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The Episode starts with Ranjana stopping Bhaiya ji by making him busy in talk. Chakor leaves till then. Ranjana makes an excuse and asks Bhaiya ji to be with minister, come, all the hardwork will go waste. She takes him downstairs. Chakor hides and goes to Vivaan’s room. Vivaan sees her and gets angry. He asks her why is she shutting door, go out. She says no, I won’t go till you hear me, how do you get angry when you call me your friend. He says you made me against my mum, leave from here, you are my enemy. She stops him by keeping her hand on his mouth. He looks at her. Music plays……….She asks him to see in her eyes, does she look friend or enemy….

He recalls their childhood and little Chakor…. She smiles. He gets back and says we both were good friends in childhood, I remember it,

you used to always keep smiling in childhood. She says it means you remember, we used to sit all night and see moon, you used to make painting, it means your life will get colors again. He recalls her words and asks do you really think someone is giving me drugs. She says I m sure. Tejaswini asks him to open the door. He asks Chakor to go, Maa will not give milk now. Chakor calms him down and says I will go. He asks will she die by jumping down window. She says I won’t die, till I give you new life. They smile seeing each other. Chakor leaves from the window. Vivaan says I m not mad, Chakor is mad and smiles. Chakor covers herself and hides. She goes.

Bhaiya ji says I thought I will get all rights after getting sports minister, but Chakor is controlling me. Suraj says one thing is there, Chakor really runs fast. Bhaiya ji asks him not to joke, how much bhaang did you drink. Suraj asks him not to worry. He calls Imli and asks her to get kesar bhaang for his dad. She goes. Bhaiya ji laughs and says Suraj you gave me such a good idea in drunken state, which even someone in senses can’t give.

Chakor tells Ranjana that she changed medicines. Ranjana says thanks, now my son will get back to me. Chakor says it won’t be easy, doctor said Vivaan will get restless for 7 days and ask for drugs, don’t let Tejaswini go to him, else she will know everything, our hardwork will go waste. Ranjana asks her not to worry, I know truth now and know to control Tejaswini.

Bhaiya ji comes to Suraj. Suraj says sorry, bhaang was much, what were you saying about Chakor. Bhaiya ji says forget it, do my work, I want Chakor, alive and fine. Suraj asks why now. Bhaiya ji says no questions, just get her. Ranjana asks Girja to put good sarees in bag, media will take photos, its 7 day tour, don’t know did Kamal ji tell media or not. Girja says I heard him saying on phone, he informed everyone. Tejaswini hears them and sends Girja. She says this time I will go on tour Ranjana.

Tejaswini says you deleted the recording and even then I have the proof, I will go on tour. Ranjana says you can’t blackmail me. Tejaswini says Suraj has some proof against you and warns her. She says she will go with Kamal ji. She leaves. Ranjana laughs and says its so easy to fool you, you go in this summer heat, I will be with my son here.

Imli sees Chakor and gets angry recalling Suraj dancing with Chakor. Chakor jokes. Imli scolds her. Kasturi asks Imli to talk well. Chakor apologizes. Suraj comes. Imli smiles and runs to him. She asks why did you come to take me, I was coming. Suraj stops her and says I came to take Chakor, where is she. Imli asks why. Suraj asks shall I tell you everything, Papa called her. Chakor comes out and says I m here, tell me. Suraj says maybe Papa called you thinking about your marriage, come. She asks what. He says yes, Papa called you, the marathon star, come. Chakor says its great, he would have said I want Chakor, fine and alive, what are you thinking, everyone knows you are Bhaiya ji’s hunter dog. Suraj fumes. Chakor smiles.

Trishakti promo. Bhaiya ji threatens Chakor about Imli’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It seems they r going to make chavan pair..bt i lyk charaj more than chavan…

  2. Please make charaj as pair yr

  3. I had a doubt aa Chunni real aayitt maricho?? ((Chakor’s twin sister))

  4. I think When vivaan fall for chakor suraj will marry chakor

  5. Guzs any one say me how to keep pic in it

  6. Nice episode ,chakor u r rockz……charaj ki beechme who tashan wali fight I just loved it….pls writers charaj Ki love story start karo…I am waiting…..

  7. first they pair chavan and then the would broke after suraj marry chakor to take revenge from chakor …… i guess

    1. Even I guess same…charaj jodi is good than chavan….imli likes suraj but suraj marry chakor for revange….imli can be paired with either aditya or vivaan…..it’s just my imagination guyz….I love charaj. ..

  8. Enikm same doubt und…ini chunni thirichu varumo aavo.

  9. Lifñâ ñàväZ


  10. Lifñâ ñàväZ

    sure chakor the Futur trackil … suraj… ayirkm…

  11. What are you saying maloo

  12. Guys plz talk in English

  13. I also think chunni will come back

  14. I too think chunnii will come back ………….

    1. Chunni is chakors twin sister

    2. Chunni is twin sister of Chakor…. Who was shown as killed by Bhaiya ji

  15. Very nice chakor an suraj make good pair

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