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The Episode starts with Kasturi and Bhuvan bidding bye to Imli and asking her to take care. Imli cries and the train leaves. Vivaan reaches the station and looks for Imli. He asks a man about the train. The man says the train left. Vivaan says no, I could not stop Imli, I lost you Imli. He sits upset. Ragini and Ranjana meet outside and discuss about Bhaiya ji. Ranjana tells about Bhaiya ji’s problem, he is under doubt and won’t get free. Ragini asks her men who got caught. A man says I got caught. She pushes other man angrily down the cliff. The other men look on. Ranjana thinks I have seen Kamal ji and Suraj, but Ragini is more ahead of them.

The man apologizes. Ragini says I m forgiving you as you have a chance, go and get that inspector here, no one should know. Ranjana says its not good

to fight with police, I mean will you manage. Ragini says you have just seen how I solved a problem.

Vivaan cries and thinks everything ended, if I told Imli my feelings, she would have stopped. Bhuvan comes and holds him. Vivaan gets surprised seeing Imli…..sitting at the other side and crying. Vivaan and Imli see each other and get glad. Ek duje ke vaaste…..plays………..

Vivaan and Imli walk to each other. He asks how did you not leave. She says I was leaving, and then Chakor called Bhuvan and stopped me. She asks you went to meet Chakor. He says yes, but I was doing mistake, I can’t give Chakor what I don’t have, I was cheating myself and her. Imli asks what do you mean. He says I mean my heart is with someone else. She asks who? He holds her hand and says stupid, its you, you have my heart. Imli gets shocked. He says my wife has my heart, I love you a lot. They both happily cry.

He says I could not say this to you till now, I m in love with my wife. He shouts I love you Imli. Kasturi, Bhuvan and everyone look on. A man says what a time, people are loving their wives. They all laugh. Imli says I can’t believe my ears, what did you say. Vivaan says you heard right, I love you, you are my life. Imli smiles with tearful eyes and says even I love you a lot. He asks what did you say. She says I love you Vivaan Babu, did you hear it now, I love you. He says the world should know this, say like me. He shouts I love Imli…. She shouts I love Vivaan Babu. They smile and he holds her face asking her is she ready to be his wife forever. She signs no. He worries. She says not just for life, I m ready to be your wife for every birth. He smiles and hugs her. Everyone clap for them.

Vivaan and Imli smile and take blessing from Kasturi and Bhuvan. They bless Vivaan and Imli. Bhuvan thanks Lord and asks Vivaan to take his Imli. Vivaan holds Imli’s hand and they leave.

Chakor sees her sketch and sorry written. She recalls Vivaan gifting it and tears it. She cries. She recalls Vivaan’s love confession and proposal for marriage. Suraj comes there and sees her crying. She burns the sketch. Suraj says its strange, we two are enemies and have same fate, we did not get our love, we have lost and accounting what all we lost, its good you burnt Vivaan’s memories, I have also burnt Imli’s memories. She says don’t know Vivaan got Imli or not. Vivaan calls Chakor and says thanks, Imli did not leave me, she is with me, we will not forget your favour, thank you. Chakor cries and says atleast one story had good ending.

Imli asks Vivaan to drive slow. Vivaan says no, this car will go fast as my heart, I m on 7th cloud. She smiles and says even I m on 7th cloud. Vivaan tells Kaka that he loves his wife and she also loves him. She asks did you go mad. He says I was mad before and got fine now, I love you, I will shout and tell entire world. Chakor says we have cried enough, now we should be happy and make them happy whom we leave, its big happiness that Vivaan and Imli got their true love. Suraj says you would be happy, I have lost today and I don’t like losing. Chakor says don’t create any problem in their married life, you did big thing by uniting them.

Ranjana hears them and asks Vivaan and Imli got together, but you and Vivaan were going to marry. Chakor says yes, but Vivaan loves Imli, he was marrying me on Imli’s saying, he has gone to get Imli from station. Ranjana says great, you both sisters are racing to sacrifice. She thinks to inform Ragini soon. Chakor says Suraj, whatever we did for Imli and Vivaan, we have to fulfil their dreams and we have to do many things. Suraj asks what else now, I have done much. She says we will welcome them by smile, I have an idea. He asks what idea. She says we will do their Grah pravesh, Imli has become Vivaan’s bride in right way, we will welcome them nicely by decorating haveli. Suraj asks her not to involve him, I m not interested in this love and related to lovers. She asks can’t you do this for Imli’s happiness. He asks by what right are you stopping me, I got nothing by being good, I m fine the way I m. He leaves. She cries.

