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The Episode starts with Khanna clearing Raju’s name. He says bullet raja will be held and Raju will be the runner. Chakor opposes and Vishaka scolds her asking her to be quiet. Khanna asks a man to become the cannon ball. Everyone refuse to risk life by Raju and Om agrees. Megha worries and stops him. Om says bullet raja is important. Chakor worries for Om and that Raju should not be runner.

Khasta wakes up and gets shocked seeing Raju. Raju laughs and says Khanna came to police station, he fell on my feet and begged me to be part of circus. He says see my importance, I told you, no one can take my place, there are many for your replacement, Om, that small kid. He hurts Khasta and says you just rest all your life, sit and clap for my show. Chakor comes and Raju fumes seeing her. She asks Raju

to leave from here.

Raju acts sweet to Khasta and leaves hurting him. chakor asks Khasta what did Raju tell him. Khasta says I did not hope this will happen. Chakor asks Khasta to turn and applies haldi lep to his back. Khasta recalls Raju’s call.

Khanna scolds Ronnie for his horse act posters and tears it. He says I want bullet raja posters. Ronnie says there has to be many acts. Khanna scolds him and leaves. Raju laughs on Ronnie. Vishaka asks Ronnie to let it go, she has heard everything, once circus gets set, she will publicize his act. Ronnie fumes on Raju’s taunts.

Raju practices by keeping dummy. Chakor looks on. Raju laughs and asks are you thinking what if Om was there instead dummy, Om would have fallen and I would go jail, but Khanna would bail me out, as this circus is nothing without me, go Om and tell him that bullet raja is ready for final practice. She goes to Om and asks him to understand. Raju is a bad guy, he made Khasta fall, tell him you are not ready. Om asks why are you worried, Raju and Khasta had enmity, this circus is like body, where all organs work together. I trust Raju. He goes.

Khanna asks everyone to forget what happened 2 days before and encourage them. He asks Raju and Om to get ready. Om flies in air and Raju runs to save him. They all get worried. Om falls in the net. Everyone get glad and clap. Megha hugs Om. Chakor asks is he fine. He says yes. Khanna calls them and says congrats to you all, our supershit Jodi is ready for the show. Ronnie looks on angrily. Chakor worries.

Chakor tells Khasta that Om has done it. Khasta says great, he is a brave kid, and asks why does she look worried. Chakor says I don’t trust Raju, everyone will forget you. He smiles and asks her not to worry for Om, Raju knows Om has his parents, I used to think this circus is my family, but I m all alone. Chakor says I m with you. He says yes, but you forgot you have to get food for yourself and Sultan. She says yes. He asks her to think how will she earn. She says I have a way, she will come later, does he have pain. He says no, I will be fine, I trust you. She smiles.

Its night, Chakor talks to moon and cuts grass. Someone comes to her. Chakor gets tensed seeing the shadow.

Chakor asks why is public angry. Om says Raju disappeared. Blood falls on Chakor’s hand. They all look up and get shocked seeing someone dead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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