Udaan 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor asking for Ajay. Inspector says he went out, he will come. She keeps gun and tells that inspector has left without taking the gun. Ajay comes and says yes, I was in hurry and left the pistol. Chakor turns to him. She says strange, what was the work that inspector left pistol. He checks and says 4 bullets are left. She says yes, I used 2 bullets to scare goons, it saved someone’s respect. He says its good. She says I came to meet inspector Ajay Khurana. Inspector says he is the one, Ajay. Chakor sees Ajay’s name badge and says sorry, I m glad to meet you.

He looks at her and smiles. She says I think he is lost somewhere, say my thanks to him, I will come later. She goes. Sukhiram asks Ajay why did he not give number to her. Ajay says count got over seeing her, go and

do work. Chakor meets Chagan and says Ajay did not say anything, he looks honest, I wanted to thank him. She turns and sees Suraj. Suraj says I need to talk to you. She says I don’t want to talk, stay away. He says I can’t stay away from you. He sees her neck and asks where’s mangalsutra, so you removed it.

She says yes now you would know we had a raw thread relation between us, its over now. She gives him mangalsutra, now I m not indebted to you. She goes. Mahiya…..plays… Suraj looks at her. Chagan says Vivaan and Ragini are going to meet Ajay, Ajay has called them. Chakor says maybe Ajay is also like others. Chagan says how would we know this is true.

Vivaan and Ragini come to jungle. Ragini says I feel someone is following me, I don’t like this place. He asks why did he get this place. She says he is smart to choose this place to do his work. Ajay comes. Ragini says policemen should learn a way to do business by you. Vivaan says you should have told us before, we know you are a shark, not small fish. Ragini says we can fill shark’s stomach. Vivaan asks him to not catch his trucks. Ragini says then see how our relation goes ahead. Ragini turns to see. Ajay says its just us here, no one else.

Chakor hides and looks on. Vivaan asks Ajay to take money and count, its 10 lakhs. Chakor says Ajay is also like others. Vivaan says you can get bonus and money every month, have fun, we will go. Chakor says greedy…. Ajay kicks the suitcase. They stop and get shocked. Chakor smiles. Vivaan asks what did you do. Constables come and click Vivaan and Ragini’s pic. Ajay says this is called sting operation.

He says you tried to bribe policeman and make illegal guns, you both will be going jail now. He arrests them. Vivaan says you know my contacts, leave me. Ajay says I know everything and ignore it. Ajay goes. Chakor comes to Vivaan and Ragini. She smiles. She says you were making guns by kids, this had to happen. Ragini says change my name if this lock is not opened today. Chakor says we will see.

Suraj asks Imli what is she doing, we are getting late, appointment should not be missed. She says you don’t need to come along, I can go alone, you did many favors on me. He asks what are you saying, I m not doing any favor, I m doing favor on myself, in your earlier pregnancy, I left you and Vivaan managed you, I m returning Vivaan’s favor. Bijli comes and says police arrested Vivaan and Ragini. Imli cries and says no, this can’t happen, police can’t arrest Vivaan, I want to go to him. Suraj stops her and asks her to stop worrying for Vivaan. She says no, I m going. He says Vivaan did wrong, this had to happen. She says he is my husband, don’t say anything against him, I know you did a lot for me, I love Vivaan a lot. Suraj asks what’s all this, will Vivaan get happy seeing you, does he love you, he hates you, you care for this baby atleast, if you want to go to Vivaan, go, I won’t stop you. She cries. He leaves. She prays that everything happens like before.

Kasturi asks Chakor where is her mangalsutra. Chakor says mangalsutra got removed on own, if relation is not there, what’s use to keep its sign. Suraj sees mangalsutra and says so much happened between Imli and Vivaan, even then Imli loves Vivaan, much happened between Chakor and me, I m sure she loves me. Chakor wipes her sindoor. Mahiya….. plays…. They cry.

Ajay asks Chakor what can she help in this case. She says who can understand the village problem. Ajay says we are in one team now. They shake hands. Chakor gets shocked seeing Suraj lying unconscious on the road.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I didn’t watch it but I read d update and I really like dis AK 47 attitude. Felt so bad for Surj, he is going to get drunk tomorrow. ( dats what I heard). When is Chakr going to find out dat Ragini is behind all dis.

  2. The episode was ok ak47 has fallen in love with chakor and cvs stop showing suraj and imli cvs keep bringing the past of how suraj was imli first child father and imli pisses me of suraj went through all that for imli and she still pestering vivaan who doesn’t give a darn about her and im excited to watch upcoming sukor scenes suraj will beocme insecure and jealous seeing ak47 and chakor and one last thing imli finally trying to be independent know after sukor divorce before she was so dependent on suraj and know she can manage everything one thing im happy about the new track is that we will see more sukor than vimli and ak47 will be the reason of suraj insecurities

  3. Sukorian

    even i didnt watch yeah poor suraj atleadt he makes imli understand to Care for the baby. I dont like it he compares his love with vimli i felt bad. AK 47 is already a fan of Chakor.

