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The Episode starts with Vivaan thanking Chakor. Chakor cries and asks him to go and stop Imli, her train would have not left by now. He says thanks, I can’t get a good and true friend like you. She says yes, and not a good and true lover like Imli, go and stop her. Vivaan rushes. Chakor cries. He runs to his car and drives. Chakor shouts Vivaan and says he is gone. Kasturi asks Imli to talk to Vivaan and Chakor once. Imli says no, I m away from their lives, and now its good if I stay far from them. They go inside the railway station. Vivaan sees time and says there are 15mins left, I m coming Imli.

Chakor cries thinking of him and walks on the road. She reaches the shade. She shouts Vivaan, the truth is I just loved you, I can never forget you and your memories, I can’t. She recalls their

sweet lovely moments. She says this is the place where you used to meet me and we have spent time together, now you are gone and none of these things are needed now. You are gone away from me and now I don’t need all this, these things should also go away from me. She breaks the things and says I m just made to give love, not take love, I have no one, everything ended, there should be nothing left in my life. Rain starts. Chakor stands in rain and cries.

Suraj comes there and sees Chakor crying. Chakor says this shade was sign of our love Vivaan, when there is no love, this shade should get ruined. Suraj stops Chakor and says stop, you will get hurt, come with me. She says no, everything ended in my life, I don’t want anything, this shade should not be there, let me make this fall. She pushes the shade and makes it fall. She cries. Suraj looks at her. She shouts everything got over. He says come with me. She asks him not to touch her, get away, I know why you came, you came here to make fun of me and laugh, that you were right and I was wrong.

He says what are you saying, I did not come to make fun of you, like you lost your love, I also lost my love Imli, did you come to tell me that Imli does not love me, I m not making fun of you, I m having pity. She says I don’t need your sympathy, everything ended in my life, now I want nothing. She holds him and says you are saying right, I lost, you won, Vivaan just loves Imli, he does not love me, why did I get blind that I did not see this, I have left Vivaan for Imli, are you happy now, I left Vivaan. She gets dizzy and faints. He holds her in arms and looks at her.

He pats her face and tries to make her conscious. He lifts her in arms and takes her. Jailer tells senior that he will get proof that Bhaiya ji has made plan and got all evidence burnt, I will not get him free. Bhaiya ji asks jailer how do you think I have done this, I m in jail. Jailer says I know you have done this, I will say in court that you did this and get permission for second enquiry, you can’t get saved. Bhaiya ji gets shocked and thinks to talk to Ragini.

Imli boards the train and asks the man when will it leave. The man says it will leave in 12mins. Suraj gets Chakor’s home. She rests on his shoulder and is sad. Suraj says don’t know will Vivaan reach station on time or not, if he does not reach, then our hardwork will go waste. Chakor says this can’t happen, train can’t leave. Vivaan wishes train gets late. She asks can’t we stop train. He asks what, how can we do so. She says we can make train 10-15mins late, and then Vivaan will reach. He says what, its just 4mins left, we don’t know Vivaan reaches there or not. Chakor calls someone. Suraj asks what are you doing. Chakor asks what, but….. She gets shocked.

Vivaan looks for Imli and train leaves. Vivaan gets late and sits there upset, saying I have lost you Imli. Imli cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Woah great n my fav episode with so many sukor’s scenes…i luv it when sooraj took chakor in his arms…n also when chakor layed in sooraj’s shoulder….but same precap….anyways waiting for vivan to propose imli n to see imli reaction towards this….

  2. Wow !!!!!! Just wow episode…..sukor scenes semma superb…….waiting for more sukor moments……sukor rockzzzz today…..

  3. Ohh god that moment when chakor was was resting her head on suraj shoulder it was soo beautiful finally they both console each other finally their romantic scenes start

  4. Wow yar chakor rests on his shoulder and also cries by putting her head on his chest

  5. In the new promo the speaker said kya hoga suraj aur chakor ke riste ka it means sukor is 100 percent sure

  6. Yeah!!!at last new luvtrack..luv u sukorrrrr…

  7. I don’t know what to say…ektaraf khush hu sukor ke lua dusri ur chakor ko tutthe dekhkar feel hurt…Asa laga jeshe chakor ka dil sachme tuta..wow..chakor really good acting…

  8. Renuverma

    Episode – 621
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 28 Sep Set Alert
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    Ranjana learns that Vivaan is in love with Imli. Later, Chakor tells Sooraj to decorate the house for Vivaan and Imli’s arrival.
    Episode – 622
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 29 Sep Set Alert
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    Sooraj injures his fist after he bangs it on the wall. Later, Vivaan and Imli make promises to each other, but she gets upset when she sees Sooraj in her bedroom.
    Episode – 623
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 30 Sep Set Alert
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    Imli decides to meet Sooraj and thank him for his help. Tejaswini tries her best to convince Sooraj not to divorce chakor

  9. wowwwwww…….sukorrrrrr….. rockedddd…..watt a luvlyyyy…scenesss…I hav no words to say… itzz more than awesomeee…..and one mr thing vikor is nothingggg…..sukorrr….always rockzzzzzzz…….am sure thy vll show us the real true luvvv…I hope we can feel it from sukorrrrrr……



    this is my first episode to watch after the dhulan exchange marriage…
    iss serial mai tho sab kuch ULTA PULTA hogya hai….

    patha nahi hamari Indian serial mai SHAADI,PYAAR,RISTHA aur PREGNANCY ya tho MISCARRIAGE ko kyoun mazhak bana diya hai….???


    sabi serial ka ek hi problem 1 ladka 2 ladki nahi tho 2 ladki 1 ladka ke beech mai pyaar ki jung,
    pehele pyaar ko 2 ya 3 months dikha na aur uss pyaar ko separate karna doosri tashan wala pyaar ko 1 ya 2 year dikha kar final mai ek karke serial end kar na…??

    phele vikor aur ab sukor track shuru hona baaki hain ,patha nahi kab shuru hoga….❗

    1. same to u sis…..it even happened in swaragini.(1st swalak …then raglak)..thapki pyar ki…..(1st they showed thruv…then tahan)….but I love sukor more than vikor…..waiting for sukor’s love story

    2. I am now hate the serial my favorite serial is uttran there is one love story

  11. Today was THE BEST suraj chakor episode….chakor was angry n yet cries on suraj’s chest…N today suraj’s dialouges were best too…it truly felt like he emphasized with chakor n genuinely felt bad for her…the way he was looking at her cry…??

    I think this is the closest they have gotten emotionally! Both r hurt, n feeling depressed, suffering n cud emphasize each other’s pain…N thus, got closer..but I will stick to my word…this is not how I want chakor n suraj to fall for each other. I want them both to get closer thru genuine bonding not coz of leftover feelings for others ? ??

  12. Love yooooooo sukor!!!!! Thank you cvs for giving such a lovely sukor scenes..

  13. Suraj is going to drown himself in alcohol, Chakor will stay to try and save him from himself.

  14. I literally cried when chakor was all heartbroken and devastated??

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