Udaan 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Trishakti Episode continued from 8.30pm.


Everyone get shocked seeing devil catching Simar. Roli asks devil to leave Simar, else she will throw Chandramani in havan kund. Simar asks Roli to throw Chandramani, this devil’s power will be ending. Everyone try to save Simar. Roli throws the Chandramani in the havan kund and some light appears. Devi shouts no. He leaves Simar and rushes.

Thapki sees the wedding DVD and says chemist man said the call was made at 5.30. she sets the time and sees a lady making the call from landline. She just gets to see the hand and bangle. She says its same bangle which was in Maa’s hand and checks her bangle, which Vasundar recently gave her as blessing. Vasundara passes by and hears Thapki. She gets shocked.

Thapki says it means Maa has got that chloroform bottle, Maa is behind all this. She gets shocked.

A little boy cries and tells her sister that he can’t lift heavy stones. The girl says its matter of few days, once Chakor wins the race, we will be free of this bandhuagiri, Chakor will get our freedom, she does what she says. Chakor looks on and hears them. The girl says we will be free soon. Chakor says one side is their freedom and on other side is my Imli, if I win marathon, I can make them all free, if I lose, I can free Imli. She prays and thinks which way to take. She recalls the girl’s words. She thinks of Kasturi and Bhaiya ji’s words.

Thapki recalls the chemist guy’s words and says it means its Vasundara who wanted to ruin my happiness.

The devil pushes Roli and looks for Chandramani. He shouts. Mata ji says it disappeared. Devil says you did not do right, you have to pay the price by your life. He catches Roli and makes a shield to sop everyone. Simar shouts Roli. Amar says devil made an invisible wall, what to do now. Devil says now Simar will be responsible for what happened with Roli, I will be taking Roli with me to my lok. Siddhant asks him not to think this. Simar asks devil to leave Roli. Devil laughs and asks Roli to see her loved ones and world for the last time. He disappears with Roli. Simar shouts Roli. The family gets shocked. They all look for Roli. Simar calls out devil asking him to come back and bring Roli, and take Simar instead. She blames herself and cries.

They all cry. Siddhant says Chandramani can get Roli back, I need it to reach devil and checks havan kund. Prem you’re your hand will burn, stop, we will get Roli, there will be some way. Siddhant asks how will we reach devil now. Siddhant blames Simar for all this and asks Prem not to interrupt in between. Siddhant says Simar told Roli to throw Chandramani in havan kund, Roli is paying for this.

Mata ji says anyone of us would have done this, Simar did not wish devil to get Chandramani, she did not the result. Siddhant says my Roli got sacrificed to get the stone. Tantric says there is no use to talk when Chandramani is destroyed now. Chandramani is seen fallen there. Siddhant says no stone can be more than Roli’s life, I have to save Roli. He asks Prem to understand that he can’t live without Prem. Prem promises they will find some way. Simar cries. Tantric says its not over yet, we have some time more to save Roli. Mata ji says I don’t know why did devil take our Roli. Simar says Devika told me that if Chandramani gets burnt, whoever touched it last will get all the powers from it. they all get shocked. Simar says Roli had that in her hands. Mata ji says it means Roli …. Tantric says it does not mean Roli got powers, she can’t use the powers, but devil can sacrifice Roli to get Chandramani powers. Siddhant and everyone get shocked.

Bihaan asks Bau ji what to do to show his love. Bau ji asks him to tell Thapki. Bihaan tells someone on phone that he will express love for Thapki. Shraddha hears this and plans something. Suraj makes Imli dance infront of his friends. Chakor gets shocked seeing Imli dancing. Siddhant says I will save Roli at any cost. The devil appears in the photo frame and asks him to get the evil powers thing from his house. Siddhant gets Paatali Devi statue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what nonsense ….. i don’t want to see ssk and tpk

    1. I can understand abt ssk bt why tpk niyathi?

  2. tpk rocks
    bihaan realise very nice

  3. Just hate this trishakti..anyways thankyou for the quick updates of TPK! ?

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    ?????ssk nonsense show and why trishakthi with udaan confusing yaar???

  5. Atlast Bihaan will express his love for thapki…. N most of all he has realized the thing dat he is in love with her… This is really making me crazy…. Just can’t wait for the next episode…. Love u thahaan u really rock 🙂 🙂

  6. Wow..!!!!GAJAB..!! bihaan has realized his love for thapki.. just waiting for his confession..!!♥♥♥
    Bihaan love you…♥♥

  7. Pyaar hone ke liye aur wo realise hone keliye itne mahine lage tho pyaar confess karne ke liye bhi ek ya dho mahine lagege hi na….aur beech mein wo evil saas bahu ki jodi hai na..tho itne jaldi tho thahaan confession nahi hoga aur thahaan ke zindagi mein achche din nahi aand denge. ….

  8. By the way one question suraj upset angry..but why yyyyyyyyyyyyyy? ?? Imli haveli chodkar ja rahiye isliye? ????

  9. Lifñâ ñàväZ

    yaz !!!!!!! y ??? y???? y??? suraj upset????…..
    or tpk
    bihaan relize his love…. sooprb…

  10. I dont understand the link btw these three..
    Ssk vattupidippikunnu

    1. malayalee oh

      1. Malayaalee

  11. When the hell will this ssk come to an end, such a bakwas serial

  12. agr ye episodes ek dusre se related hai he nhi toh ye combine kyu krte hai??
    i can’t understand… :-/

  13. I missed the episode …
    Bcz channel is not available from 2 days

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