Udaan 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor seeing Dadi’s hand moving. She comes to Bhaiya ji and says Dadi moved her hand. He says what nonsense. She says I m saying true. Tejaswini says I will go and see. Bhaiya ji worries. Tejaswini sees Dadi moving her hand and gets worried. She thinks the medicine is affecting less, her hand is moving, it looks she is getting conscious. Bhaiya ji thinks if Amma gets sense, it will be big problem. He talks to the NRIs and asks them to talk to Arjun and decide, he will see his mum for some time. He goes inside. Chakor dances and says Dadi got fine, she can walk and talk again. Bhaiya ji sees Dadi moving her hands and feet. Chakor says Dadi will get fine now.

Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji to see the progress. He asks Chakor to go out and Chakor asks Dadi to open eyes soon and leaves.

Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini what is this happening, where is Ruby, we are not giving her money for free. She says she went on leave, think what will happen if she wakes up, she has seen Manohar shooting. He says its not good shagun if she wakes up, I will go to Devi Maa. She asks who. He says I told you about puja, I have to do it soon. She says did I do some mistake, as I stopped the puja, so maybe this is happening, if she wakes up, it will be bad. He says don’t worry.

Chakor sees Imli and they see no one around. She runs to her and hugs. She asks Imli not to worry, as she will tell all villagers and make things fine. Imli asks how will everything get fine and shares all the problems. Chakor says I m going to practice now, tell me all the best. Imli says fine, all the best. Chakor asks is she not happy. Imli says if she wins the race, she will not be there to clap, no one will be there. Chakor says yes, but everyone can come from the village, you all have to come, I will invite everyone in village, come with me. She takes Imli and Sheru and goes there. Arjun waits for Chakor. Sharma ask him about Chakor. Arjun says she will come soon.

Chakor asks Kishori to come and see the race, she will win and then get education from school to teach everyone. Kishori asks her to go from here and calls her cheater. Chakor asks them to listen and they all leave. Dheere dheere…………..plays……………Chakor comes to her home and tells them to open the door. They cry and just hear her. She says she is taking part in race and Arjun Sir is training her, and if she wins the race, she will get admission in school again, principal said so. They get glad.

She says open the door, I told this to anyone, are they listening her. Bhuvan cries and opens the door. Chakor smiles and waves to them. Bhuvan recalls the panchayat decision and says who are you, why is she making noise standing here. Chakor is stunned. He says get lost, don’t come here again. She says but dad, and he shuts the door. She gets sad and they all cry inside the home. Chale Chakore…………..plays………….. Chakor comes to Arjun and runs in training session.

She recalls Bhuvan’s words and runs faster to win. Arjun records the time and says come on, faster. He says keep it up, very good. Chakor comes first. Yeh housnlon ki udaan hai…………….plays………. Arjun says amazing and the NRIs clap for her. Arjun says you ran with good speed, if you maintain in final race, you can make new record, very good. He finds her upset and thinks what happened with this innocent girl. He says once a child was born and started running. She asks how is this possible. He says it was goat’s child and jokes. She laughs.

She hears a boy asking his dad for juice. She asks Arjun why is he calling him Pita. Arjun smiles and says Pita means father, like you call your dad Bapu. She recalls Bhagya saying Pita and is stunned.

Chakor asks Bhagya is Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini her parents. Bhagya names them Pita and Maa. Chakor is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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