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The Episode starts with Tejaswini asking all her servants not to show pity on Chakor’s family, else she will make them beg. Vivaan says his friends came and he has to go and meet him. Manohar says he wants to meet his friends too. Manohar says I want to smile, its long time, please make me meet them. He falls asleep. Vivaan meets Aditya and Chakor. Chakor laughs and reminds Vivaan about the hen. The FB scene shows the hen ruining Bhaiya ji’s party. Bhuvan comes there with the inspector. Manohar comes there and tells Girdhari lal that he is happy for Vivaan, as he got his friends here. He asks Manohar to think about Ranjana’s self esteem and leave quietly. Manohar says as you say. He turns and is shocked seeing Bhuvan. He says what is he doing here.

Chakor and Vivaan tell Aditya the whole story

and they laugh. Manohar asks Bhuvan what is he doing here and this happened because of his daughter Chakor. He says you have come here to my inlaws, what for, tell me. Bhuvan says no. Girdhari lal asks Manohar to take him to servant quarters and talk there. Manohar takes Bhuvan holding his neck. Girdhari lal says don’t know why I decided to take Manohar my son in law. Chakor looks for bathroom and asks the servant. He gives her directions. Manohar scolds Bhuvan and asks why did he come. Bhuvan apologizes to Manohar. Chakor comes there and does not see Bhuvan.

She leaves. Manohar says I will ask Bhaiya ji why did you come here. Bhuvan says fine, you can find out, I came here to take Chakor back, nothing else. Chakor talks to servant while he is taking snacks for guests. She asks him to give snacks to villager too, as he came from far and might be hungry. He says fine. Kasturi asks Lakhan to let her go to Imli to give her the kada, else she will die. He says then let her die. She says how can you say this, even you have a son, fine I won’t go to her, give this kada to her. He say go from here and scolds her. She cries.

Manohar talks to Bhaiya ji and gets it confirmed that he has sent Bhuvan here. He tells Bhuvan that he was angry seeing him here, but now I know he has sent you as my weapon, as it will be fun now, that I will hunt down two people with one arrow. He says one Chakor and other is Ishwar Rawat. He says Ishwar was after me, now I will not leave him. The servant brings the snacks for him and Bhuvan. He says he came from village and might be hungry. Manohar laughs. Bhuvan sees the snacks. Manohar says Bhuvan’s fate has shined here and asks him to have food. He says he is doing this for him, as he is a key for his freedom today.

Manohar asks why is he not eating, shall I make you have it by my hands. He calls the inspector and says he is Manohar. The inspector says yes Sir. Manohar says do my work, go to Ishwar’s home, I will come there. He says not so soon, first we have to take Lucknow police in our favor, and take every step carefully. Manohar scolds him and asks him to reach there. He asks Bhuvan to come with him, as the time has come to do the work for which he has come here. Bhuvan thinks. Vivaan and Aditya laugh. Aditya says you were sad before and you are fine now. Vivaan says yes, my mum scolded me and my mood was off, and dad has come here, he is here now, and my mood got good. Aditya is shocked and thinks about Manohar’s truth. He says if he sees Chakor then. Chakor cleans her frock and hears Bhuvan talking. Bhuvan asks Manohar to see the legal things. She thinks its her dad’s voice.

Chakor meets Bhuvan and says she knew he will come to Lucknow. He calls her and she hugs him smiling. Manohar tells Ishwar that Bhuvan has done Fir against him, that he has kidnapped Chakor and want to sell her, now he will be handcuffed. Ishwar looks at Bhuvan in shock.

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