Udaan 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor tricks the goons

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The Episode starts with Suraj coming to dine with Colonel. Bua gets upset and goes to get medicines. Suraj says i think i can’t win her heart. Colonel says don’t worry, I m sure you will impress her. Deva says the girl who came as waitress is outside, she is feeding dogs. Colonel says it means she isn’t a waitress, she has the device, I want her alive, get her. Deva calls goons. Suraj gets his phone. Colonel asks him not to use phone while dining. Suraj says I wanted to remind my mum to take medicines. Colonel says servant gave her medicine. Suraj asks did you send servant. Colonel says yes, you should be happy. Suraj says I m happy, what will I do if you get that girl. Colonel says I will get device and info, then you tell me what I should do. Suraj says you should kill her. Colonel smiles.


gets Bua. Colonel asks Suraj how did he like paneer. Suraj says its really good. Chakor sees the time and thinks why didn’t Colonel leave till now. She sees the guards coming. She says Abhay, I don’t think our plan will work, the guards are coming. He says it means they are doubting on you, leave from there, run away, I will send my men to help. Chakor agrees. She asks the dogs to protect her from guards. The dogs bark at the guards. Chakor thanks the dog and runs away. She hears a gun shot and stops. Suraj hears gun shot and worries. Chakor turns and sees the dog shot. She wipes tears and runs. Guards follow her. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai….plays…. Suraj drinks water. Naina asks are you fine. He says yes. Deva comes and tells something to Colonel. Bua asks Suraj to pass tissue. Suraj tries to hear them. He says I feel unwell, I have to go. Naina says I will drop you. Colonel says you won’t go anywhere. He reminds her childhood incident.

Naina says dad can’t bear insult of food. Colonel asks Suraj to sit and have food. Chakor says I reached bus stop. Abhay asks her to leave fast with Vishal. She sees the guards coming. Abhay says just try, you can reach him. She says no, I can’t put him in risk. She runs other way and hides. She takes a dupatta from stall and covers her face. Guard sees her and informs others. She asks a beggar to give his blanket and take the dupatta, she is in danger. He refuses. She gives him money and takes his blanket. She sits in beggar’s place. Guard puts money and goes. Guard sees the beggar in dupatta and asks where is that girl. Beggar says I don’t know, she gave me money and took my blanket. Vivaan eats food. He imagines Imli. She serves him food. He sees empty bowl and looks around. He calls Imli. Imli is tied up. The man says we won’t let you go easily. Imli says let me go. He says no one will come to take you. Vivaan says Imli isn’t answering my call, I will go and see her.

Bua asks Naina to give curd to Suraj. Naina says I don’t think he wants. Deva signs Colonel. Suraj thinks Deva didn’t get Chakor, just some more time, I m coming Chakor. He says I will finish all the food. He eats in haste. The man takes water to throw on Imli. Vivaan coems there and shouts stop. He frees Imli. He says I have come to take Imli, what were you doing with her. The man says Imli isn’t fine. Doctor says you are compounder, not doctor, we will decide this. He asks Vivaan to take Imli. Vivaan asks Imli are you fine. She says yes. He says come with me and holds her. She smiles. They leave.

Suraj hurriedly wears shoes. Colonel says you are wearing wrong shoes. Suraj says sorry. Naina asks are you sending Suraj for your work. Suraj says no, I m going for my work. Deva says our men got that girl. Colonel says good. Suraj gets shocked and thinks I won’t let anything happen to you Chakor. Naina says who is this girl. Colonel says its business matter, I wanted to meet her and make Suraj meet her too. Suraj says I will come along, I can do my work later. Naina asks him to refuse to her dad’s work. Colonel says relax, we will go, Suraj is very interesting. He goes with Suraj and Deva. Suraj thinks Chakor…. He gets angry when Deva checks the girl. He sees someone else. Deva slaps goon and says you caught the wrong girl, Chakor cheated us. Chakor says I have thrown shawl on some girl and she got caught, we have to save her. Abhay says just Suraj can save her now. Chakor says they will kill her. The girl gets conscious and looks around. She asks who are you. Colonel says you should have not opened your eyes, you have to die now. She begs for her life. He aims gun at her.

Abhay reads a message on Colonel’s phone. Chakor says I will go there. Colonel says RAW agent will get the message and come then there will be blood shed. Suraj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can’t wait to see how Suraj will save that girl.
    I can’t understand why Vivaan has softened towards Imli, she’ll backstab him again.

  2. How can vivaan changed suddenly towards imli within one scene..After all these things happened he himself forced Chakor to send her mental asylum n now what CVS r showing..

  3. Does Vivan even know that Imli together with KN had killed Ranjana, his mother? Does anyone know??

    1. No body knows still about ranjana’s death instead of Kn n imli..

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