Udaan 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with everyone praising Chakor. Chakor tells Arjun that she will practice tomorrow. They ask Arjun where did she go. Arjun says sorry, but I don’t know. Bhavani makes Bhagya sit as Devi. She says keep a smile on your face and goes to get food for her. She locks the temple and goes. Chakor comes to meet her and asks how is she, she came to meet her. She recalls the pic and asks about it. Bhagya sits silent. Chakor asks again. She gets the pic and says I got it. She shows Bhagya and asks is Bhaiya ji your dad and Tejaswini your mum, come to senses and moves her.

She asks her again and says she has to prove she is not Devi, but an ordinary girl like her. Bhagya takes the pic and says Pita and Maa. Chakor is stunned. Bhagya cries. Chakor says she is stupid to not understand this before.

She asks why does she not stay with Suraj and Ragini, she can play in the haveli and live well, why is she in temple. Bhagya cries. Bhaiya ji and everyone surprise Tejaswini. She smiles and asks whats all this, why is everyone wearing masks.

He says if we are doing business with NRIs, the theme will be masquerade party. He makes her wear it as it’s a rule. She asks why this party, for what occasion. He shows the model of the institute names on her and she smiles. He says its miniature model, think it’s the start. She likes the surprise party and says she is shocked, now she understand why are kids not at home. He says he has sent all kids in Charan Singh’s home. She says I want children to be safe and happy. He thinks about Bhagya.

She asks what happened, he looks worried. He says I will wear this mask, so that trouble can’t find me. The man says there is surprise even for Bhaiya ji, who will end his troubles. Chakor tells Bhagya that the sign did not let her meet her parents, she will erase it. Bhagya gets hurt. Chakor says my parents say those who have this sign is bonded, so Bhaiya ji has locked you here. ‘

She says don’t worry, Dadi told me that it will take time to erase this sign, I have a solution. She says Bhaiya ji was hiding you from Tejaswini, it means he does not want you to meet her, but she will tell Tejaswini that she is your mum. Bhagya smiles and says Maa. Bhavani says don’t know why Chakor is hitting on my earnings. Chakor takes Bhagya and hides. Bhavani comes and asks how did she get the pic. She turns and asks how did this window open, did that girl come here.

She asks Bhagya to answer her. Bhagya recalls and screams by igniting fire. Bhavani asks her not to be scared and she will do something. Bhagya and Chakor sign good and smile. Chakor runs to the haveli. Muskaan jhuti hai……………. Is sung by a girl. A man comes there and his face is hidden behind the mask. The man wears the gloves. He dances with the girl and disappears. Chakor reaches the haveli. Girja stops her and Chakor asks her to let her go inside. She asks her to go to stable. Chakor thinks how to tell Tejaswini that Bhagya is her daughter.

Bhaiya ji asks Sehgal about the surprise. Bhaiya ji is stunned seeing the MD of the university.

Update Credit to: Amena

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