Udaan 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor crying and thinking of Suraj. Suraj says I will go and find Chakor, she maybe in problem. Tejaswini says I m worried, just do the ritual. Chakor cries and sees Suraj. She says fate got me at this point, help me. She sees Suraj gone and cries. Suraj does the puja rituals alone. Chakor says sorry Pakhi, I love Suraj a lot, I can’t do this with Suraj this time. Kasturi says don’t know where did Chakor go, I told her not to think about kids, they are fine and happy. Bhuvan says engagement day does not come every day. Pakhi’s dad says she was much worried for the kids.

Chakor hides Suraj’s pic and comes. Kasturi hugs her and asks where did you go. Chakor says I want to be alone. Kasturi and Bhuvan ask her the matter. They go. Chakor cries and wears the roka chunri.

She says I will not leave Suraj, he is my love and my life, he is my everything. She sees Pakhi’s drawing and says you gave me Suraj in gift, and see the fate’s game, I have to leave Suraj to save you all. She runs on the road and thinks Suraj and kids are on either side, whom shall I choose, there is no one to show me the way. Bhaiya ji stops her and asks her to decide fast, her sacrifice is the solution of this problem. He asks her to think of kids, this time your cleverness, pride and everything is ruined. He goes. Suraj looks for Chakor.

Imli stops Vivaan and says Kasturi called and said Chakor came home and then left, she is in problem, I will go and find her. Vivaan says you can’t go out. She says then you go and find her, please go. He says fine, I will go, promise you will rest. Vivaan sees Bhaiya ji coming. Bhaiya ji says poor girl could not keep coconut chadava, I will do rituals instead her. He gives the chadava and says Suraj did this puja alone always and he will always do this alone, I will not let Chakor stand with him. Vivaan gets shocked.

Bhaiya ji says Chakor did not get time to have prasad, I will have it. He does rituals and says I m very happy today, I have won, my way’s biggest thorn, I have thrown it, Aazaadgunj is just mine, my command will be followed here. Vivaan looks on. Bhaiya ji gets a call and says its happening as per our plan, I m coming, I will explain in detail. He leaves. Vivaan hides. Vivaan says I thought Bhaiya ji changed, but he is talking like before, it means he is planning something, I have to find out. He leaves.

Suraj comes to Kasturi and Bhuvan and ask about Chakor. Bhuvan says she is not here. Kasturi says she came here and went. Suraj says maybe she is running away from me. He goes. Chakor comes to haveli. Suraj holds her and asks where were you, you don’t value me and my love, you could have atleast respected this puja and guests. She cries. He asks what happened, we will do puja now, mahurat is good even now as we are together, we will pray. He gives her the pot. She throws it and refuses for puja. She says I don’t want to marry you. He asks did you go mad. She says I don’t want to keep any relation with you, I can’t spend my life with you, you have Bhaiya ji’s blood, I hate your dad since childhood, I can’t marry you. She asks him to take the bangles. He asks her not to joke.

She says I m not joking. He asks are you not ashamed to do this. She says leave me, I m hurt. He asks what about my pain. She shouts I can’t marry you. He holds her and asks her problem. Tejaswini and Imli come. Chakor says I can’t become bahu of Rajvanshi family, who did many tortures on me and this village. Suraj says she is saying she does not want to marry me as I m Kamal Narayan’s son. Tejaswini asks what happened. Chakor says I told everything to Suraj. Suraj says she said she will return shagun bangles. Tejaswini asks why, I gave you the bangles. Chakor says I don’t want to do this marriage. She returns engagement ring to Suraj and goes. Suraj gets shocked. Mahiya….plays….

Chakor cries and says forgive me Suraj, I have no other way. Imli comes there. Chakor asks her to leave. Imli asks why are you crying. Chakor says I m not crying, go. Imli says tell me truth, why did you do this, you can’t leave Suraj. Chakor asks her to go. Imli says I won’t leave without knowing truth, you love me and my baby a lot right, swear on my baby and tell me truth. Chakor asks her to leave. Imli says I won’t leave, tell me the truth. Chakor says I m very helpless, I can’t tell truth to Suraj. Imli asks why are you helpless. Chakor says Kamal Narayan….She tells everything and cries. Imli gets shocked. They hug and cry. Imli says you were right, Bhaiya ji is a devil, I m always with you. Chakor says promise me you won’t tell this to anyone, else Bhaiya ji will sell the kids.

