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The Episode starts with Kasturi crying thinking about Imli. She tells Imli’s state to Dadi. Dadi says its matter of one day, Bhuvan will bring Chakor here and will get Imli freed. Bhuvan tells Ishwar about Imli, who is very weak and stays unconscious, if anything happened to her, they will die. Manohar looks on. Ishwar asks Manohar does he not have shame to pressurize him by this way, and troubling little girls. Manohar says he will show him his power in his city and in his house. Ishwar asks what will he do. Manohar says he can send him to jail for kidnapping. The police comes there. Manohar says Ishwar that inspectors have come to arrest him, as Bhuvan Lal has filed FIR, for kidnapping Chakor and you want to sell her off. He says you will be arrested now and I m happy. He laughs. Ishwar looks at Bhuvan

and is shocked.

He smiles, Manohar asks what happened, you should be crying, you are smiling like toothpaste ad actor, did you go mad by this head wound. Ishwar says you will go mad, as this inspector has come to arrest you for kidnapping case. The inspector says yes, the blame of kidnapping of Chakor is on Manohar, we were trying to find you since months. Manohar asks his inspector to see this happening. Bhuvan says leave Manohar, if he is arrested, then they will kill my Imli. Chakor comes and sees Bhuvan. She smiles and shouts Bapu. Bhuvan is stunned and looks at her. He opens his arms and she runs to hug him. She says I knew you would come to Lucknow. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………… plays………………

Bhuvan smiles and kisses her hands and forehead. He says Chakor, I was dying for this moment, I missed you a lot. Chakor wipes his tears. She says see everyone is watching you. Bhuvan says let them see, this tears of my happiness that I got my daughter. Chakor asks why did he come alone, and where are others. She sees Manohar and greets him. Manohar scolds her for being the root of all problems. He says she comes at every place always. Chakor asks did I do any mistake. Ishwar asks Chakor and Aditya to go to their room. Chakor says she won’t go leaving Bhuvan. Ishwar asks Abha to take kids inside. Abha tells Chakor that Bhuvan won’t go anywhere and takes her. Chakor says I will come soon, you be here Bapu. Bhuvan cries.

Chakor talks to Abha about Bhuvan and Manohar. Ishwar asks inspector to take Manohar and he will send him to Aazaadgunj. Manohar threatens him. Ishwar says this is not Aazaadgunj, this is Lucknow where Indian law works, you are a criminal who used goons to kidnap Chakor. Bhuvan tells Manohar that he did not do anything and apologizes. Manohar says its you and Chakor after all this, if Bhaiya ji knows this, think what will happen with you and your family. Manohar is taken away. Bhuvan asks Ishwar to free Manohar.

Chakor tells Abha that her family will come here to meet her. Abha tells her that Ishwar and Manohar will become friends and her family will come soon. Bhuvan asks Ishwar to tell can anyone keep their child by force, I told you to take Chakor, but you have send Manohar to jail, what of Bhaiya ji angrily kills Imli, no police will take my report, can you get Imoi back. He cries. He says its easy to sit in AC room and talk, but he works in field, when he came home hungry, his daughter’s happiness and Bhaiya ji’s fear keeps him alive, after all this he won’t see them happy and just fear is left for him now. Ishwar calls Bhaiya ji and talks to him. Bhuvan is shocked.

Ishwar threatens Bhaiya ji and insults him. He says he has got Manohar arrested and if anything happens to Imli, he promises he will ruin him. Bhaiya ji is shocked.

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