Chakor says rituals are for people, people are not for rituals, we will do Grahpravesh, Vivaan, Imli has become your wife today. Suraj also comes to do the aarti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. in starting i love this serial but now everything is bakwassssssssßssssssssss i leaveeeeeee this seriallllll

  2. I never want to leave this serial but now these circumstances upset me

  3. Ab bi tym b plz change the story ab hr serial m aisa q ho rha h swaragini m bi yhe hua tha thapki m b or udan m kuch jyada ho gya

    1. I totally agree in

      Thapki pyaar ki
      Sasural simar ka

      The same is going on like Hamari Adhuri Kahaani everywhere

  4. Gud luck brother don’t watch….but i luv it….i mean everything is happening as i wanted from starting…my sukor….today’s episode was very nice….happy to see the way vivan proposed imli….

  5. Ab iss serial mein ek badi problem solve hogaya.Ab suraj aur chakor ki kahani shuru karne waali hai. I need sukor!!!!

  6. Oh god end this vimli love track ……its so boring yaar…..sukor scenes as always nice ….I like suraj dialouges…sukor is cute couple …..waiting for their love story…..

  7. Rubaiya

    Actually rohit…colours channel has adopted a theme and not only this channel but many many serials have adopted this concept of new love bonds after marriage so you’ll have to put up with it. ND if u want to watch something new den watch Ishqbaaz, HKTSHGHP, Naamkaran, Bado Bahu, Tere Bin nd others

    1. also ek rishta sajhedari ka.. It’s a nice show..

    2. but even in ishqbaaz as vrushika is out of the show all ishkara fans r upset…….

  8. No rohit, its juz perfectly beautiful now, imli n vivaan r juz soo cute, n vry soon da angry young man will also fall for our strong girl. Wish all goes right now

  9. I am a Sri Lankan. But I know hindi language as well. I watched this drama from the beginning. But Now I am not interested in watching this. I wanted Chakor and Vivan as the couple.

  10. Imli and vivaan love looks fake seriously dnt find any chemistry between them but sukor there chemistry there scenes are worth watching finally sukor love track is going to start

    1. ya u r correct..i also felt same…their love story like artificial…sukor chemistry s fine..starting also i thought sukor..but vivaan loves her…atlast the show moves correct way…sukor s magical couple…sooraj s lovely…he give full justice to his character…waiting for ther sizziling chemistry

    2. actully vivaan acting is not mature… just like a kid…. but suraj is fit with chokor…

  11. Oo ho sab rohit k peechy kyu parr gye hoo ni dkh rha tu rhnyy doo no one will miss him…aur vesy kahi na kahi us ki baat theek ha anyways i also love vikor but now i hate vivan and me also loving sukor.

  12. yes waiting for their love story to start sukor sukor sukor,bt i really cant see this vimli drama yar,its sooo boring,jst watching this for sukor

  13. Im not intrested in this anymore..i hate both vivan and imli..especially imli selfish sister.dont wanna see her anymore..chakor keep fighting no one deserve ur luv..


  15. Vivaan is good man. Some people maybe dont like when good man like Vivaan get Imli, a girl with bad experience in her past life. But this beautyfull love story. When a man with big hearth can accept a girl with bad past. This pair is a hope for another girl who have bad past. She have chance to get good man when she struglle to be a good girl.

    I think Vivaan loves to Imli is true love. When a man or a girl can accept his or her partner past, its true love.

    1. HI Nitha

      I like your thinking it is true, Imli was spoiled by Suraj and experienced heartbreak from him she had no hope until a good person like Vivaan accepted her. Similarly Suraj was brainwashed by his father and a strong girl like Chakor will end up helping him become a better person. These pairing give people hope… no relationship is perfect everyone has skeletons.