Bhaiya ji says Chakor is my son’s weakness, so I targeted her, now I will make Suraj work as I want. He gets shocked seeing Vivaan. Suraj says I don’t know what you did this, your place is just in my arms. He lifts Chakor in arms. Mahiya….plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Cant bear to watch this epi. Its too heart braking. Vimli know the truth. Just hope they do something. Surj’s dialogue in the precap seems interesting. Maybe will watch Monday epi.

    1. Watch the precap!

      1. Sorry Didu but I missed it. ?

      2. Didu I watched the precap on insta. It was soo cute. The way Surj was convinced. The way he lifted her infront of her parents. ?

  2. chakor and suraj’s acting was superb.And love their expression.
    but what the hell is this cvs doing .
    we all fans want sukor remarrige track and aanya they work togather against kn.Plz cvs consider fans wish otherwish. it lost it trp rate but it already lost it. charm.
    Hi all my friends! nemo;Zoya:Shreya;aanya;sunny;sukorian;tapa;tippu ;di and all other friends take my love .
    tippu where is ur ff.And sunny I like ur 1 st ff but I don’t like 2nd ff bcz I want sukor as lead.SORRY. AND all the ff writters friends u done very well and keep it up love u all.
    The coments of fans are getting lower now .WHY?I am now busy with my studies. that’s why I can’t comment here regularly.love u all.

    1. Bhai. I’m glad u like the 1st ff and plz do read the other one as there will be sukor as they r my absolute fav. Promise. ?

    2. Sukorian

      Best of luck with ur studies full concentrate on them ???

  3. Sukorian

    all I want to mention ????????

    1. but the precap is interesting, they’ll probably still separate, but at least they ended the episode on an uplifting note.

      1. Sukorian

        hmm that’s true maybe Vimli will help undercover ?

      2. Imli will help, not sure about Vivaan, I hope he helps. He just reconciled with Suraj and it doesn’t make sense if he becomes selfish so soon. But in Tuesday’s episode he heard KN make a huge money transfer and didn’t tell Chakor or Imli.

      3. Sukorian

        nemo I watch Friday epi last week n Mo to Tu episode uff Suraj mind blowing so sad that Chakor was distracted ☹ but her instinct is always right…

    2. On another note, I’ve read your arranged marriage FF on watapad and I love it. I love Suraj and Arjun-Baghya are great.

      1. Sukorian

        thank you ?

    3. Yes, Chakor’s instinct is always right but Suraj is so blinded by happiness that he sees nothing but Chakor. I’m angry with CVs because they didn’t allow Chakor to enjoy her marriage rituals.

  4. Hi everyone.I am niharika.I was a silent reader and then later decided to join this discussion.Nice to meet you all.

    I found the episode to be heartwrenching.Sukor were freaking amazing in the episode and I was equally moved by both their performances.

    1. Hi Niharika! welcome to our family!

      The episode was heart wrenching but beautiful. Sukor were amazing. I hope their pain is short lived and they reunite soon.

    2. Sukorian

      Hi welcome Niharika ?

    3. Welcome Niharika

    4. Your most welcome di to our udaan famiky

  5. Hi Aria, how are your studies?

    I already knew about the precap before watching the episode, so it was less painful to watch. Chakor was brilliant today and her pain can be felt in every scene. Sukor scene was heartbreaking. I loved when Suraj pointed at his heart to tell of his heartbreak and when he held her close to him wanting to know why she broke off the engagement.

    Chakor-Imli scene was soothing, it’s good to know there is someone who understands her pain and would support her. Vivaan is foolish to confront KN, I hope he doesn’t side with KN out of fear of Ragini, but I don’t know.

    Have a great weekend guys!

