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The Episode starts with Tina waiting for Chakor. Chakor comes there and asks are you ready to leave, baraat will just leave in 5mins. Tina says I can’t wait, take this dupatta for Imli. They hear baraat coming. Tina goes to change. Everyone dance in baraat. Kasturi does tilak to Vivaan and does his aarti. Ranjana says my son is looking a prince of fairy land today. Vivaan asks can I go to washroom, I have been waiting since long. They all smile. Ranjana asks him to go. Vivaan sees servant below Tina’s room. He asks servant to go and see baraat. He keeps the ladder there and signs Chakor to send Tina. Chakor and Vivaan smile seeing each other.

Tina asks Chakor to see her groom later, first help me in leaving. Chakor says yes. They throw the bags down. Tina hugs Chakor and says I will never forget

your favor. Chakor says you did favor on me, you saved my sister’s respect, take care. Tina goes down the ladder. Vivaan takes her. Chakor says Tina left, but where is Imli.

The servant compliments Suraj and asks what happened to your mood. Suraj says I feel someone is cooking khichdi here, I have seen ladder near Tina’s room, I have seen Chakor and Vivaan hiding a car at some distance from haveli. Servant laughs and asks Suraj are you marrying or spying, have this wine. Suraj says maybe you are tight, bad thoughts should not come before good work, keep your eyes and ears open, nothing wrong should open.

A lady asks Chakor about Tina. Chakor says Tina is in washroom. Lady asks her to get Tina, baraat has come. Chakor waits for Imli and goes to Imli. She gets glad seeing Imli there and says Lord is fulfilling our dreams. Imli says dreams are getting fulfilled because of you. Imli climbs ladder. Suraj’s servant sees her and says Imli you here…. Chakor and Imli get shocked seeing him. He asks Imli why is she going like a thief, shall I tell Suraj. Imli says no, I had to do this. He asks why. She says I m doing this for Suraj, you know Suraj is marrying someone else, do you want me to see him marrying Tina, I would have not come here, I came here as Chakor is getting married in haveli, if I came from front door, if Suraj saw me, shall I show him my crying face, I can’t do this, so I came this way.

He says fine. She thanks him and asks him not to say anything to Suraj or anyone else. He says I won’t say anyone, and goes. Imli goes upstairs to Chakor.

Tejaswini shows the ancestral necklace and says now Tina has right on this. He says its beautiful, Tina just needs mother’s love, she never needed any jewelry. She says sure, you can meet Tina if you want, there is time for marriage. Chakor tells Imli that you are smart, you told nice story to the servant. Imli says I was not lying, I was saying my heart feelings. Chakor says it will turn true now, come fast.

Raichand knocks the door and asks Tina to talk to him once. Chakor worries. Suraj comes there talking on phone. Imli gets shocked seeing Suraj and stops. Chakor opens the door and tells Raichand that Tina went to bathroom. He says fine, I will wait. Servant says minister has come. Raichand says Chakor tell Tina that I will just come. Vivaan sees Imli and stops Suraj from turning to that side. Suraj invites his friend. Vivaan asks Suraj to meet minister and takes Suraj. Chakor pulls Imli inside the window and shuts it. Imli hugs Chakor and cries.

Imli says I m scared, if we are caught then. Chakor says its last step now, don’t worry, sit here. She makes Imli ready and asks her to keep long ghunghat, and not show face to anyone. Raichand knocks the door again. He asks Chakor to go, its her marriage too. Chakor says yes, I was going. She says Tina, I will meet you later, and goes. Raichand goes to talk to Tina. Imli gets tensed. Chakor prays for Imli. Kasturi calls Chakor. Chakor mistakenly says its my sister’s marriage too, I mean Tina is also like my sister. Kasturi asks her not to roam without ghunghat, if Vivaan sees you, it will be abshagun.

Raichand tells Imli that Tina, no father thinks bad for daughter, I have thought good for you. Imli imagines Bhuvan explaining her that Suraj is good at heart, he loves her and I m sure he will change, you win his heart, happiness will greet you, my blessings are with you. She cries and says I also wish this. She hugs Raichand, thinking of Bhuvan. Raichand says you made a big burden off my heart Tina, you have forgiven me. The girls come. Raichand asks Tina to talk to them, and goes.

A girl asks Suraj to have drink. Suraj refuses. He stops the servant and asks why are you worried. Servant tells about ladder and stops. Suraj asks did you find out about it. Servant lies. Suraj stops him and asks him not to say nonsense, say the truth, else I will… Servant says I have seen Imli going inside haveli. Suraj says I did not see her. Servant says she was going by ladder, as she did not wish to come infront of you, she is trying to forget you. Suraj gets thinking. He goes to meet Tina. Imli gets tensed. Suraj says Tina, I need to talk to you.

Suraj promises Vivaan and Chakor to make them bite dust or kill both of you. Chakor promises Imli that she will make Suraj marry Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Itna bakwas plan bnaya tha.. Spoil tu hona hi.. Swapping tarck k elawa bhi soch liya karen.. Hr show main ek hi crap story

  2. It’s so stupid. End the serial please.

  3. Don’t like the current track. How could they think of separation vikor.. It’s really frustrating

    1. Vikor would be boring don’t forget Udaan is not really a romance seriel

      1. I completely agree with you. Vikor is boring… Imli annoys me she should just disappear and Tina should have married Vivaan – that would have made things more interesting. I don’t see any romance every happening between Vivaan and Imli.

  4. Very nice episode. Good planning.

  5. i think after marriage chakor will make suraj good.Vikor and surli wil get reunited.

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