    1. I agree with u sukor love is unique and cant be compared and nemo i agree the track is going af the right paste its not draging finally i am know starting to enjoy the track and ifelt sad for suraj too even in upcoming spoliers we will see suraj jealous and hurt

  4. Good episode, we know ravaan won’t stay in jail for long. Felt sad when chakor wiped her sindoor. The track is interesting, we have many sukor scenes, the fight against ravaan and the return of KN.
    The best thing is the episodes aren’t dragging, the pace is good.

  5. I wonder if Chakor really finds Suraj unconscious or is it just a dream.

    1. Nemo i think its a dream i tink chakor gets worried so she goes to the haveli to check on suraj cuz deep down she still loves him alot and then she catches suraj drinking but wen suraj asks her what she is doing she makes an excuse that she left her shawl suraj questions her about why she has come so late at night for a shawl

      1. Yes, i agree with you. she still loves him. I’m happy that suraj won’t just be running after chakor saying i love you. in toi spoilers they said that on friday suraj will find out the kids have developed allergy, that means he will get involved in the fight against ravaan.

      2. Thank u nemo for sharing the link i really wanted to see sukor working on this misssion as i love it wen they work together and yh suraj will get involved as he cares for paakhi alot

  6. The latest olv is a must see for sukor fans


    with Meejay interview and shows chakor biting suraj’s hand


    1. Yes nemo this was the spolier i was talking about i cant wait to see this this is why i know that i will like this track

  7. I like this track…suraj became so jealous…just saw in the new olv…cvs keep it up…i think they are going to bring some super duper scenes ahead..???

  8. Asusual fantastic ,awsm epi.can’t wait for next.sukor scene’as short bt good lov to see sukor more more n more.ravaan ko to accha maza chakhaya.mujhe ak47 ki ek baat acchi nhi lgi jb vo chakor ko continusly dekhte rehte hai.bt his looks amazing agr mai ldka hoti to mere cupbord mai esi dresses bhut sari hoti lvly.ek baat or jb chakor ne sindhur htaya to accha nhi lga bt vo roo rhin thi feeling bad.n imli lvs vivan so much bt voh to ragini k isharo pe nachne mai busy hai.feeling bad for sukor n imli.i mis kn ji too nd i wona cute vimli cpl back also ples cvs i want sukor scence more bt liltle bit vimli n kn ji scene also.sory i know k mai bhut demand krti hu bt i lov to see evrything not only romance nd i no its not a lv story agr hoti to mai yeh serial he nhi dekh rahi hoti ples ab sukor lv mai masala to de rahe ho nd i lov this sukor masala lv bt i wona kn ji dhamaka also khuch bomb type blas kro na.accha koi fighting scene jisme suraj babu jeten.acha romace wala action kesa rahega sukor scene bhi melega or suraj babu ka action bhi.ok ok i know mai bhut bkwas kr rhi hu sory gys.

  9. I’m eagerly waiting for the surajs jealous track.. Its interesting.. I think when suraj becomes jealous, he will try to win back chakor and he will try to prove his innocence…. But when Chakor finds the truth if raagini???
    Hey guys did u know any other timings of udaan after 8.30pm and before 11am????

  10. Ofcos thrisha i also wona see jlkukda suraj.it’ll be intresting track.gys onething jb chakor kn ji ko ravaan k baare mai btadengi to vo ravaan k saath kya krenge? bs unhe bndua na bnayen its tomuch painful.koi intrsting sa punishment hona chahiye.gys where is ranjna ji kbhi kbhi lgta hai khin ye trio ka plan to nhi sukor or vimli ko todne k liye dekho to ab sukor or vimli ka brkup bhi ho chuka hai.pata nhi kya hoga bt jo bhi hoga intrsting he hoga.

  11. Gys i wona say smthing to all of u.i know gys in this modern era evryone is busy n ur time is priceles for u.pr agr ek ya do mint kisi ko smile dene or hapy krne k liye nikalna koi bdi baat nhi hai.so ples jo bhi silnt redrs sukor ff pdte hai ples unke liye cment kr dia kro ples.aapka likha ek word hi unke liye inam bn jata hai ples.ek bar cment krne se khuch nhi cm hoga accept ur netpack bt iske bdle mai ff writrs ka mnn jrur khush hoga of skta hai unke face pe choti se smile bhi aa jaye.or mujhe to nhi lgta k kisi ka bhi ff acha na ho esi esi stories hai,ese sukor moments hai jo aap serial mai dekhna chahte ho to fir kya problem hai.ples gys its my humble request chahe to ek word mai hi cment kro bt ples krdia kro pleeees. 12 ffs the ek cm ho gya its so sad for me.pleees ff writers ff likhna bnd mtt kro.mai adict ho gai ho or koi bhi adat asani se nhi [email protected] sukor writersi’m ur huge fan komal,preet,sukorian,tippu,dia,anabeth,liya,smile nd apki bhi fan bn jaungi shnayakhan n sai phele aap jldi update kro.anabeth n smileee m waiting for u egrly.

