Udaan 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor and Suraj arguing. Chakor says she has made him leave so that he does not get arrested. He tells her about the havan and he invited guests and media too. He asks her to tell everyone that he is innocent and nice man, and he is not any criminal. She refuses. Suraj threatens her about Imli and her baby. He says baby will be born in jail and will be called a culprit without doing any crime. Ranjana and Tejaswini scold Imli for adding chillies in food and taking revenge. Vivaan asks Imli why did she add chilli.

Imli says I did not add chilli, Ranjana asked me to go to change clothes and maybe she did this. Vivaan asks Imli not to be angry and not argue, she is going to become mother and should be calm. Ranjana tells Vivaan that Imli did not accept her. Vivaan asks then to

stop arguing now, and leaves. Imli sees chilli on Ranjana’s saree and confronts her. Ranjana accepts she did with along with Tejaswini, they do not want her to stay here. Tejaswini asks Imli to leave.

Imli says I can show this saree stain to Vivaan, truth will be out, I won’t do this, Vivaan did favor on me by accepting me as wife, this is our war and we will manage, I m enough for both of you, I want to see how you two make me leave from this house. Imli goes. Ranjana says I don’t think she will leave so easily. Tejasswini says yes, we will think something big after havan. Suraj and Chakor come home. Suraj says Chakor got the cheque, we will get much money. He shows cheque to Tejaswini and smiles.

Imli apologizes to Vivaan. He says I should be sorry, I scolded you, but mummy can’t do this. She says yes, you know I also can’t do this. He says I know, but who can do this, I saw mummy going to kitchen when you went to change, I will talk to her. She asks him not to take talk ahead, Ranjana and Tejaswini dislike me and want to throw me out, I will manage.

Vivaan says fine. Suraj comes and sees them talking. Vivaan reminds his words not to enter newly weds room, they can be in any state, anyways how did you come. Suraj says I came to say we are keeping havan in haveli, Chakor called media, she wants to introduce me to the world. Vivaan asks why are you saying this to me. Suraj says I want you both to come in havan puja too. He goes. Imli says so Chakor wants to tell world that Suraj is her husband. Vivaan says fine, I will also say a truth to the world.

Chakor thinks of Suraj’s words and says how can I do this, I can’t tell media that Suraj is nice man, I have one way to stop media from coming, I will message them from Suraj’s phone. Chakor goes to room and sees Suraj sleeping. She thinks how to take his phone. She sits there and takes his phone. He turns her to her and holds her hand. He gets shocked seeing her. The phone falls.

He asks what were you doing. She says I came to wake you up, I can’t do this, I can’t say what you said, I can earn money for you. He asks her to go and sleep, its havan tomorrow. She requests him and says I can’t lie. He twists her hand and says my image has to get cleared, you lie or I will say truth about Imli. She cries. He goes to sleep. She gets his phone and thinks I will message press reporters that tomorrow’s program got cancelled. She sends message and says now it won’t happen as Suraj wants.

Its morning, Suraj sits in havan and waits for media. He signs Tejaswini to call Chakor. Lakhan, Bhuvan and all villagers come there. Tejaswini brings Chakor. Chakor sits in puja. Tejaswini asks villagers to sit. Chakor thinks Suraj does not know I cancelled media meet. Chakor and Suraj do puja together. Vivaan and Imli look on. Pandit tells about rituals. Vivaan asks Chakor where is press, did they know Suraj needs no praise. Chakor tells Suraj that maybe media won’t come, its good, she does not need to lie now. She gets shocked seeing reporters. Suraj smiles.

Chakor clears Suraj’s name and says he is innocent, a good man, that’s why I married him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Chakor national winner doesnt have any influence to fight against suraj.wat a pitty story.

  2. Utama Seshagiri

    During early days the serial was good and then it turned bad then from bad to worse. It is sickening to see Chakor obeying meekly to Suraj’s every proposal.

    1. But soon chakor and vivan will get together..
      they both will have a son ..
      its written in wikipedia tht vivan and chakor will have a son named vibhor vivan rajvanshi..

  3. G V Seshagiri

    It is really unthinkable that a story so well begun with an excellent theme is drifting and becoming repitative. Chakor has become a villain in the eyes of everyone including Imli whom she is trying to shield/save. How many more episodes are being thrust on viewers that will make Chakor a laughing stock.
    The story line must no longer be allowed to make future episodes boring….. Cannot the direction less director build up evidence to quickly expose the culprit whom we all know engineered murder of the MP?….

  4. I liked it when suraj gets closer to chakor by pulling her hand and twisting her hand at night

  5. G V Seshagiri

    The hype with which character of Chakor was built was exemplary…. her love towards the bonded community, the way she used the press & journalists to make even hard nuts like Rajvanshis to yield for the public good made us see the repeats of serials!!!…..

    ALAS …   How can Chakor be so easily blackmailed!!?!….. A fake video of IMLI pointing a pistol to the MP or a finger print on a dagger!!!??…. has she become so dumb àll of a sudden?.

    No…..No…… please device better means to prolong the serial if that be your prime objective.

    Is Chakor living a wretched life only to shield IMLI & give go bye to all the bonded labour whom she promised to protect? Why should she not use the press meet to blast Suraj’s blackmail tactics?….

  6. Where is aditya rawat??…. Where the hell this story is going??

  7. Anastasia! The wanderer

    I have no clue y I lyk suraj getting closer to chakor !even though dat is Yuckiest thyng happening in the show! A guy marrying a girl aft getting her sister pregnant??

  8. It is a piy that the author is killing Chakkors character. By doing this he is driving away the viewers from seeing the serial. If he continues there will not be any viewers and they have to stop the programme. Wake up the author.

  9. Serial is going worse day by day by showing chakor as weak character merely obeying suraj words director either improve serial or stop it dont show girls as weak

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