    1. Nemo i agree that vivaan may side with kamal cuz of fear etc cuz during bundua track before vivaan was brainwashed by ragjni chakor told imli to run for water but vivaan was against it cuz he was scared that kamal will start to attack him and toi spoliers indicate that kamal opens a company for vivaan to take control of and the precap looks very interesting wen suraj says your place is not in haveli or her house its in his arms and i also read that suraj will be shattered by chakor leaving him and kamal will take care of suraj and become his support system @aria il try posting this weekend

  6. Thanks Amena for the quick update!

  7. Wow ? the precap was great loved sukor scenes and Suraj attitude today.just loved it but also sad ? about the seperation not again.I hope chakor will save the kids from kn.eagerly waiting for the next week episode and just hoping that the trp rates will improve next week.happy ? weekend guys and welcome back ? sukorian bhaiya.missing u ?,love u lots….

  8. Poor sukor??? chakor didnt wanna lsave suraj she loves him so much so now vimli and chakor know the truth but vivaan knows more cuz he found out its all kamal plan the epsiode was emotional i think next week the track will get better cant wait for Monday the precap looks so good sukor know each other to well its gonna take more for kamal to do to separate sukor cuz thier love is strong

  9. Finally whatever chakor did with suraj and imli now she vil regret. Over confidence and lack of trust on lifepartner will results diz only. I really hope suraj vil get his trust worthy betterhalf asap, but am 100percent sure dats not chakor bcz she is egotist woman. She is gud for ajay

  10. Guys i know this seems bad but i feel like this track is gonna be ok it wont be that bad if sukor do seperate it will only be time until suraj cools of and starts to rekindle his love for chakor it will be.interesting what vivaan does for sukor as imli will support chakor this time cvs showed chakor intense love for suraj at first she chose him but seeing the kids getting beaten up was to much so she wants to help the children only if vivaan tells chakor that all this is a plan to trap [email protected] u r right bout the fact that wen chakor came for engagement kamal got scared that his plan wont work cuz he wont do anything bad until suraj wins the election he did this all to fool chakor so that she leaves suraj and so that he can control suraj i was expecting a suraj and kamal face of but cant believe tejswani and suraj forgave him to quickly poor chakor she cant stay away from suraj and precap looks amazing what will suraj do and where will he take chakor there’s more action to the track now… what do u guys think? Please share ur thoughts

    1. Piyal di. When will u update ur ff?

  11. Hi niharika welcome n please try to coment
    everyday please.

  12. Gys it was fine episode bt i feel sad very sad for Chakor. bt m happy too bcz vivaan ne sb sunn liya nw he can help our Chakor naa agr vo chahe to. Wt thnk God unhone imli ko bhi btadia wish jldi sb shootout ho jaye.
    Precap bhut Acha tha sukor part egrly waiting for next episode.

    1. Anni Di I’ve posted a longer update of my ff just 4 u. Main ap ko pehle bhi bol chuki hoon, k main apki bat ko kabhi ignore nehi kar sakti. Parna zuroor. Love u.

    2. See aanya di your heart is back

  13. @aria Hey browse consntrate on ur study OK.

  14. I loved the precap but I still think Chakor will reject Suraj. I think this separation will not be as painful as the last one.

    I don’t know what CVs are planning, I hope for a good, entertaining. mostly logical story. I think if they go for an election track it will be interesting (Sukor may be separated or pretending to be it doesn’t matter). Having Sukor nok jhoks will be fun. I don’t want a dark track where Suraj hurts Chakor.

    Do you know that SRK and Anushka Sharma will be in Udaan promoting their new movie next week? I think this means Sukor separation won’t last long as they will try to reunite them.

    I think CVs are having too many twists. They should plan a coherent track, with a twist at the start, a twist at the end and let the track flow naturally in between. The story now lacks coherence and they’re only looking for suspense.

    At least they’ve learned from their past mistakes and now the precap on Friday always has something positive to draw the viewers to the show.

    1. Sukorian

      u r absolutely right the way who the cvs r turning the tracks I’m sure if Srk n Anush. come they will try but don’t know I’m really excited abt Vimli if tgey go the right track this time… Sukor needs a happy ending but it doesn’t mean to end the serial or giving us hope n then break it ? waiting for next week.

