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The Episode starts with Chakor getting the rakhis to the new friends. Suraj asks Bhaiya ji about Tejaswini. He says I felt you care for mum, but we all are your bandhua. Bhaiya ji gets angry and scolds him, asking him to get lost. Suraj gets sad. Vivaan asks Bhagya to tie rakhi to him. Baa says yes, maybe this little brother can unite Bhagya and Arjun. Bhagya ties rakhi to Vivaan. She says there is no sweets. Suraj gets sweets and says he is her brother too. They all smile. Suraj gives the sweets box to her and cries.

Suraj shows the many rakhis and says its for every year when Bhagya could not tie to him. Bhagya smiles and says Suraj Bhai. Suraj gets stunned and smiles. Bhagya says Suraj and Vivaan are my brothers and does their aarti. She ties many rakhis to Suraj. Baa says if Tejaswini could see

this, she would have cried happily. Bhagya says Maa. Suraj swears to get his mum back.

Chakor ties the rakhi to Tamasha and Soham after doing their tilak and aarti. Amma ji smiles and asks for whose is this third rakhi. Chakor recalls Rocky and says its for Rocky. She kisses the rakhi and keeps it. Rocky comes home and asks servant to get tea. Nanu sees him and says you are asking for tea, when you used to drink wine, I know the reason, its that little angel Chakor. Rock says yes, I was finding her all night, I could not find her, its raksha bandhan today and thought to make her tie rakhi to me and promise to help her all her life, but don’t know whats the fate. He says he does not remember anything after the wine effect goes down, is this any blessing or a curse? Nanu pacifies him.

Soham says we don’t have money to give Chakor. Amma ji says she will give them and opens the trunk. Chakor gets something with same bandhua sign made on it. Chakor tells them about bandhua sign and asks Amma about it. Amma says I don’t know about it. Chakor asks her to say it, what relation she has with Aazaadgunj. They all ask Amma to say. Amma says I don’t remember anything, where I was born, how I came here. She cries.

Chakor pacifies Amma. They say they will find out Amma’s past and know everything by going Aazaadgunj. Amma says no, I won’t go anywhere till I free Chakor’s friends. They all swear to help the friends and free them. They all join hands and smile.

Babu asks the goon to erase all signs, we will catch Chakor when she tries finding the signs. Chakor sees Babu and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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