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The Episode starts with Kasturi scolding Choka and asking him to apologize to Chakor/Chunni. Chakor apologizes to Chunni and Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets angry and leaves. Tejaswini asks them to leave. Imli asks Chakor/Chunni not to get sad, they will celebrate in village. Kasturi asks Chunni to come with them, Lord will give them everything, don’t be sad, we will celebrate grand. She cries and leaves. Chakor looks on. Aditya, Vivaan and Amma ask Chakor why did she save Chunni. Chakor says enough, it was my plan and I stopped it, I will not tell anyone. She goes.

Amma talks to Chakor and says when will Chunni’s true face comes out, and Kasturi does not have mother’s heart. Chakor asks her not to say anything. Kasturi is sad and her hand gets hurt. She cries. Dadi says I know you regret to slap

Choka. Chakor looks for Chunni and asks a man. Pintu makes fun of Chakor. Chunni comes there and gets a rope to trouble Chakor. She makes Chakor fall. Kasturi makes roti and recalls bout slapping Choka. Her hand burns. Dadi asks her to go and call Chakor, she will cook. She says call Choka also if you want.Kasturi says no, I won’t call him, I m not feeling bad of slapping Choka, he got punished for his mistake.

Chakor falls. Chunni and her friends laugh on Chakor. Chakor says listen to me. Chakor sees Kasturi coming and hugs Chunni. Chunni says leave me. Chakor says Chakor’s mum is coming, you won’t get any money. Chunni asks her friends to go, Kasturi is coming. They run. Kasturi sees Choka hugging Chakor, and moves him away. She scolds Choka. Choka says I m sad for what I did. I was sad and came to apologize to her, I will hug you too. Kasturi says no and asks Chunni is Choka saying true. Chakor signs money to Chunni. Chunni thinks and says yes, I have forgive him. Kasturi says great, see Choka, this is my Chakor.

She says she is making Chakor’s fav food. She asks Chakor and Choka to come. Chunni says she has to go haveli, Bhaiya ji will scold her, she has work. She leaves. Kasturi gets sad.

Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that she did not believe he will give Chakor’s birthday party and invite the village, getting cow dung on face. He says he will not give her any chance to complain, he will not leave Chunni. Chunni comes there. She says she wants to go from here, by doing her work soon. He says you will get leave soon. Chunni asks really and dances. Kasturi says what happened to my Chakor, Chakor pacifies her and says Bhaiya ji is angry about cake and scolded Chakor, I will bring her, you go home and cook. Kasturi thanks Choka and says it will be big favor if you get Chakor. She goes. Chakor says I m your Chakor, Imli would have agreed soon, but Chunni is different, I will bring her.

Chakor asks Dadi to tell everything to Chunni. Dadi tells Chunni that this is her house, you are not Chakor, you are her twin sister. Chunni gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow! When chunni gets to know the truth that she is the twin sister of chakor will get unhappy maybe coz she is a always after money and wants to live a luxurious life …but she will be very much unhappy that her mum and dad are bandhua …..chakor save ur sister from bhaiyaji(kamal narayan rajwanshi)uffff i hate him.bad character but interesting

    1. interesting episode .bt felt bad for chakor when her mum slaps her

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