    2. Yes i read in spolier that srk will try to help sukor and it says will suraj help chakor so i think cuz srk is coming suraj will get a clue and may pretend to be with kamal to fool him instead and sukor will work together to end kamal and chakor knew kamal was wrong becoz he always did this since childhood to her so for everyone that thought he changed are so dumb to think that and now we will see if vivaan has changed or is evil from mentality cuz kamal will offer him a company on his name will he take it or help sukor….

      1. Maybe vivaan will also pretend to help KN, I can’t forgive vivaan if he sides with KN.

    3. Sukorian

      look hmm I’m not sure but it seems they r not in udaan but in another serial


      1. They’re also coming to Udaan, VJ posted a picture.

      2. Sukorian

        yes I comment again it wasn’t post were I found another link ? they r coming


  15. WELCOME dear ” NIHARIKA”in this page .
    love u all my friends as ur all concern for me.I am studying attentively now.
    In my country I was giftting sweet to all my friends;relatives if u all are near Me I also give u all sweet for my good result.
    Pray for me for next exam.
    Where is Shreya di;tapa di?

    1. I’ll keep you in my prayers Aria.
      Tapa hasn’t commented in a long time.
      Shreya rarely comments now, where have you gone shreya?
      Lily how are you?

      1. Sukorian

        hmm missing them too please comment

      2. I m super fine di and what about u ?
        Sorry di last tym I didn’t replied u as I was so busy with my studies

    2. All the best for your exams bhaiyya agar me wahan hoti thi na to me sweets nahi me khare cheeza mangti aap se q k mujhe sweets khate hi khasi hojati hai

    3. Hopefully u pass in everything!

  16. Hi guys see finally I came back nd how r u all
    Oops sorry wapis to wo log aate hain jo jate hai or me to kabhi ye page chod kar gaye hi nahi thi mene sirf comment nahi kia
    Well am so happy because my exams r over
    Coming to the episode it is so emotional y every time sukor marriage gets stop from so many months I was waiting to see their marriage track I thought this tym they will get married but again their marriage is getting stop I just want chakor to say all the truth to suraj then every thing will get fine
    Hey shreya di where r u missing u so much

    1. One more thing guys I have my posted my ff’s next part

      1. Doll. Tumhe Bata nehi k Mein kitni utavli ho rahi Thi tumhari ff parne kilye. Sukor ka nok jhok Jo shuru hone wali hain. ? tumne mera dhono ff para kya? I’m so glad tumhara exam katam ho Gaya. Ab tho Mai tumse bohot sari baat kar sakti hoon na?

        @Shreyu di. Where r u? Chutki is missing u lots.

      2. Sukorian

        wb sorry didn’t saw it earlier best of luck for the results

    2. great seeing you back! hope your exams went well.
      I’m waiting for next week to know how the track will shape up, there is still a chance the remarriage will happen next month in time for the show’s third anniversary.

  17. Welcome Niharika di and best of luck for ur exams Aria bhaiya….

  18. Shreya.

    Hiii all my lovely frnds….abt dis episode still am crying ??????????? don’t know yaar bt it’s a mental torture for me nd I know u all r also feeling d same ????

    I just want to say which scene made me more cry the first one Suraj did d puja alone na ????? nd d second one when chakor is on d road ?????

    The more pain I felt when I saw chakor takes d red duppatta nd wears on her hear omg ??????????????????? nd when Suraj hold chakor tightly tat tym chakor told na it’s hurting me tat tym suraj’s reply thn wat abt my heart’s pain ??????????????????? am done with dis guys ?????

    Precap gives a little bit relief bt v hv to accept tat CVS will noteasily reunite our sukor ryt….

    1. Hi shreya, how are you? you’re right I don’t think they’ll reunite them so soon but I hope the pain is less this time. I miss the video links you used to post to cheer us up.

      Yes, the scene where Chakor wore the duppatta and when Suraj pointed to his heart were very touching.

    2. Sukorian

      i didn’t watch otherwise i would cry ?????