  12. Shruti di i know 4:30 am n 7:00 am aap coleg jane se pehle dekh skte ho di.

  13. The track is interesting, it’s not one note, many things are happening at the same time/
    Ragini’s truth will have to wait, this will give time for progress in the gun factory track and the jealousy track. CVs are unpredictable, I’m not sure what they’re planning next.

  14. Shreya.

    Hi guys…..in dis episode I really felt very bad for sukor…nd it’s really gud tat our imli is trying her level best to be independent woman…bt when she knows vivaan is in jail tat tym she behaved lyk a kid….nd at tat tym Suraj just kicked d table r something na i just loved his anger….nd I really thanks God bcz when he left d room he sees imli I thought he will console imli bt he walks off from tat place…nd I really loved dis…nd I loved Ajay khurana’s sting operation also….both vivaan nd ragini r deserving dis…bt I DNT like when he c chakor he forget himself na…..even tippu nd nemo I agree with u I think tat was chakor’s dream….

    Guys even I saw d spoilers….eagerly waiting for tat one….it’s full of passion aggressiveness love jealousy….

    Aanya,in previous page u asked abt ‘unka surprise kya hai’ ryt….u know her very well na wat she likes d most….u will plan as per her likes….thn I know u dnt like medicines I don’t care abt if u took d medicines r nt bt u must take care of urself….ok….

    Sruthi I saw one interview which is given by meera in tat interview she told…she likes Kerala…even she studied in Kerala something lyk tat…nd whenever I saw her interview abt which place she likes d most….in tat list she mentioned Kerala also….y I told dis na u r from Kerala ryt…

    Sadhna dr, just nw only I saw ur cmnt in previous page tanx for liking all of our cmnts nd if u think to join us then u can join with us….

    All my dr frnds nd all my ff writers am really sry guys am not able to write my cmnts in ur ff’s bcz of some personal works….bt I read all of ur ff’s nd I really loved plzz whenever u all got d tym kindly post it yaar….dnt mine yaar.. nd am really sry guys…I think after dis week I will cmnt ur ff’s…..love u all…

  15. I’m also wondeq nemo di u don’t think so ab sb jldi jldi ho raha hai.i think ya to hme spoilers khuch ajeb time pe mil rahe hai ya cvs he jyada fast ho gye hai.esa lgta hai serial mai sb bhag rahe ho.o god ples serial jldi end na ho.

  16. Hi guys
    This links are of sukor ff’s I think u guys don’t know about these ff’s so read this ff’s and enjoy ur self
    And aanya di ur right waise to me ff’s padi to comment to nai kartiu but next I will try to do comment
    And I have to ask one question from u kya aap ne wattpad pe k saare sukor ff’s padhe ho

    1. Thanks for sharing

  17. Where r u gys shreya di,dil d,tapa,mama,philo,laraib,zoya,aria,janu,sia,angel,shasha,nitz n others ples gys cm back soon.sory gys i know u all r busy.

  18. Atlest lily,mama,shreya di aap to cment kro aapko bhi yeh track intresting nhi lg raha kya.ab to sukor scen bhi hai or kya chahiye aapko.

  19. Shreya, I liked Suraj Imli convo, how he reminded her that Vivaan doesn’t want to see her and that nothing good will come from her going to see him. It was a friend’s advice. It’s good that he didn’t go back to comfort her, sometimes people need to process their grief on their own, Imli needed that and Suraj too had to think of the shock of his life, that Chakor took off her mangal sutra.

    I know Imli has always been a loving and faithful wife and she still loves Vivaan. I can understand if she feels sorry for him, but she should have some self respect and not run to him so soon.

    Yes, Ajay is falling for Chakor too quickly, but if this means there will be no dragging, I’m ok with it.

