Udaan 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor her stuff to go home. Vivaan comes there asking if she needs any coolie to lift her bags. He meets Chakor and they smile. He gives her halwa and says I made this for you. She eats the halwa which does not taste good. She praises the halwa. He says even I did not eat it till now and asks her to share the halwa. She does not give him and runs. He sees some halwa near her lips, and asks her not to move, there is rat behind her. He takes the halwa bit and is about to eat it. She says liar, there was no rat and does not let him eat halwa. She asks him to add more sugar next time. They smile.

Tina calls Vivaan and asks where are you, come soon. He says I m just coming. Chakor asks him to go, else Tina will miss her flight. Vivaan says yes, I will meet you in Aazaadgunj. He leaves.

Tina sees him leaving from Chakor’s room and cries.

Ranjana makes a bouquet. Bhaiya ji asks her to give a rose to him too and laughs. Suraj comes. Bhaiya ji says I will give these flowers to minister in marathon. Suraj throws the bouquet. Bhaiya ji scolds him. Suraj says stop doing all this, I have to give you some news in private. Ranjana says Suraj, stop thinking I m outsider. Bhaiya ji asks Ranjana to just leave. Suraj tells Bhaiya ji that Rathod is arrested, Chakor got to know about steroids mixed in drinks, so she did not drink it. Bhaiya gets shocked. Servant says media has come to ask about coach. Suraj asks him to manage media, I don’t know what Rathod told about us, if he told about you, then… Bhaiya ji says don’t worry, that Kabir Rathod will not tell our name.

Bhaiya ji talks to the media. He says I m shutting camp, if that blame on coach is proved, I will not leave him. The media asks why did coach do this with Chakor, you also had enmity with Chakor, maybe you did this against Chakor. Bhaiya ji says media always blames. Reporter says there are two teams now, Chakor and Tina, people are supporting both. Bhaiya ji says we are with Chakor. Suraj says Papa has to go for imp meeting, no more questions now, thanks. Bhaiya ji goes. Inspector beats Rathod. Rathod says I don’t know anything, let my lawyer come, then I will talk. Inspector asks who is involved with you, tell me. Rathod agrees to tell them.

Vivaan drops Tina at airport. He asks what happened, you were quiet all the way, we will have icecream together for the last time. She says no, I have sore throat. He insists. She says I will not miss you, I don’t need you, I m going. She cries. He looks at her. She hugs him and cries. She says you always loved Chakor, I was blind and deaf, I knew Chakor is your true love, you lied to me. He says I cheated you, forgive me. She says Chakor is a nice girl, I regret to come between you two, this is Lord’s mistake, he plays games with our weak hearts, anyways its all fair in game. He says if you want, we can stay as friends. She says no Vivaan, friendship can turn into love, but love can’t turn into friendship, don’t worry for me, Chakor is waiting for me, I will find someone for me. He says he should be better than me. She says I will try, when I make your Chakor lose in race, manage her. He smiles and says yes. She goes.

Rathod stays worried and says my life has big risk now. Bhaiya ji goes to meet Rathod. Rathod gets shocked seeing him. Bhaiya ji says you said right, your life has big risk indeed. Chakor and Vivaan meet. Chakor says I m sad that Tina knew truth, but she is a nice girl. He says yes, but think about Bhaiya ji, we know he was behind all this, you have to be alert, he can harm you anytime. Bhaiya ji asks Rathod what shall I do now. Rathod says trust me, I was not going to tell anyone, I was fooling inspector.

Bhaiya ji says I told you I don’t like failures. Bhaiya ji suffocates him with his belt and kills him. Vivaan says its not easy to get proof against Bhaiya ji, he is so clever and did not give locker number to his son, all proof is inside that locker. She says yes, if we have to win over Bhaiya ji, I have to win that marathon and you have to open that locker, else nothing can happen. Bhaiya ji leaves and all police officers salute him.

Vivaan tells Chakor that there is no way to reach Bhaiya ji’s locker. Chakor says I have a way. Ranjana informs Bhaiya ji about IT raid. Vivaan asks Bhaiya ji to tell him the locker code, if he trusts Vivaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Are yeer Tina such a good girl…even I like her..the way she helps chakor..even know that vivan lie to her..now evils number are less..

  2. LEts see now bhaiya g tells code or not….

  3. hey guys tina is going to get married to prem of Sasural Simar Ka………………
    its d great news right…..

  4. I feel bad for time…but she is a nice girl and she has true sportsman spirits also like chakor..

  5. it’s great that Tina left Vivan decently

  6. Oh… Tina turned out to be such a nice girl, just a little mischievous. It’s not necessary that a person who doesn’t like the protagonist is the antagonist. Same thing with Tina. She was not the villain as we all assumed.

  7. Nice episode. I like the way tina reacted.and i have one doubt. Is udaan is going to an end?? Because kavach and shakti will telecast from next week. Anybody have any idea about it?

  8. No udaan will not end the serial is now becoming good there are many things which are going to b happen in the serial chakor will get married else she ha to free all the vilagers show cant b end….am i right guyz??

  9. I think they will change the time of udaan

  10. I Love dis series n dis series was about chakor to free da bandhua people in her village so lets make it simple once chakor winz then its should be da end as there wount be nice episodes apart from this.. Lets not drag da series like other series

  11. no its not end nagin is replaced by kavach udaan ending date is in 2018 guyss & it fixed

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