Udaan 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Vivaan and Chakor about the ladder. Salman Khan/Sultan comes there and asks why does Chakor has fear when Sultan is with her. They get shocked seeing Salman and Anushka. Suraj asks who are you. Salman asks me? Chakor says he is Sultan, famous wrestler. Anushka says girl is smart, I m Arfa. Chakor says very less people won’t you both of you. Salman asks Suraj why is he troubling Chakor. Suraj says nothing big, I was asking about ladder, I m glad meeting you. He goes.

Sultan asks Chakor whats the problem, as if you lost any national marathon. She says there is some risk, sometimes I feel why to take risk. He says you should take risk, but intention should be good, we are players, and till hurdles don’t come, how will they win. Anushka also encourages Chakor. Salman

asks her to believe herself and smile now, as all her dreams will get fulfilled now. He joins Chakor and Vivaan’s hands, and says Sultan’s support will always be with you. Chakor thanks them for reminding her that they are fighters. He asks about Imli. Chakor says Imli is waiting for Eid release of Sultan. Salman and Anushka leave. Chakor smiles.

Suraj talks to Raichand. Tejaswini brings a sehra and asks him to go and change clothes. She says I know why you are marrying Tina, to get Raichand’s property which we badly need, and look at Tina, she is a nice girl, try to keep her with love, if husband and wife do not have love, life becomes burden. He says I tried, nothing happened, let it be. She says you may have not tried well, wear your sherwani. She goes.

Tina gets ready as the bride and smiles. The girls tease her. Suraj comes to meet her. The girls ask him to talk to Tina all his life, go and get ready as the groom. Imli thinks its good Suraj saw me in bridal dress, Chakor’s planning is good. Suraj asks servant where is he taking these bags. Servant says its Tina’s bags, she asked me to keep in room. Suraj says Raichand said Tina’s bags would come in truck, how did these bags come. He goes.

Kasturi packs Chakor’s bag. Bhuvan says I will take some cash along, it maybe needed. Imli says Chakor did not come till now. Chakor comes there. They smile. Kasturi compliments her. Kasturi gets emotional and says you will wear mangalsutra instead these beads and start your new life. Chakor says this is not necklace, but my strength. Kasturi says when old goes, new will come, give this to me. Chakor removes it. Kasturi tells the importance of mangalsutra and asks her never to remove it, I m sure your married life will be really good. Imli says we will go to haveli now, all rasams will happen there. Chakor says this is my Maayka, its my bidaai time now, let Maai do all rasams.

Kasturi says you were always understanding and does some rasams. She says parents love children a lot, when children grow and get married, they get away, what does parents have, some memories. Kasturi blesses her.

Chakor recalls her childhood and cries. She takes color on her hands to apply the mark on the walls and says Imli can also put marks, she will understand rituals. Kasturi says its for daughter who is getting married and going. Bhuvan asks Kasturi to let Imli do it too. Kasturi agrees and asks Imli to leave hand marks too. Chakor and Imli leave their hand marks on the wall.

Vivaan gets dressed as the groom. He imagines Chakor and smiles. Ranjana comes there and takes him to send his baraat. Chakor and Imli get dressed as the brides. Tina also gets ready and the girls compliment her. Suraj gets ready and sits thinking. Vivaan’s baraat leaves. Kasturi applies black dot to Chakor and says you look very pretty today. Chakor says I m getting tensed, I need your blessing. Kasturi says my blessings are always with you. She goes. Chakor goes to get Imli.

Imli climbs ladder. Chakor asks her to come upwards soon. Suraj’s servant gets shocked seeing Imli and calls her out. Chakor and Imli get tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pura show hi brbad kardiya.. Ek imli ki wajh sy 2 log ki zindagi kharb kardi.. Aur yeh kiya blind wedding kar rahy thy jo inhy itny bary bary differnce bhi nazr nae ae.. ??

    1. I agree with u baqwass kr dya drama,suraj aur bhaiya g jb jail gye to vikor kki shadi krvaty imli ko b sii kr dty aur imli ki chaggan k sath krva k happy ending krty…

  2. arre serial writers where are the characters -sooraj’s sisters(ragini,bhagya)?dont they attend for their brothers wedding?

  3. this is getting romantic!!! i hope that suraj will accept Imli into his life ??????

    1. They’re not getting married Suraj and Imli read the spoilers

      1. Yep Suraj gets to know about the bride swap and used chakor`s plan against her. He gets married to Chakor and no one knows about it. Vivaan gets married to Imli. STUPID

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