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The Episode starts with Manohar coming to meet Ranjana in the party meeting. He comes drunk and says she can’t keep Vivaan locked in room, and the law does not permit this. He says he will take Vivaan from here. She says he is not in his senses, so better control. She says everyone is here and you are insulting them, if you want me not to insult you, then just leave. She says she knows how to kick an invited guest. He says he has come here as the groom on horse and today she is kicking him out. He claps. She asks him to leave. Vivaan comes there and says Papa won’t go, I called him. She raises hand to slap him asking how dare he. Manohar holds her hand and says don’t dare to slap my son. Girdhari lal says this will happen in everyone’s house and defends Ranjana. He says he has given Mahila Morcha

responsibility to Ranjana as she can understand their pain.

He asks Vivaan to take Manohar with him and spend time. Manohar says he is smart and Ranjana should have been like her dad. He says he regrets Ranjana is not sensible. He takes Vivaan and leaves. Abha makes Ishwar walk. Chakor comes and asks about Aditya. He gets a call from inspector and he asks about Manohar. Aditya tells Chakor he is talking about Vivaan’s dad. Ishwar says send him to jail along with his family. Chakor and Aditya hear this. Ishwar says find Manohar. Abha asks him to sit and relax. Ishwar asks Aditya and Chakor what were they asking him. Chakor says she wrote so much that Vivaan’s pencil ended, she means her pencil is over and she wants to go out to buy. Ishwar asks Aditya about Vivaan, is he Manohar’s son. Aditya says yes, why are you asking. Ishwar says nothing, just asking, take driver and go to buy whatever you like. They thank him and leave.

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Kasturi is upset. She recalls how she has left Chakor at the haveli. She thinks about Imli and Bhuvan’s words to sacrifice Chakor’s dreams for Imli. Dadi calls her inside to have food. Dadi pacifies her. Kasturi says she wants to give her happiness to her children, and mother has to protect her children, what did she do, she has not given them happiness and could not protect them either. Dadi says she has a solution and asks her to have food first. Kasturi refuses and says its not a time to deal. Dadi says she learnt it from Chakor. Kasturi cries and eats food. Dadi says she heard Tejaswini wants some workers to clean haveli. Kasturi smiles and says she understood.

Aditya and Chakor come to meet Vivaan. Aditya sees party going on and stops Chakor as Ranjana dislikes her. He says he will send guard to inform Vivaan. Manohar apologizes to Vivaan. He says he knows everything, and he will show things he has done in Lucknow and he will feel he was with him. he shows the trophy he won in drawing competition. Manohar smiles seeing it. The servant tells Vivaan his friends has come to meet him. Vivaan thinks its Chakor and Aditya, if Manohar sees them, it will be problem. He asks the servant to get them inside by back door as party is going on. Manohar says he should not be afraid of anyone, call your friends and make them sit here. Vivaan says he is not afraid of anyone. Manohar is glad. Vivaan says see my pic, I will meet my friends.

Manohar says he is happy seeing him, and says your friends are special, as you smiled hearing about them, will you make me meet them. Vivaan gets tensed. Kasturi works in haveli hiding her face and looks for Imli. Imli calls Maai….. Baa takes care of her and asks her to have medicine. She says she has high fever and prays to Lord to save Imli. Kasturi comes there and sees Imli. She takes Imli and hugs her. She asks her to open her eyes, as her Maai has come now. She kisses her and apologizes. Baa says she is trying to make her have medicine, its good she came, make her drink it. Kasturi says she has to make kada for her. She says she has to go jungle and get it for her. She says she has high fever, use wet cloth. Tejaswini comes and is angry as Kasturi has come here.

She says its not a bird zoo to keep bird and people come to see. She says Chakor is responsible for Imli, when Chakor comes, then take Imli. Kasturi says Imli will die. Tejaswini asks Girja to drag Kasturi. Kasturi cries saying Imli. Baa scolds Tejaswini. She says my son is your slave, no one else. Tejaswini leaves. Baa sees Imli unconscious.

Aditya and Vivaan have a talk with Chakor. They have a good time. Bhuvan comes there and Manohar is shocked seeing him.

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