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The Episode starts with Babu asking his goons to follow the signs and find Chakor. Chakor is seeing signs. Tamasha says they made the signs wrong to make Babu confused. Chakor says I still know the way, come. Chakor says the signs she has made and they stop seeing Babu’s goons. Sunny says Babu can identify us if he sees us again. Tamasha asks them to come, and they all take the donation amount for the function. Soham says he has very smart. Chakor says we will also go there.

Babu shows the sign of bandhua and asks people did they see Chakor. Chakor tells about the lane. Soham asks the kids to come along in the lane to ask for money. Babu says where will I get Chakor. He sees the signs on the walls. Babu asks them to erase the signs sot that Chakor does not get the route. He says when she gets lost,

we will get her.

Chakor and the gang are taking donations. The goons show the sign to everyone and the man says he will tell them. He gives 100rs as donation to Chakor. Chakor takes it. Soham gets tensed seeing the sign on her hand and covers it. They dance and leave from there. Chakor sees the signs erased and gets worried. Soham says I think we should go home now. They all tell the problem to Amma. Amma says she is more smart than Babu, and asks Chakor what did she see when she run from there. She asks her to use her mind. Chakor recalls what all she has seen and tells them about Hanuman idol. Soham says there are many idols.

Chakor tells about the small stones roof top. Sunny asks how does she know, did she get on the top. Chakor says I have run away from the roof. Amma says she got a way, Chakor will break Govinda pot. Chakor gets glad. Sunny says it will be very high, I don’t think she can do it. Chakor says she will do anything to save her friends. They all smile.

Imli prays for Chakor and talks to the doll. She tells Chagan that she is talking to doll as she misses Chakor. Lakhan comes there and scolds Imli, asking her to be away from Chagan, and there are really crocodiles in the lake. Amma talks to Chakor about the sign. Chakor tells about bandhua sign and Ishwar’s death. She hugs Amma and says she loves her family a lot. Imli cries and Kasturi pacifies her, saying Chakor is fine.

Babu tells Vaibhavi that he does not know how to get Chakor. Chakor is going to break dahi handi. Vaibhavi asks Rocky will he come with her to find Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks amena for update. Chakor’s courage is incredible.

  2. Gave up watching sometime ago. Chakor acting at the start good. Now she is over acting. Director exploiting child’s ability and it has led to over acting. Story going haywire, jumping from one place to another.

  3. Yo gud suraj turnd +ve hppie

  4. Whr 2dy update,hyy dia

  5. Please please please please please please make the video availablel in uae sharjah

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