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The Episode starts with Chakor saying how will she earn money to make a call to Arjun. She asks a man to give his phone, she has to call Arjun. He laughs saying she is a beggar. She insists and he pushes her. She asks a girl to give phone, she has to call. The girl scolds her and goes. She says she is not a beggar. The man scolds her. She says everyone is helpful in Aazaadgunj, unlike here. She takes money which people gave herm and goes to call.

A man sees other coins kept there and takes it. he says she is mad to leave money here. Chakor bumps into a girl and her chocolate falls. She says sorry, and picks it. She asks the girl to eat it. The girl’s mum scolds her and asks her to eat it. Chakor says I won’t eat. The lady says she is beggar. Chakor says she is not a beggar and gives money and chocolate

to the beggar.

The other beggar comes and asks why did she beg if she is not a beggar. She says I want to earn. He says he will get some other work for her. She asks what is it. He asks her to come along. Kasturi plays shank. The villagers pity on her state. Kasturi scolds them and says Chakor will come back. Bhuvan asks her to calm down. Imli comes and asks her not to be angry on Lord, as Lord will help them. Kasturi cries and hugs her.

The man asks Chakor to sit, and he will get work for her, then she can earn money and call her village. Chakor sees a goat tied and frees it. The goat runs and she goes to catch it. Munna asks the beggar association head about Chakor. The man says he does not know. Munna shows pic to beggar and he laughs saying he has got this girl with him. They don’t get Chakor and look for her.

Manohar and Babu are on the way. Bhaiya ji calls Manohar and Babu says he will not know about this, talk to him, don’t tell anything. Bhaiya ji laughs. Manohar asks why is he laughing, what happened. Bhaiya ji says he has come to Lucknow for hunting Arjun, he has brought Bhagya here. He says he will kill Arjun. Manohar says don’t leave him. Bhaiya ji asks him why did he not call him. Manohar says I m worried. Bhaiya ji asks what, did you kill Chakor or not. Manohar says yes, Babu is showing me Mumbai. Bhaiya ji says send me her pic. Manohar says he is not getting the call, and ends the call.

He says he wants Chakor first and asks Babu to do anything and get Chakor, else Bhaiya ji will not leave them, Chakor follows the goat and goes inside a room, where kids are locked. She asks who are they. The boy says they are kept here to beg, and Jaggu has got them here. She is shocked.

Munna comes there and breaks the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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