Udaan 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sunny telling Chakor that her bail chances are less, Rocky is trying a lot. Chakor says her mum will die. Soham says we will bring you out, by making you run. She says no, I can’t run, I have to get goons punished. Soham says if anything happens to your mum, what will you do. Sunny says Amma called and said your mum sits outside the house near the tree. Chakor imagines Kasturi’s bad state. They all convince her to run away and tell their plan.

Bhaiya ji gets shocked knowing about CBI enquiry. Suraj hears this. Bhaiya ji sees the news about Chakor giving Bhaiya ji’s name. Suraj gets shocked. Kasturi wakes up and Imli gives her the rotis and hot food. She says she has made this. Kasturi says you are lying, are you not ashamed to lie. She asks Dadi to come out. Kasturi

gets angry and asks them not to give her food, she will not eat anything till Chakor comes.

Suraj tells Tejaswini about CBI enquiry and Vaibhavi’s murder case. She says you have shown how much you love me, and see I made these laddoos for you, as I love you a lot. He cries and says he missed her a lot. He says dad has troubled me a lot. She says I know, now your mum is back. Chakor tells the warden that she will work and help Kusum. Kusum asks her to do anything alone. Chakor recalls Sunny and Soham’s plan to run away from jail. Chakor says I can do anything for my mum, this rope will make me climb the wall. Kusum sees Chakor smiling and thinks whats the matter that Chakor is so happy. Amma tells Kasturi that have food, Chakor will come. Kasturi says she will eat after Chakor comes. Amma ji sees the bandhua stamp and recalls her past, that she loved some bandhua man and he said this is the difference between them. She told him that she will also get that stamp to end their difference. Amma runs away getting worried.

Its night, Chakor takes the rope and goes to the wall. She says Soham and Sunny would have come. Kusum sees Chakor missing and looks for her. Chakor throws the rope. Soham asks her to throw it again. Chakor tries hard. Soham asks her to come up and holds the rope. Kusum sees this and calls out the jailer to catch Chakor. Chakor says I want to go to my mum. The jailer comes there and says Chakor can’t run from his jail.

Soham says jailer has come, we have to leave. Sunny refuses. Soham says we have to be free to get Chakor free. Tamasha says Soham is right, come Sunny. They leave. Chakor tells jailer that she wants to go to meet her mum. Kusum says I think her friends are there. Chakor says please let me go. Kusum says she has old enmity with Chakor. The jailer says I m glad, now you both will be together, you can better guard Chakor. Kusum smiles. He says I should have benefit of your rivalry and gets them connected by metal chains. He says now Kusum is Chakor’s shadow. Chakor thinks how to go now. Kusum smiles.

Amma comes to Dadi and says she will get some food for her. A box falls and Dadi sees the bandhua sign on it. Dadi confronts her. Amma asks her about the sign on her. Dadi says she does not remember anything. Amma says there is something that I have this box. Dadi tries hiding the truth. Amma says don’t tlel me if you don’t want, but I will know my past. Dadi says stop, don’t know the past, it will be bad for us, how to explain Nayantara, your past is related to a devil. Amma leaves.

Bhaiya ji scolds the man and the money falls. He scolds the man for staring it. Tejaswini comes and taunts him about jail. She says jail has taught her which haveli did not teach her. Kusum and Chakor sit together and have food. Chakor thinks Ishwar taught her a lot and its fine if Kusum troubles her.

The warden asks Chakor to fill water drums, else jailer will punish. Kusum says she won’t let Chakor work and pulls the chain to make Chakor fall.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Please show some mercy on chakor, show some good times of chakor. Pl

  2. Yr…, chakor had not done anything wrong… So why she is being punished.. Wrongdoers get bailed easily so why not her….

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