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The Episode starts with Chakor going in the truck. Imli turns away and Chakor does not see her. Om says whats this happening, why are kids putting wire. Chakor says anything can happen here, Bhaiya ji controls them and shows the villagers. She thinks where are Chunni and Imli. I can’t meet my family, but I want to see them once.

Tejaswini is doing arrangements for the marriage. Bhaiya ji compliments her and thanks her for all her help. She says why are you thanking me, I m your wife and won’t let you down, its my Dharm to obey you. He smiles. The jeweler comes. Tejaswini asks him what designs did he get. She chooses some. Ranjana comes. Bhaiya ji tells Ranjana that Tejaswini’s best wishes are with us. Ranjana says yes, I m shocked and happy that my Sautan, I mean my Didi is with me. Tejaswini

shows the jewelry for Ranjana. He laughs and goes. Ranjana says you act well, you will be free when the new owner takes control.

Tejaswini argues and says marriage did not happen yet. Ranjana worries that Tejaswini will do something. Tejaswini calls someone and says my work should be done. The kids are troubled by Suraj. Billu asks Imli why is she working with hurt hands. Suraj asks Ram Singh to their gift. The kids get shocked seeing the guns. Suraj asks Imli to lift the gun and aim at the target. Imli says no, I won’t lift this, its very bad thing. Suraj says fine and holds her wound to hurt her more. She cries. He says my dad is marrying and I want to gift him, you all are refusing. Tejaswini comes there and asks Suraj to come. She says I thought you will oppose your dad’s marriage, but you are gifting him, what happened to you. He asks her to be happy with Bhaiya ji’s marriage.

She asks how can you see your step mother, what happened to you. He says so what, she is my Chachi, its his wife, let him live any way, landlords have dozen of wife, dad has just two, maybe I will have more than two wives. She asks what, are you fine, I m ashamed of your dad, and you are ahead of him, you proved you are his son, you don’t care for my respect. He says dad is not leaving you, be at home, rights should be in man’s hand, wives don’t matter, thanks for getting food, take it back, I have work, and goes.

She says power will be in man’s hands, but I will not give my rights to anyone, I won’t let Kamal Narayan snatch my rights and respect, I will ruin Ranjana’s life. The truck arrives in haveli. Om asks Chakor to wake up. They all call her bullet rani. She gets shocked seeing the haveli.

She says how did I come to haveli and when. Khanna says this is the haveli, the owner called us to do circus show. Chakor says Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi MP. Ronnie asks how do you know. Chakor says its written there. Ronnie thinks there is some connection with this haveli. Chakor gets down and is tensed about the haveli. Chakor prays to Daak baba.

Tejaswini asks Ranjana why is she standing alone and asks her to come for mehendi. Ranjana gets mehendi applied and says I m still in Manohar’s death shock, but I have to keep respect of Kamal Narayan’s love. Tejaswini asks her not to get sad by recalling past.

Bhaiya ji asks the man about digging the land, since gold is found, he is not getting sleep at night. Chakor gets tensed seeing Bhaiya ji. The circus crew gets down the truck and stand at the gate. Girdhari lal asks them to come inside. They all walk inside. Chakor in dancer’s get up hides her face and comes forward. Khanna greets him. Bhaiya ji sees the little girl and asks who is she.

Kasturi cries and Bhuvan asks what happened. She says I felt someone has come, whom we know. Chakor hides and looks on. Kasturi says I felt Chakor has come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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