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The Episode starts with Kasturi and Imli praying for Chakor. Kasturi says I know Imli’s prayers will be answers, Chakor will get fine. Kusum tells Tina that Chakor did not get up from the bed till now, its three days. Tina scolds her and asks her to get lost. Bhaiya ji talks to media and says I regret for Chakor’s state, I wish she recovers soon, I arranged qualified doctors for her treatment.

Imli stops seeing Suraj. He asks where are you doing and sees the tiffin. He asks are you going to see Chakor. She says I m worried for my parents, as they worry for Chakor. He shows her name on her hand and says you are just loyal to me, no one else. She thinks he felt bad when she got his name and today he is showing his right, it means her love did not fail till now. She gets glad and smiles.


tells Imli that he heard Chakor did not get conscious till now and asks her to go. Bhaiya ji calls him and Suraj informs him about Chakor. Bhaiya ji laughs and says she is a thorn since 20 years. Ranjana comes crying and asks Bhaiya ji to find Vivaan. He hugs her and says don’t worry, I will inform police and send my men. He asks the servant to find out Vivaan. Servant recalls Bhaiya ji’s words and goes. Bhaiya ji consoles Ranjana.

Kasturi, Bhuvan and Imli are with Chakor. Imli cries and asks Chakor to wake up. Chakor gets conscious. Bhuvan gets glad and goes to call doctor. Kasturi and Imli smile seeing Chakor. Kasturi thanks Lord. Bhuvan informs doctor. He smiles seeing Chakor and says she got fine, she got conscious. Doctor checks Chakor. He asks Chakor how is she feeling, and checks her vision, memory etc. He asks her how did her accident happen. He says a guy got you here, do you remember his name. She says Vivaan…. Chakor asks where is Vivaan, why don’t anyone tell me, is he fine. Doctor says tension is not good for you. Chakor gets dizzy and faints.

Bhuvan says she got unconscious again. Doctor says don’t worry, when she gets conscious again, we can know she has no brain and nerve injury, she just had weakness, let her rest now, she will be fine. Suraj tells Bhaiya ji that he does not know where is Vivaan, I have no interest to find him, I m finding him as you told me, and you…. Did you kidnap him?

Bhaiya ji says you don’t irritate me, everyone come to ask me about Vivaan, I m shocked knowing Chakor got conscious, and people want Vivaan, find him.

Vivaan lights the candles in the ward. He holds Chakor’s hand and asks her to get up. He asks her to see who has come, Vivaan, whom she loves. He says I know you did not say you love me, but I know what you can do for my good, I changed, look at me, you can’t leave me. I want to stay with you forever, and clap for your victory after all your races, I thought to make a small house, where we will keep all your trophies, you are my life and its motive, you are hope of all villagers, get up. She holds his hand. He smiles and says you can do this, get up. She opens eyes and smiles seeing him. bolna mahi bolna…..plays…………

They smile and he hugs her. She gets shocked as she can’t move her legs and says Vivaan….. He asks what happened. She tries hard to move her legs and cries. She says my legs are not moving. He gets shocked. He moves back and says come to me, you have to make Tina lose and win to make villagers free, you can try. She falls down on the bed and cries. She says my legs are not moving, how will I help people, save me Vivaan. He gets worried. She cries holding his hands.

Tina tells Chakor that I wish you get fine soon, else whom will I fail in the marathon, its fun when competition is between equal people. Chakor says yes, you said right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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