Udaan 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor reveals Abhay’s plan to Suraj

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking why don’t you arrest Colonel. Abhay says he does social work and has contacts with politicians, they all believe that he is a patriot, he didn’t tell anyone about his court martial, Suraj has won his trust, he can get close to Colonel by acting love with his daughter Naina, we can easily catch Colonel this way. Naina is seen. Chakor sees Naina’s pic. Mahiya….plays… Chakor says by a fake love drama, my Suraj… no, I have to go from here, I don’t want to stay here. He says its duty of all residents of this country to secure it, I know its not easy, but we should do this. She says let me go, I don’t want to stay here.

He says there will be a big danger on the country, we got a report from intelligence, Colonel maybe planning a bomb blast

or anything bigger, we just know many people can lose life, 15 aug is a day of pride for us, Colonel wants to prove that we are free but we don’t have power to stop him, we know his intentions, but we don’t have a plan to stop him, I got a hope seeing Suraj, my officers went to Colonel and lost lives, I have seen how Suraj bravely cheated Colonel and won his trust, he can do anything, help me in convincing Suraj. Suraj looks for Chakor and shouts her name. Abhay says Suraj has come here, you can go, try to explain him, I can’t compel you, there is much at stake, please. Chakor cries and leaves.

Suraj goes to his car. Chakor comes out of the secret place. She runs to him. He asks where did you go, I was finding you. She hugs him and cries. Mahiya….plays…. They leave. He asks what did they tell you, why are you not saying anything. Chakor sees the indian flag and recalls little Chakor’s words. She says we have to help Abhay and stop that Colonel. Suraj stops the car and asks what are you saying. She says Colonel will take many lives. He says don’t get into this, don’t expect anything from me. He gets down the car. She goes to him and asks whom shall I expect then, Colonel has killed many men, he has weapons to destroy the nation. Suraj asks am I any trained officer to fight, I m an ordinary civilian, I can’t fight with him, I fold hands, stop it. She says you can defeat him if you want, you just have to help RAW agent, you have won Colonel’s trust, you can go close to Colonel. Suraj says yes, he will kill me if he knows my lie, do you want this, tell me, I m not scared of death, but I m worried for Saanvi and family, just think who will take care of you all if anything happens to me. She says this time they will send you as someone else, not Imli’s aide. He asks what do you mean. He says tell me. She says Colonel has a daughter Naina. He gets shocked and asks what, are you mad. She says its not easy for me, but…. He says I don’t want to hear a word, I can’t imagine you can ask me to do such a thing. He goes.

Vivaan gets beaten up and sees blood in his hands. He wakes up from sleep and checks himself. Chakor comes and asks what happened, there is no one here, sit. She says I know we failed to catch that woman. He says I m fine, I think I should forget that woman and move on. She says she is your culprit, I promised myself, I will catch her and get her to you. He thanks her. She says no thanks in friendship, listen to songs, watch tv. She plays the tv. They see Kaun hai promo. They laugh.

Colonel and Deva make a plan and wait to make a beginning. They see a missile pic and laugh. The man says we are wasting time on Chakor, she won’t convince Suraj to do a love drama. Abhay plays her pics on screen andsays she isn’t a normal housewife, you don’t know her, she is Chakor, she has achieved whatever she wanted, this nation gave her an identity, she will convince Suraj, she loves her nation, every woman should be proud of her. Chakor cries.

Chakor says Colonel is dangerous, we have to stop her. Chakor sees Naina. Suraj asks where is Chakor. Abhay says Chakor is in Colonel’s godown, she has taken a big risk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t know how going after Naina will make Suraj’s life safer. If the colonel knows he’s helping the RAW agent, he’ll kill him.
    I wish the mission was just to join the colonel’s gang, I feel sorry for Naina, wish they don’t turn her negative later.
    Chakor-Vivaan scene was just to promote the new horror show.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Chakor hated Imli and Suraj when she thought Suraj was her baby’s father.
    She claims she loves him and cannot live without him and now she now easily asks him to romance another woman?! I think this is unnecessary drama.
    Oh and what is happening to the Ragini storyline?!
    Everyone is all over the place. I keep saying this situation now involves all four of them (Suraj, Chakor, Imli & Vivaan). And they should play it that way by getting all of them involved in resolving rather than bringing in some other love triangle. Keep it real!

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