Udaan 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with everyone coming in Janmashtami’s daahi haandi function. Chakor thinks if everything goes on well here, then my doubt on Ragini will get cleared. Kishor announces the dahi haandi event. Bijli tells Suraj about a mad man’s call, who said he is my father. She goes. Suraj sees Imli holding Vivaan’s hand. Chakor says Imli and Vivaan are made for each other, Suraj and I were just medium to unite them. Chagan goes and climbs human pyramid to break haandi. Lakhan cheers for him. Kishor says Chagan is just two steps away. Ragini asks Chagan to break haandi. Chagan falls down. Kishor says villagers tried a lot and could not get 5000rs kept in haandi, now its haveli people’s turn. He asks Suraj to come. Everyone smile. Imli stops Vivaan from going. She holds his hand. Suraj sees them

and angrily climbs the pyramid. Suraj thinks I will win for Imli. His foot slips and he falls. Vivaan asks Imli to let him go, Suraj needs me, he is not able to balance. Imli says you got hurt, you can’t go. He says your prayers are with me. She says fine, go, but take care.

Vivaan also climbs the pyramid. Chakor goes to Imli and says its auspicious day, say your feelings to Vivaan, you will get answer which you want to hear. Ragini hears them. Imli asks are you saying true. Chakor says yes, when you say this, he should realize your true love, he will not turn face away, he will hug you.

Ragini thinks great, one sister is sacrificing her love for other sister, its time to bring twist in this story. Suraj and Vivaan reach the haandi, and break the haandi together. Everyone clap for them. Imli smiles and hugs Chakor. She says you are really good, Ragini said right, you get happiness in my happiness. Chakor asks does Ragini know this. Imli says yes, she knows everything, Vivaan has come, I will go to him, he won. Everyone dance on Go Govinda. Vivaan takes Imli and dances with her.

Chakor thinks where did Ragini go. Suraj sees Vivaan and Imli dancing. He goes to Chakor and asks her to dance with him, else what will people think. She says Ragini…. nothing. He asks her to come for his happiness and holds her hand. He takes her for dance. They dance. Ragini goes to her room and gets a toy. She takes Chakor’s ring from the teddy’s inside. Chakor thinks Ragini has gone and this is danger alarm, where did she go.

Suraj sees Imli and gets sad. While everyone dance outside, Ragini takes kerosene. She pours kerosene on the cradle and burns it. She smiles and calls Bhaiya ji. She says I have played my game, the blame will come on your fav. Chakor. Chakor comes to haveli and calls out Ragini. She gets more doubtful on Ragini and thinks to find out whats Ragini planning. She goes to Ragini’s room. She looks for any clue and does not get anything. Everyone come home. Vivaan gives credit to Ragini for organizing everything well. Ragini says I m here, but where is Chakor. Imli says she left before us, did she not come. Ragini thinks Chakor would be spying on me. Chakor sees a bag and stops.

Chakor gets Vivaan’s bank documents and says why does Ragini have this, I should tell Vivaan, but no, his mood will spoil, Imli is going to confess feelings to him, I should wait for right time. She leaves from the room and Ragini comes. Chakor hides the papers. Ragini says you here, I was finding you. Chakor says even I was finding you. Ragini says I was there at some other side. Chakor goes. Ragini says I m sure she came to my room, but what did she get. She checks her bag and sees the papers missing. She says so Chakor took Vivaan’s bank docs, I don’t care, as I did a big thing.

Chakor asks Suraj why is he threatening her by showing the knife. Suraj says I m freeing you from this marriage, you can go back to Vivaan and Imli will come to me, just you can help me, please Chakor. She gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. omg what is that precap,before imli was mad for suraj,now he is mad for her,what happens now

  2. I likw the scene when they dance together

  3. Vivaan_Chakor

    I want vikor vikor vikor..

    1. Me too I want Vivan and Chakor together cos they look so cute together … I just cant stand Imli with her selfish self ??

  4. episode 598
    chakor encourages imli to approach vivan that she is in love with him,meanwhile ragini goes to imli room and burns the cradle

    episode 599
    sooraj goes to chakor and tells her that he is in love with imli he want to spend rest of life with her,ragini instigater vivan against chakor

    episode 600
    chakor was speechless when every one believes that she has burnt cradle,later chakor tell about ragini evil intentions to every one

    episode 601
    tejaswini becomes happy when she learns that ragini left for mumbai,when chakor tries to warns sooraj about ragini ,but he refuses to believe her

    episode 602
    in order to spend some alone time with imli sooraj sends every one to see a movie,later imli tells sooraj that she is in love with vivan

    1. Tm fiqar mt kro ye 1000 b ho jye gi na tu yeh serial yehi rhy ga…

    2. Iamsofianeak

      Can u giveme plz the spoilers of swaragini ?

  5. Omg!!! What’s happening to Suraj??? How come all of a sudden he started feeling for imli…

  6. I don’t know what’s going to happen,please make sukor destined lovers.they are perfect may surah melt by chakor’s purity.

  7. Puea hafta khrab or boring bas suraj imli ke khyalo main rahega pls imli bas suraj,ke pass wapas mat ana kuch to acha kam krdo taki hame sukor ki lovestory dekhne ko mile or ragini zarur kN ko jail se bhagane ke lia gyi hogi matlan,next to,next weak KN will be back and yeah fir sukor sath sath honge…
    Iamsofianeak go to swaragini times of india page on google there u can find swaragini spoilers may be bcoz udaan spoilers are present there…

  8. Always no-one for chakor

  9. by the way whi is the heroine imli or chakor? if imli then i am stopping the show…mean hell both the male protagonists going behind fir for nothing imli

  10. suraj and chakor awsome.

  11. Sukor ka saath mein dance karna usne meri din bana di…lekin precap made me sad….i hope ki imli sooraj ko jaldi yeh bata de ki woh vivan se pyar karti hai….taaki sooraj chakor se shaadi na thode….anyways waiting for kn entry into haveli….luv sokor….

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