    3. Di! Where were u? Missed u sooo much. I saw the bit when Surj said about his heart pain on insta. Firstly, the way he asked her if she was joking and that she is great at pulling other peoples legs and then The way he was banging his chest saying what about me? What about the pain u have given me here? It hurts here. Seriously it was soo heart breaking. ????????. I felt like punching KN. ?????? and the CVs.

  19. Shreya.

    Guys I want to say one thing now d sukor separation have some valuable reason na not like before….y I told dis na in before as all know sukor separation happened just bcz of vimli’s child…bt now they’re giving some solid nd valuable reason which is related to main story line abt our sukor separation…bt fans v all r ready to accept dis separation nd d main reason is bcz of tat stupid track of vimli’s child….Am not saying I want sukor separation bt in every serial they’ll separate d main leads like tat way here also they’re doing dis nd even fans will accept….bt in our udaan vimli’s bachua track made all of us mad they tests all of our patience level just bcz of tat stupid track which had no values now v r not ready to accept dis sukor separation which has values nd which is related to main story line….bcz of makers only fans r not ready to accept dis sukor separation….

    Guys once again even I don’t want sukor separation…bt in every serial this was happening na…tats y only am saying like dis…hope u all understand wat am trying to saying…nd if I hurt anyone sry…

    1. Don’t worry Shreya, hopefully trps increase and become stable and your worries go away. Even now the serial is one of the strong performers for the channel. I had this fear during bandhua track.

      I agree with you, the problem isn’t the track, it’s the timing. I wish we never had bandua track.

  20. Shreya.

    Welcome Niharika to our udaan family..whenever u get d tym kindly post ur views…

    Hi Nemo,sukorian,aria,chutki,sweetie,dil d,sruthi nd all my loving frnds…am fyn how r u all..actly dis whole week am totally upset guys nd d reason is my heart always saying udaan will off air soon I know it’s not true but I don’t know how to overcome dis….tats y am nit cmntd bt I posts lots of pics nd spoilers in IG…still am in d same thinking hope I will come out of dis soon….

    Aria my little bro am really happy tat u got high scores in ur previous exam na…nd I wish u a very very all d best nd all of our prayers r always with u so definitely u will get more marks so soon I will c my little bro as a medical student… happiiieeee….

    Nemo,sukorian,dil d,sruthi,sweetie,chutki love uuuuu all missed u sooo much guys….nd say hw is ur studies nd work going on. ….

    1. In some ways i agree too i would accept this seperation track if cvs didnt do it in buchua track i think buchua track was way to long it was longer than the bundua track and many fans got angry including me seeing sukor separation cuz of vimli yes every serial has at one point separated main lead but sukor habe to go through it twice but this time cvs showed more emtion of chakor she didnt wanna leave suraj she chose him first but wen she saw children getting beaten how could she say no cvs did show how much deep love chakorhas for suraj and this time vimli should help reunite them i wonder what vivaan will do cuz kamal will offer him money if vivaan has changed he wont accept and may fool kamal and now i dont understand cvs cuz srk is coming to promote byt his arrival will lead to somthing big happeing to sukor but for now i read that kamal will act as suraj support system as he is vulnerable even if suraj is angry deep down he will know chakor is doing this for a reason i think buchua track has made cvs edgy i wonder what they are planning and cvs please give chakor a new wodrobe jus seen new olv pics and chakor is wearing the same 5 dresses she has but in pink every1 in show had an update imli tejswani and ranjana but cvs didnt update chakor clothing….

    2. Sukorian

      i understand what u meant to say every lead has to separated but for real reasons n bcz of the Vimli track n this track it’s first a hope n then they destroy it like this. But don’t worry this serial wont go air i dont think so. otherwise a star like Srk won’t promote his serial on Udaan. We need more patients n like nemo n sunny said the marriage can happen next month the date 24th August…???

