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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji getting food in lockup. He asks why is he still here and sends the constable out. He gets angry and gets a mobile in the tiffin. He says Manohar does few work well. He calls Babu and says he has some work for him. Babu says he can tell any work. He says about killing Chakor. All the villagers are happy seeing Chakor and asks her to come to them. Kishori says Chakor has done big things for all of them, she will make their name shine. Chagan says Chakor is right, we have to study. Chakor smiles. Kishori asks her to teach all the kids. Kasturi says she is going to teach them, and don’t forget us, we want to learn also. Chakor says she will come back soon after teaching them. Ishwar smiles.

Ragini talks to Vivaan and he says he regrets to not meet Chakor, and wants to

say sorry. She says she will make drawing but she will understand, you call her on Aditya’s phone and apologize. He says yes and goes. Suraj sees a call coming and answers it. Its from sports association and they ask about Chakor. He says she does not stay here and went back to village. He thinks what work will they have with her. He asks the message. The man says he has sent admission letter, ask her to get it from post office, else her admission will not happen, its last day tomorrow. Suraj says fine and sees Vivaan. He ends call. Vivaan says he is not interested in talking to him and calls Aditya.

Aditya says he was calling him. He asks about Chakor. Aditya says she is fine, and gives him good news that Chakor got admission in sports association, go to village and say congrats to her. Vivaan gets happy and says I will come. He taunts Suraj and leaves. Suraj says she has sent my parents to jail and wants to fly, even I m my dad’s son, I will cut her feathers. He calls Prince and tells him everything. Prince says they wi8ll disappear the letter and Chakor can’t fly. Suraj says he is his true friend and asks him to come at post office. Roshni hears Prince and says she has to tell Chakor.

Arjun says he is leaving. Kangan stops her and asks him to have curd sugar as he is going for big work. He asks who taught her this. She says Chakor, everyone believe it here. He asks her to eat it, he is going to collect letter from post office, not marriage. She smiles. He says I mean… She says she has no objection for Bhagya. He says don’t say this and leaves. The post man sees many letters for Bhaiya ji, and says he is in jail since 1 day and so many letters came, he should not come out of jail. He sees a letter for Chakor and gets happy.

Suraj and Prince come there to steal the letter. The postman locks the door and goes back inside to give the letter to Chakor. He keeps the letter in his bag. Suraj and Prince try to find the letter in his bag. Chakor teaches the kids. They all learn and laugh. The postman fills air in the cycle. Chakor teaches maths and addition. Aditya and Vivaan come there and say we should do party. Chakor says no, we don’t have time, I m going in few days. Roshni comes and tells her about Prince and Suraj talking on phone to make the letter disappear. Chakor asks what letter. Aditya says its letter from the sports association. He says she will not get admission without it. She gets shocked. Suraj gets the letter and smiles. He says he will see how Chakor runs now.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. Richa (titli)

    Writers just dont drag this serial so much and end it on a gud nd sweet note and its bcoming boring with pasing time so pls bring a gud track ahead

  6. Richa (titli)

    Writers just dont drag this serial so much and end it on a gud nd sweet note and its bcoming boring with pasing time so pls bring a gud track ahead 😉

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