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The Episode starts with Suiraj saying I need to talk to Tina. The girls say seeing bride is abshagun, you can’t talk to her, you will meet her in mandap now. They make Suraj leave. Suraj says maybe I m overthinking, I m marrying Tina. He recalls servant’s words and says if anyone sits instead Tina then, till I don’t see myself, I can’t believe it. Te knocks the door again and asks can I take my kerchief. He enters the room and goes to see the bride. He sees the toe rings the bride is wearing and recalls he gifted those to Imli. The girls ask him to leave. Suraj gets angry realizing its Imli and leaves.

He goes to that place where he has seen that car. He sees the car trye marks and says car left, but who has driven it, Tina? Imli calls Chakor. Kasturi asks Chakor not to go. Chakor goes and

attends the call. Imli says I m scared, Suraj came in room twice, did he get doubt. Chakor asks her not to talk to anyone, no one will doubt. Suraj says so Vivaan and Chakor planned this. He recalls everything and says Tina left in the car, and made Imli in her place, Vivaan and Chakor you fools thought to get me married to Imli this way, you don’t know its not easy. He laughs and says you both did big mistake. Imli asks did I do mistake, promise me Didi that Suraj will marry me and accept me and my baby. Chakor promises that this will happen. She ends call. Suraj says Vivaan and Chakor, I promise I will make you both lick my shoes, else shoot myself.

Suraj goes to haveli and sees Vivaan. He asks Tejaswini to come to his room, he has to say something. Tejaswini says is this any time to talk and goes. Ranjana looks on. Tejaswini asks Suraj what are you doing here, you should be in mandap, marriage is not a joke. Suraj says big joke is happening with me. Pandit asks them to call Suraj. Vivaan asks Ranjana to go. Ranjana says Tejaswini went to get him, why shall I go. Vivaan sends her.

Tejaswini asks what joke, Tina and Raichand are waiting. Suraj says Tina has run away, she is not here. Tejaswini is shocked. Suraj says Tina has run, Vivaan and Chakor have made her run away. Ranjana hears this and gets shocked. Suraj says its Imli sitting as the bride. Tejaswini says I doubted that Imli will do this, what will you do now. Suraj says its not easy to cheat me, I changed Chakor and Imli’s room and bridal dresses, now Chakor is sitting in Tina’s room and Imli is in Chakor’s room. Ranjana gets shocked. Tejaswini asks what do you mean, Vivaan will marry Imli and you will marry Chakor, if this does not happen then.

Suraj says it will happen, help me, get Chakor to my mandap, then Imli will sit with Vivaan, then it will happen as I want. Ranjana says no, this can’t happen, Imli can’t marry my son, I can’t let this happen. Suraj sees Ranjana leaving in the reflection and told all that to make her hear. He calmly goes out. Suraj and Vivaan congratulate each other and say you will get more than you wish. Suraj and Vivaan sit in mandap, and rituals start. Kasturi says its good Imli is not here, her heart will break seeing Suraj’s marriage. Bhuvan says yes, now children grew up and know good and bad for them, Chakor has got a husband like Vivaan, he is a diamond.

Ranjana goes to her room and cries. She says Chakor is foolish, why did she help Tina today on her marriage day, I won’t let Imli marry my son, I won’t let this happen. She controls her anger. Girja comes there and asks about Suraj and Tina’s marriage to be done first, if she permits. Ranjana says no, Chakor and Vivaan will marry first. She goes out.

Pandit asks them to get Vivaan’s wife. Kasturi and Bhuvan go. Ranjana says if you don’t feel bad, shall I get Chakor, now she is my daughter too. Tejaswini stops Ranjana. Ranjana says I know Chakor is here, she is my bahu, if you try to stop me, I will tell everyone that you are taking revenge. Ranjana gets Imli by mistake. Kasturi gets thinking that this is not Chakor, there is something fishy.

Imli thinks she did not see Suraj as his groom. Vivaan smiles and gives his hand. Chakor gives her hand to Suraj and thinks of feeling Vivaan’s touch different.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bullshit!! Writers don’t know anything else than swapping pairs.. Any serial can u show me with the same pair in Colours from beginning ?? Yuck hate it to the core.. I will stop watching.. Already thapki, swaragini, ssk, now this too!?????

  2. Your right rink this too much ???
    All marriage story are same swapping the pair…

  3. All the serials are same story of marriage ??

  4. I would comment same too. All serial same story..swapping. Then girl change the guy into good person….all same stories. I wonder when they r going to stop this and let them have normal pairs where people fall in love and get married. I hope colors will take this feedback and work on it.

  5. Hate it pls dnt spoil the cute couple……pls do some diffrent thing than changing the couple

  6. What is this.chakor can change suraj by vivaans wife also. Why swapping pair

  7. M already hating thapki track. Now same thing happening here also. It’s really intolerable.. Writers are torchoring viewers.. 🙁 🙁

  8. Pura show story line characters sb barbad kardiya.. Yeh fazaol swapping track chala kar hell..??

  9. Seriously if Vivaan and chakor’s marriage would happen it would be just boring what would be new there they would Love each other and have a happily ever after and what then?nothing I am actually enjoying this track?? besides in other Serials swapping always worked out great they loved the new pair even more then the first one for example swara and sanskar people love them more then they loved laksh and swara they even got a best Jodi award so I am happy with this swapping

    1. Sanskar is not a negative charchter.. Usny kbhi kisi ko marny ki koshish nae.. Suraj aur sanaskar k character main Bht farq hai….

    2. Ya exactly. Sanskar only wanted to take revenge unknowingly. But this Suraj is really mad since childhood. Just hate him..

  10. This happens all the time the couple get married an more drama happens WOW.

  11. Dont why they do this rubbish things

  12. just swap swap swap…. dont u writers know anything else???? dumbfools…

  13. Sometimes one will wonder if all writers experienced a swap during their marriages or its just the norm to kill love.it doesn’t make the stories any interesting writers. do the right thing or close shop.i have actually stopped watching,soon i will stop reading updates. uhm

  14. Ohhhh god pls save chakor……. but i don’t agree with u guys some swapping are interesting i mean to say krishnadasi…. its was the best drama in colors

  15. why does suraj want to marry chakor?

  16. vivaan and chakor would have been boring ! love this swap

  17. Are yaar vo chakor or vivan se badla ly na chahta h is ly but fir ye kyu dekhaya ki sooraj ko imli ki chinta h paagl bana rhi h . Lgta h ki colors ke sabhi show ko ek hi cheez dekhane me maza aata h har serial ki yehi thim h .idot khi ke .

  18. have the writers have faced those swaping problems. hqte those dumb writters. i will stop watching if the marraige will stop. and tell all my friends to stop watching that dramas. i thought that colors channel is even better. but im wrong its also the same thing as the other channels

  19. I love swap…chakor n vivaan pair s bore…suraj n chakor s chilli type pair…wait for them marriage

    1. I know right it’s going to be really interesting

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