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The Episode starts with Tiwari telling Abha and Aditya that he can’t arrest Bhaiya ji, but he can take him to mental hospital. Abha says fine. Tiwari says we did not forget Ishwar’s death, we will prepare warrant for Bhaiya ji, we will arrest him soon. Manohar asks Bhaiya ji why is he doing this. Bhaiya ji sings Twinkle Twinkle. Tejaswini gives him food. Bhaiya ji says he will eat from dog’s plate. Ragini says Bhaiya ji will not harm them. Vivaan says no, he is mad and do anything. Suraj says yes, I won’t go. Chakor says no, mad people can’t harm their kids, like that village woman Kasturi still identifies Imli.

Tejaswini asks Suraj to take food. Bhaiya ji beats Suraj and throws stones at everyone. Suraj says dad is not identifying them. They all leave, Manohar cries and keeps food plate

for Bhaiya ji. He leaves. Chakor takes stones and says Bhaiya ji has hit small stones at Suraj and big ones for others, he is in senses.

The villagers pray and are glad that Bhaiya ji got punished for his sins. Imli says Kasturi will get fine soon. Chakor goes to the dog and takes the food plate. She changes the plate with Bhaiya ji’s food plate silently. She hides the food plate and does not come in Bhaiya ji’s sight. She hides and looks at him. Bhaiya ji counts the stars and says now he will have good. He sees the dog’s food plate.

He looks around. The dog runs to him seeing the food and Bhaiya ji throws the food. He cries and shouts that dog has eaten his food. The family comes out and sees him crying. He throws stones on them. Chakor asks them to tie Bhaiya ji. Ranjana says yes and asks servant to bound Bhaiya ji. Manohar slaps servant. Ranjana asks Manohar what will he do if Bhaiya ji harms himself. Manohar gets thinking. Girja brings the metal chains. She asks Chakor to help. They tie the chains to Bhaiya ji’s legs.

Chakor recalls she was tied the same chains before. They all go inside. Chakor tells Amma that Bhaiya ji is acting to be mad, and tells what all she noticed. Amma says why will he act to be mad, he will not spoil his name. Amma says Tejaswini was telling police that Bhaiya ji has gone mad. Chakor goes to see Bhaiya ji and says she knows he is acting.

Its morning, the police comes and brings mental hospital people. They catch Bhaiya ji. Chakor recalls how he has sent Kasturi. Tejaswini stops them, and asks them to free the chains, as it would be hurting him. Chakor says don’t free him, else he will run away. Tejaswini scolds Chakor. She says she would have taken Bhaiya ji to doctor. Bhaiya ji bites her hand. She asks them to take him away. Bhaiya ji laughs and is taken away in the van. Chakor thinks its happening what he did with my mum.

Imli asks guard did he see her mum. The guard says even Kasturi went to mental hospital. Chakor asks Imli what happened. Imli says my mum is missing. Chakor asks what, where did my mum go.

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  1. Wow nice episode and superb acting by Kamal Narayan. Chakor is so smart.

  2. Wow very intersting epd ………

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