Udaan 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj agrees to help RAW

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The Episode starts with Abhay calling Suraj and asking where is Chakor. Suraj says you are asking about me, you told her wrong things and influenced her. Abhay says it means she is at the godown, she took a big risk, think about Chakor, we can’t even save her else our mission will fail, its all in Chakor’s hands, just she can help herself. Suraj gets shocked and recalls Chakor’s words. He gets angry. He says I should have understood that she will follow her heart. Chakor sees the men loading truck and think to find where they are going. She moves. A grenade falls. Deva looks there. He asks how did this rat come here, clean the godown.

Vivaan says I don’t know how can Chakor do such a foolish thing. Suraj says we are fools to think she can leave her principles, how will we get her out. Vivaan

says she is smart, we will find her, don’t worry. Suraj drives to the godown. The truck leaves. Suraj sees the truck. Chakor is inside the box. Suraj stops the jeep. Vivaan asks what happened. Suraj says maybe the truck left from godown, are you thinking the same. Vivaan says yes, Chakor can hide in the truck and escape. Suraj says yes. Vivaan says then follow the truck. Chakor says if this cloth gets away, I can’t hide. Vivaan comes in front of the truck and acts like a drunkard. Chakor says why did this truck stop. The cloth flies off. Suraj gets the cloth. He says I can take risk many times for you. Vivaan engages the guy by his drama. Vivaan signs Suraj.

Chakor says I should have not taken this big risk, none can save me now. Suraj calls her out. She hears him and comes out of the box. Something falls. They see the gun. The driver hears the sound. Suraj says you are so stubborn, why did you come here. Chakor says you didn’t agree to me, so I had to come. They argue. Driver goes to see. She says I have to help the RAW agent and save the country. Vivaan says I m feeling sleepy, I will sleep. He lies on the ground. Suraj asks Chakor did she go mad. Chakor says yes, I m mad for my country, I will fight with any threat. Suraj says fine, I will do as you want, I will help Abhay and not let colonel succeed. She smiles.

Udaan hai….plays….. They hug. She thanks him. He asks her to come fast. The driver checks the truck and thinks how did the gun fall out. He keeps it back and goes. Suraj signs Vivaan to go. Vivaan says where am I, who are you. He excuses himself. Chakor, Suraj and Vivaan come to a dhaba. Vivaan says you blackmailed Suraj. She says I won’t move back from my duty. Vivaan says he wasn’t going for the family sake. Suraj says I agreed to go. Vivaan asks what. Suraj says I gave her my word, I won’t move back, Chakor tell me what do I have to do. Chakor says Abhay will tell us what to do. Suraj says we shall meet him, they won’t be sleeping, we shall go right now. He goes.

Chakor says I told you, once Suraj agrees, none can stop him. Vivaan says you both are really made for each other, I m proud of you both. Chakor gets Suraj to the jungle. Suraj says there is nothing here. She says its here, we are going to make a new start, jai hind. He says jai hind. Chakor knocks on the secret door. Abhay asks Suraj to take an oath that he will do his duty with sincerity and determination. Suraj swears. Abhay says Chakor don’t need to prove, as she has proved that she can die for the country, she has risked her husband’s life for the country, she is really amazing, she should leave now, she did her duty by making Suraj reach here, pray that our mission succeeds, please go. Chakor wishes Suraj and goes, leaving his hand. She smiles.

Abhay says this girl is Naina, you have to trap Naina in love. Suraj says I will do everything on my own, I want Chakor with me. Suraj says we will do everything right, this is our life’s best decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very good episode. Drunk Vivaan was cute, like how he was scolding Chakor at the dhaba.
    That’s our Suraj a man of his words.
    The precap was amazing, it’s good that Sukor will be working together.

  2. Seems like Chakor will loss Suraj .Probably Sukor will break

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