Udaan 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying Ishwar got the letter for her and she will not let anything happen. The kids rush. Arjun comes to post office and talks to postman to get Chakor’s letter. Suraj and Prince hear them and hide. The postman says he was fixing his cycle tyre air pressure and takes Arjun inside. He looks for the letter. He says he will find the letter and worries. Arjun asks what happened. He says I kept the letter in the bag, I was going to give letter to Chakor, where did it go, I think I got old, it will be big loss for Chakor. Arjun says don’t worry, I will call sports association and ask for new letter. He leaves.

Suraj and Prince get locked inside. The kids come to get the letter and see the lock. They think where did Suraj go. Suraj hears them and says they came to know

that we are here, we will not leave them. Prince says we have to go out first, my dad will not leave me. Bhuvan, Kasturi and others get wages and cry happily. He says they will have party. Kasturi says she does not know what to buy for party and will go wit Kishori. Chakor sees Imli selling raw mangoes and asks what is she doing here.

She asks her to study. Imli says she does not understand any studies. Chakor scolds her and asks her to study, not sell mangoes. Imli promises and makes fingers crossed. Chakor sees this and says you learnt this from me and fooling me. Kasturi asks them to come, she has to buy things for party, she got wage and everyone contributed.

Imli sees it and smiles. Chakor says she has work. Aditya asks her to go, he will find Suraj and Prince. Imli says she will not come, she does not know what to buy. Chakor does calculations of rates and helps Kasturi and Kishori. They scold the vendor and says they have calculator with them. Chakor thinks what will she tell Ishwar. Kasturi finds her sad and asks whats the matter. Kasturi cheers her up. Suraj and Prince come out and see the letter. He says now Chakor will not get this. The letter flies and sticks to Kasturi’s auto. Suraj and Prince think what to do. Kasturi and everyone come home in the auto. Chakor tells Kasturi about the letter and now she won’t get admission. They get shocked.

Manohar tells Bhaiya ji that when villagers party, he will find the proof. Bhaiya ji says he will show his Jalwa once he is free of jail.

Update Credit to: Amena

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