Udaan 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Suraj cry for Kumud

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The Episode starts with Imli asking Chakor to find Kumud if she can, they have buried Kumud alive in the jungle. Chakor gets shocked. Ranvijay says Kumud can be anywhere, find her. They make fun of Chakor and leave. Chakor cries and shouts out Kumud. She looks for Kumud. Suraj comes there and sees Chakor in shock. He asks did you get Kumud, tell me what happened. She says they have killed Kumud, we couldn’t save her, what will we answer everyone now, they said they have buried Kumud here, we will find her. He gets shocked and cries. He says we couldn’t save Kumud. He hugs her. They cry. He says I will expose Imli and get her punished. She says they control the media and police. He says I will get them punished, I m not in their control.

Chakor says I will fall lonely when they put you in jail,

I also want revenge, have patience. Suraj says I have to do something, else girls like Kumud will die. She says we will throw them out of Aazaadgunj, but try to understand. He says fine, you find some way to expose them, I will arrange something to attack on Ranvijay, you won’t stop me now. She nods. Ranvijay and Imli come to haveli. He gets drunk and dances. She asks him to stop chanting Suraj’s name, Suraj had caught Kumud.

She asks him to go to room and sleep. She goes. Ranvijay gets shocked seeing Suraj. He sings Maardala. Suraj catches him and says same tortures will be done on you. Ranvijay asks am I not able to understand because I m drunk. Suraj says you know my memory came back, I remember all the tortures you did on Chakor and villagers, Chakor wants you and Imli to go jail, but I thought a better idea to punish you. Ranvijay says I knew you got your memory back, how shall I prove this to Imli, stay here, I will get her. Suraj breaks a bottle and says what happened, you have much tolerance, you are brave. He makes him step on glass pieces.

Imli comes. Suraj goes. Imli asks Ranvijay did he break the bottle. Ranvijay says no, Suraj did this. Imli argues and doesn’t believe. Suraj looks on. Chakor cries for Kumud. She prays to Lord to help her find some way to ruin Imli. She sits crying and thinks of Kumud. She gets Kumud’s letter. Kumud writes…. Imli cheated me on the name of marriage, she sells girls to rich people. She writes I have run away by getting a chance, my life is in danger, save me. Chakor hugs letter and cries.

Chakor meets Suraj and gives the letter. Suraj senses someone and catches the spy. He unmasks the spy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor Chakor, she was devastated, hate seeing her suffering.
    Suraj-RV scene was awesome, what swag, what attitude. Love how the camera panned on him sitting on the sofa looking angry.
    Hope Sukor succeed in punishing Imli and RV. I wonder who the spy is.

  2. Totally Loved the episode…. And very eager to find who the spy is… ?

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