchini

    I hate this show

  14. Yes . Aditya will be suitable for chakor,he’s descent.

  15. PlZ vivaan imli ka jab se stry strt hya hai i stpd wtchg udaan oly read updates plzz..band kro bore krna aur suraj n chakor ka lov trck strt kro ..wtr ji bht pyr krwaya aapne imli n vivaan se ab bas..plzz suraj n chakor ka stry intrsg batao

  16. Chakor-Vivaan

    Urgh I hate Vimli! How Can vivaan decide he loves imli when he was only with her for a few weeks..? Vikor were childhood lovers…very rubbish serial..terrible writers..poor chakor, she does everything for imli..she doesn’t appreciate it…That Scum Vivaan…Broke her heart…

  17. Don’t know why every male of the show is after that dumb imli… pls writers want sukor track to start soon… otherwise i will stop watching this show…

  18. writers, please stop vivan imli story. i want suraj and chakor love story 😉 and waiting entry of kn

  19. Cvs stop vimli drama…boring..adi n chakor has brotherly relation..now don’t make them pair..already u made fun of other relationships..now don’t make fun of brotherhood…use some sense..

    1. Aditya is not coming back… he’s busy in SSK. Chakor is going to save Suraj from himself and his father. Unless Vivaan does another u turn

  20. hate imli hate vivaan, bechari chakor and suraj , sach me acha ban ke kuch hath nahi aya, plz change the track.

  21. Ya nowadays the story is showing more about vimli….lit bit boring n really hoping that next at least they show some more sukor scenes…

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