Udaan 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ranjana suspects Imli

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The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor getting behind the table and romancing. Ranvijay reaches home. Suraj asks Chakor for a kiss and holds her. Ranvijay shouts Chakor. Chakor says he has come, don’t talk. Ranvijay asks servant to see lights. Chakor asks Suraj to hide in storeroom. She goes to Ranvijay. He says someone has misled me, where is Suraj, tell me. Suraj looks on. Chakor asks are you mad, you want to kill Suraj, do you think I m mad to hide him here. Ranvijay says don’t fool me in words, he is here, I will find him. He talks to Imli. She says I will call on Suraj’s phone, I got the number, it will ring. He asks her to call. She calls on Suraj’s number. Ranvijay sees the phone ringing. Suraj recalls how he dropped his phone. Chakor recalls Suraj.

Ranvijay goes. Someone else picks

phone and answers. He keeps phone back. Imli says I called, I think its someone else’s call, maybe Chakor called by someone else’s phone, Suraj didn’t reach, marry Chakor. He says I thought so. Chakor picks the phone. Suraj takes his phone. Chakor asks him to go. He says its darkness here, I wanted my phone. Lights come. Chakor worries. Ranvijay turns. Chakor sees Suraj gone. Ranvijay thanks the guests for coming. He gives a good news. He holds Chakor’s hand and says she is my would be life partner. Guests congratulate him. He says my engagement is after three days and marriage after one week, you all are invited. The man says she has entertained us, someone was with her. Ranvijay’s mum stops him from saying more. Ranvijay asks Chakor not to create hurdle in marriage. He says I got gifts for guests, I will get from storeroom. She says I will get it. He stops her and goes. She worries. Ranvijay’s family looks on and goes to help.

Bhaiya ji tells Imli that Suraj is not capable to become his heir, he wants someone loyal and smart, she is the one, she will fight elections and fulfill his dreams. She gets glad. He gives her sweets. She says you decided right, you also have sweets. He says don’t forget who gave you this throne. She says never, you have given this throne to me, I m thankful. He blesses her. He goes. She smiles. She gets Ranvijay’s call. He says Suraj didn’t reach here, I m waiting for him, inform me if you know. She says have patience, Bhaiya ji has given his throne to me instead Suraj, I will rule in Aazaadgunj. He congratulates her. She says its bad for Bhaiya ji, he won’t be alive to see my rule, you kill Suraj and I will make Bhaiya ji out of my way. She laughs.

Ranjana looks on and says her husband is lying unconscious and she is laughing. Ranvijay’s mum gives sweet boxes and sends Ranvijay. Chakor and Ranvijay’s family meet Suraj. Ranvijay’s mum asks why did you come here risking your life, you know what will happen if you get caught. Suraj says my wife and coming baby are captive here, how could I stay out, so I came here, forgive Chakor, I m son of that man who killed your husband, trust me, I m not related to this. She cries and says every son is not like his father, Ranvijay is not a good man like his father. Suraj says you are great to give shelter to a sinner’s son, I understood why Chakor doesn’t want to leave you all here. Chakor says yes, we will be five now, we will go out of this hell. They smile. Chakor says I have thought how to go out, I will tell this tomorrow morning, we will meet here. Udaan hai…..plays……….

Its morning, Ranjana comes to Imli and asks what are you doing. Imli says nothing. Ranjana asks what is going on between you and Bhaiya ji, who came to meet you yesterday. Imli asks did you go mad, he is my Sasur, whom will I talk to. Ranjana says stop fooling me, I know him well, he doesn’t get along with anyone till he gets benefit, I know you both are making some plan, it won’t be good, so I want to know. Imli taunts Ranjana. She asks her to go and pray for her son. She says if anyone treats me bad, it won’t be good. Ranjana leaves.

Chakor says once we reach Aazaadgunj, none can catch us, we four can go for shopping. Preeti says we can fool Ranvijay. Chakor says we will go by bus. Preeti asks how will Suraj go. Chakor says Suraj will add sleeping pills in guards tea and run away, he will meet us at station. She asks Suraj is he listening. Ranvijay’s mum says maybe he has to talk to Chakor in private. They leave. Chakor asks Suraj what’s the matter. He says your plan is wrong, till we deal with Ranvijay, we won’t go anywhere.

He says till when will we run, we have to face him, we will fight with him. She says no, you life has risk, he has killed his sister’s husband, he can do anything with you, its wise that we run away, we will deal with him later, we have to leave. He says fine, we will do as you say, we will take all bandhua labor to some other place, we both are also bandhua, just think if we run away, we will feel coward, we can’t leave Ranvijay free, he is an animal, he is a murderer, he shot his sister, how can we hide from him, we should ask him to pay for his sins.

Suraj says if we have to expose Ranvijay, I will record his black deeds, you all will provoke him. Ranvijay scolds Preeti and holds her neck. Suraj records this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    ranjana doubt Imli… Suraj sardar look ??

    1. Yes, Suraj looks great as sardar.

  2. Sukorian

    News Vivaan to die in serial Twitter announcement Paras arora quit

    1. Yes, heard of it. It’s sad but expected, there is no place for Vivaan in the story now, but this means Imli will remain negative and won’t be redeemed.

    2. Yeh he left i feel writes didnt use vivaan properly he was a parallel lead but to much was given to imli? the current plot onlyhas trp for ranvi as he is a very well known actor the plot is dragging so badlyits been like this for 2 weeks! I use to love tis show watched every epsiode and now i cant stand it no more its been a month since i quit and i dont think i can contuine watching this plot cuz of the leap i feel show has reached its climax becoz of themisuse of proper plots cvs wrecked the show with stupid imli baby plots show died after imli second baby plot came it wrecked everything and i feelfor me as a viewer the storylines became typical udaan stopped portraying social messages?

      1. Sukorian

        oh u r soooo right

  3. Good episode. Loved Suraj’s talk to Chakor about not running away. Loved Suraj in planning mode in precap. So after jagat maata refused to leave the house it’s jagat pitha’s turn.
    KN calling Imli loyal, LOL. I hope it’s a trap for Imli because I hate to see him duped by her. Curious to see how they’l kill off Vivaan.
    Imli is so heartless, how can she taunt Ranjana about Vivaan, she is supposed to be in love with him and worried about him.

    Have a great weekend guys.

    1. ? Jagath Pitha???
      Can’t wait to see Surj as a Sardar. Recording all of RV’s bad deeds is a good idea. Surj is the one with ideas now not Preg Chakr. I also hope that KN is trapping Imli into something..she is flying too high, she needs to land rapidly.face first.
      Hope Ranjana does something gud this time but I heard that Imli will expose her infront of KN about Manohar’s murder and then KN will do something to her. I don’t why I’m saying this, but for the first time, I don’t want Ranjana to get punished now..i want her to dig out all the Imli Devi business’ plans

  4. Nothing new happening…. boring episodes… now I too feel like not to watch this show anymore.

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