  20. Aanya you are right.. Hamari saare ff writer s ko eisa encourage karna chahiye.because they guys are doing a wonderful job.and I’m also a big fan of their stories.. And I read every stories about sukor and I hope I commented every stories.. Because they need our support.. They write these stories only for us they spend their time for us..then why don’t we spend a little bit time for to appreciate their effort?
    To all those creative writers of udaan ff hatsoff to u guys and keep writing and keep entertain us…
    @komalmanju why don’t u write stories right now?? Pls write it yaa

  21. @shreya where did u watch that interview?? Kerala is a land of spices and greenery and people visit Kerala to enjoy these greeneries and Kerala back waters and house boats are really enjoyable

  22. Guy’s this is sukor’s instagram just daily visit it here u will find every latest spoiler
    In this episode I felt very bad for imli…poor imli she loves vivaan alot even after a harsh behaviour of vivaan with her
    I also lov the conversation between ravaan and ak47 .ravaan to pure surprised hogaye the jab ak47 ne wo paiso ka brief case pekh diya tha
    Felt sad for chakor how she wiped her sindhoor with teary eyes
    And guys sorry I think from tomorrow I will stop watching becuase from tomorrow I wll start my fasts and I have do so many preparations in this ramzaan and I think even after ramzaan also I will not be able to watch udaan because my mom and dad they r coming to india and my mom she will not allow me to watch udaan but I will try my best to watch it

    1. Thanks for the link Lily.
      Hope you can still visit this page and manage to watch udaan even if not regularly.

  23. Aanya di I think u did’nt read yesterday comment section last comment .yesterday zoya di she posted her comment and she also ask one question to all of us

  24. Wt que.lily nd i don’t know about wtpad [email protected] di i think u didn’t undrstand actualy i’m her spris i went to her home tomorw evning for 1 n half month its her spris.don’t know how’ll she rect hope vo mujse baat krne lgen. n ofcos di mai dyan rakungi apna mai bimar nhi hoti kbhi yeh sb uss accidnt ki bjha se ho raha hai na mujhe chot lgti or na unn bad mr.been se mujhe medicine leni pdti.

  25. Shreya.

    Zoya dr, I didn’t watch any serials in my childhood….bt I watched cartoons….popoye, Tom nd Jerry, power rangers dr…these shows r my fav in my childhood…

    Tippu dr…tdy ur ff’s part is asusual amazing…eagerly waiting for d next part dr…nd dnt mine yaar am busy in some personal works tats y only am cmntng here….

    Yaa Nemo…I loved suraj’s advice…dis is called true friendship….nd I agree with ur each nd every word abt Suraj nd imli….nd Ajay also falling for chakor day by day…..nd tanx for sharing dis link….

    Sruthi I saw one video from ig nd another one from FB….bt sry yaar I didn’t copy tat link….I think if u check tat video in YouTube thn definitely u will find it…nd Yaa even I like Kerala dis is one of my fav place….nd my mumma born in Kerala nd she knows Malayalam very well…bt I don’t know Malayalam…in my childhood I visited trivandram nd kollam nd some other places also in vacation…some of my relatives also still in Kerala…nwadays v r busy tats y only v r not visited in Kerala…hope soon v will came there…

    Lily k thanks for sharing dis link….ND if u got d tym nd try to watch udaan nd try to cmnt here dr….miss uuu allllooot….

  26. Zoya, I didn’t watch hindi serials when I was young, I only started a couple of years back. My favorite is udaan, my second favorite is geet. When I was young I watched cartoons, i liked tom and jerry and donald duck.

  27. Lily lily lily my lv u don’t know wt u gave me dear bs kl ahkri din iske baad mai wtpad ki vo sari sukor ffs pdungi nidhu di k saath wow wow wow bs yeh last exam hai.nd lily u know wt mane mala ki ye story padi thi vo phele yahi tu page pe likhti thi pr maine bhi tk pdi thi jhan vo taj mahel dekhne jate hai.mala pic lgati thi two pigns ki pr unhone mdaya mai hi chod dia.can u ples tel me about wtpad pleeeees.nd thnku so much for this big big big faver on me.lov u n [email protected] gys mujhe bhi zoya k que.k bare mai bta do kya que.hai ya fir aap mere bkwas ans.se drte ho

  28. Recently i read zoya’s cment .mai to bachpn mai akdm bkdm tikdm,shrart,son pari,kya mst hai life or cartoon oswld,tom n jery,tweety yahi dekhti thi.or jb bdi hui tb mere fav.serial phulwa,qubool hai,cid,arjun,adalt bs yahi dekhe qubool hai bhi half dekha hai sirf zoya-asd k mrne tk.or ab mai sirf udan,chote miya,big boss,yahi sb dekti hu.pr han jb holiday hota hai to dbo,pia albela or gulam bhi dekhleti hu pr haan yeh sb mai mis kr skti hu chote miya n udan mis nhi krti.bt i like s.i.movies more then serial movies mai sb khuch milta hai.u know my fev movis r luck,no.1 mr.perfect,ramya vstavya,nd all n.t.r. N prince mahes’s movies bt these three movies i can watch 100 time i lov dhmakas blast bhoom.hope zoya is baar aapko mera ans.ajeb nhi lgega.

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