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The Episode starts with Chakor wandering on the roads and getting pushed by people. She says why are they in so hurry as if they are in race. She thinks to go back to the group, as they can help her. She recalls their words to give her to Munna. She recalls Ishwar’s words and says I will not go back to them. She will make her way herself. She moves them and walks ahead. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays…….

Babu scolds Munna and asks where did she go, if she was here. Manohar says where will we find her now and she has seen so many people here. He asks him to get Chakor soon. Babu says he will not leave Chakor and sends Munna to find her. Chakor tries crossing the road. A man sees her and asks her to see signal, and helps her. She talks to him, and asks why is everyone in hurry, are

they bandhua, who is their owner. He asks what nonsense, they don’t have any owner here. She says she wants to go Aazaadgunj, where is the bus stop, and its near Lucknow. He says plane will go Lucknow, not bus.

She holds his hand and says she is scared. He says leave me, and goes. She says what shall I do now, they are scolding me. Babu and Manohar are on the way and even Munna is finding Chakor. He shows her pic to that same man. The man says he has seen her, she was crossing road at signal. Munna informs Babu. Chakor sees some people taking religious flag and goes with them to cross the road. She gets saved from evil eyes. The people leave. She says she crossed half the road, how will she cross other half road now.

She goes to make a call. The man asks for 5rs. She says she does not have money, she has to call Arjun and say she is in Mumbai, its important. He asks to beg money and come. She says she will not beg, she will work and earn money. She goes. She sees people selling things at the signal. She asks a lady to give her work and ask for 5rs to call. The lady asks her to run. Chakor says how will I earn money now.

She sees tea stall and glasses kept there for washing. She says she will wash it and recalls how she washed utensils in haveli. The man says he will give 7rs. She says she wants just 5rs and sits to wash. A lady comes to tea stall and scolds the man to make child work, she will give pic in paper and he will get punished. The man apologizes and sends Chakor. Chakor shows she has washed well. He sends her. The lady misses Chakor.

A constable asks Chakor to sit somewhere else. She is not allowed to sit inside the park. Chakor sits between the beggars and says how to earn money. The people throw money and she gets shocked. She recalls Ranjana and Vivaan, and says she can’t take money given by pity. She says she has to call, she has no option now. She says she will toss the coin and decide. She smiles and says its head, it means I can’t call Arjun by this money, but she has earn and call Arjun.

A beggar talks to Chakor. She says she wants 5rs to call. He says he can get work for her. She says I can’t beg. He says its something else.

Update Credit to: Amena

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