  16. I also remember vikor moment but happy because vivan doesn’t deserve chakor..girgit ki tarah rang badalta hea ur never trust chakor..hope suraj aisa na ho..suraj ko jaldhi accha bana dho writer…chakor ko rota dekh bilkul accha nehi lagta…bachpan ka kuch toh behaviour ak rakhta..choti chakor toh kabhi nehi rotithi..Ab chakor ko bhi sath chaie ur suraj ko bhi..ak dusre ke sath pyar ka na sahi dhardh ka rista hi jordho..plz writer kabhi toh fan ka man rakh dia karo.. sorry guy’s kuch jadhai emotional ho gai..

  17. Chakor-Vivaan


  18. @ALL GUYS



    1. Yes saad awesome serial imran abbas just rock in this serial i am pakistani

  20. Ohhhhh…..my sukorrr deariesss….I can’t wait 4 ur stunninggg momentzzzzzz….actually I’m trying 2 wait bt my heart not allowedddd…me 2 waittt…..

  21. Soon chakor will decorate suhagrat for vimli and suhagrat ke bad to vivan chakot ke pas lotega nahi so chakor ko suraj ke sathi rehna hoga

  22. I read somewhere that Sukors divorce is done 🙁

  23. I love sukor… Actully I think vivaan and limli is cuty cuty type… they are not thrilling… sukor love story will be thrilling and full of romance….. I always wanted sukor…..

  24. Personally I like how the storyline is…that’s the reality..once you are married, you will eventually will fall in love with your life partner…norms of life. Hence, Vivaan as a kind human being is doing a right by accepting his wife, Imli even his 1st love is Chakor. I will keep watching this nice serial as its reality of life and we have to accept it. Love is blind…that’s lovers can be selfish at time as they will only think abt themselves…Hope the audience will accept it as good. Tq. Udaan fan from overseas.

  25. I have started noticing that nowadays suraj does whatever chakor asks him to do… chakor asked him to do grihaprabesh and unwillingly he is doing that only because chakor asked him to do…. i like how the makers made the pairs…. as suraj can only become a good person with the support of chakor… suraj and imli’s wouldn’t be a happy one.. so as chakor vivan’s as vivaan never trusts chakor

    1. Udaan...meeta

      Agree want to see more sukor….but not the case how many months we supporting only imli story turning around imli…

  26. Devika V Rajesh

    Nyce episode

  27. Udaan...meeta

    What that bullshittt….first chakor sacrifice love for imli….then imli for chakor again chakor for imli….can u pkzzz STOP cvs about story turning only IMLI …. Now chakor crying pain for vivaan love…..ong omg he move on…plzzz stop these crying of chakor…u r a fighter all way how u turn a coward chakor for love….. Missing the small chakor she wS far better than the grown up…. Show sukor love story now enough of imli….confuseeee who the lead of chakor…. Imli or chakor….. Imli has more space than chakor in the show….poor meera she has been sided for how many months….

  28. Why sukors divorce?? where did you read it?I saw on Wikipedia Aditya is going to enter.

    1. Suraj keeps telling Chakor that she no longer has any rights on him. Don’t think Aditya will be coming back anytime soon and if he reenters he might be Ragini’s love interest. I think it was on Tellyreviews. Suraj proposes to remarry while drunk.

  29. I wonder what theme song they will use for Sukor… personally I hope they use jag ghoomeya… anyway happy that ViMli are together they make a cute pair. I read that Chakor and Suraj will become very upset with each other and ViMli will mend their friendship.

  30. This is the story I was speaking about http://www.india-forums.com/tellybuzz/buzzin-hot/34600-udann-suraj-turns-devdas-vivaan-discovers-that-chakor-faked-her.htm
    Looks like we may be going round and round, Vivaan might go back to Chakor… Maybe Ranjana should have made sure Vivaan was in the car with his father….

  31. Goooooddddd just loved the episode….I don’t know what’s with all the writer and Vimli haters here…HATERS CAN HATE….I think the writers developed the story really well…Vimli and sukor r just perrrrfect!!!vimli look sooooo adorable together…I think it’s a great think a husband finally falling in love with his wife..I mean,what could be better!!?? yeah bt I also sympathize chakor seeing her pain…jst hope both her and Suraj can soon forget their pain nd start loving each other..they also make a gr8 pair….I thnk the cvs did a gr8 job pairing the couples!!!!i just love the serial??

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