  21. Chakor is a stupid, mean, and fat idiot. She keeps on breaking suraj’s heartland after every mistake she expects him to forgive her. Idiot

  22. I think in tomorrow’s episode suraj lifts chakor nd then makes her wear paayal. ?

    1. I feel that too i think suraj will try explain to chakor his love etc they will have a long love.moment byt then chakor will remember the children and will tell suraj to stop etc thats wen he will get angry i think

  23. hello Shreya di so long time. thanks for your best wishes.
    do anyone know any new spoiler?
    I am not not blaming Chakor for her mistake. I also support Suraj share. because they all are helpless in circumstance. but how much they love each other It is seen in their eyes deeply. and Vijay and meera nail out todays episode. but I hate Imli always there here she is very boring. and don’t know what will vivan do he hears everything?
    o dears today I was watching sastri sisters in YouTube. and I think vj is more adorable in Udaan.
    don’t know what is in CVS mind. hope for the best. love you all.

  24. https://www.instagram.com/p/BXKpSu7ByKs/?hl=en
    New promo will sukor reunite i think so and yh srk wouldnt come to promote a show if it was ending there’s alot of tracks cvs can still use

    1. Thanks, I have high hopes for next week’s episodes now. I wish they stop scaring us about Sukor every week.

  25. Hey all…my exams are over.. And I’m back… How are you all?? Welcome to all my new frnds here…
    I watched every scene of udaan even I have exams.. I’m little sad that there will be another separation… But I think something good will happen now..I don’t know why but I have a feeling like this that this separation is too short..and they will be back together .. And I’m happy that srk and anushka promoting their film in udaan. I’m waiting for that episode. In the promo it is revealed that they make sukor wear their engagement rings.. I don’t know if it happen or not.. But I’m eagerly waiting for it.

    1. Hi sruthi,
      hope your exams went well. I too think this separation will not be for long and I hope Sukor are truly united on Wednesday.

    2. Sukorian

      hey wb gud luck to ur exam results ?

  26. pisode – 839
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 31 Jul Set Alert
    More show timings
    Vivan overhears KN’s conversation with Ghanshyam; Sooraj takes Chakor that he will leave his family and house to be with her.
    Episode – 840
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 01 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    KN goes to Chakor’s house to apologise to her; Tejaswini tells Sooraj that there is a way he and Chakor can be together.
    Episode – 841
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 02 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    Sooraj and Chakor profess their love for each other. Later, KN arrives and reminds Chakor about the children. Subsequently, Chakor tells Sooraj that she cannot marry him.
    Episode – 842
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 03 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    During his wedding with Chakor, KN realises that Sooraj is aware of his plans. So he leaves the venue and Sooraj proposes to Chakor for marriage.
    Episode – 843
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 04 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    Chakor and Sooraj decide to get married in four weeks. Two weeks later, Vivaan and Imli pack their bags and get ready to go camping with Sooraj and Chakor.

    New toi spoiler just read but confusing..

  27. pisode – 839
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 31 Jul Set Alert
    More show timings
    Vivan overhears KN’s conversation with Ghanshyam; Sooraj takes Chakor that he will leave his family and house to be with her.
    Episode – 840
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 01 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    KN goes to Chakor’s house to apologise to her; Tejaswini tells Sooraj that there is a way he and Chakor can be together.
    Episode – 841
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 02 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    Sooraj and Chakor profess their love for each other. Later, KN arrives and reminds Chakor about the children. Subsequently, Chakor tells Sooraj that she cannot marry him.
    Episode – 842
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 03 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    During his wedding with Chakor, KN realises that Sooraj is aware of his plans. So he leaves the venue and Sooraj proposes to Chakor for marriage.
    Episode – 843
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 04 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    Chakor and Sooraj decide to get married in four weeks. Two weeks later, Vivaan and Imli pack their bags and get ready to go camping with Sooraj and Chakor.

  28. Thanks Aditi! I’m happy Sukor will finally reunite. I think this time the marriage will happen because it coincides with the show’s 3rd anniversary.

  29. Gys now i got that agr mai page pe naa rhu to sb vapis aa jaye right?

    1. Sukorian

      haha o just remembered u ??

    2. Sorry aanya, can’t understand you!

  30. Sukorian

    camping main garbar something is fishy

    1. I’m trying to stay positive that’s why I didn’t want to consider the camping trip. I hope neither Ragini or KN interfere.

  31. Sukorian

    btw where r u aanya???

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