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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Bhaiya ji to tell Tejaswini. He says I called you Papa, can I call you Papa. Bhaiya ji says if you call me Papa or not, I will always be your Papa, some relations don’t end even after death. He hugs Suraj. He gets a message and smiles thinking his dreams will be fulfilled. He laughs and says Agarwal ji sends amazing videos, I m leaving for some imp work. He goes. Tejaswini says I have to prepare for puja, Chakor would be coming. Suraj smiles.

Kasturi makes Chakor ready. Chakor says I m thinking to go and see kids, if they reached well, if their training started soon. Kasturi says kids are safe and happy, think about Suraj, its big day today, its your engagement, this puja is imp for you and Suraj. She makes her wear chunri and compliments her. Chakor recalls Suraj’s

words and says I will just think about our happiness now. Mahiya….plays… Bhuvan comes and compliments her. Chakor gets Bhaiya ji’s call. She says why is he calling me, I hope everything is fine. She answers call. She asks now, I have to go in puja. He asks her to think if her happiness is imp or of villagers. Imli does puja arrangements.

Suraj comes there. Bhaiya ji says I have imp work, I will just come. Tejaswini stops him from going. He says fine, I will go after engagement. He thinks his work will be completed, I m sorry Suraj, Chakor can’t come. Chakor comes there. Bhaiya ji asks why did she come here, will my plan fail this time. Chakor greets everyone. Suraj and Chakor smile seeing each other. Imli takes them for engagement. Suraj and Chakor exchange rings. Everyone claps. She thinks to go and meet Bhaiya ji, Suraj won’t let me go, what to do. Tejaswini asks them to come for rituals. Suraj jokes that he will make Chakor wear his love chains so that she does not run leaving him. They laugh. Chakor thinks what to do. She prays. She gets Bhaiya ji’s message.

She says there is no bhajan happening. Tejaswini asks them to do bhajan. Everyone sings bhajan. Chakor runs out and meets Bhaiya ji. She asks what work do you have. Bhaiya ji says you know why I called you here, since I came out of madness, I have thrown away all thorns except you, you are hurting me since long time, you insulted me here. Suraj says Chakor should understand which thing to do and when, she has switched off phone, if she does not come soon, I will not forgive her.

Bhaiya ji takes Chakor and asks her to recall. She scolds him. She asks what’s kids’ mistake in all this. He says its your mistake, I will not do injustice with you, you are the reason, you always made plans and opposed me, you want to marry Suraj and come to haveli, so that I sit quiet, no I won’t let this happen. Suraj says I will go and find her. Bhuvan and Tejaswini stop him and say she will becoming.

Bhaiya ji says you are my enemy, I will not leave you. She asks where are the kids. He shows the video. The kids ask for help and cry. She scolds him. He says remember what you said, I will use kids and sell them. She asks what price do you want to free the kids, leave them. He says its big day of your life today right. Suraj waits for Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to see what he wants. She sees Suraj’s pic. He keeps phone and photo frame in weigh balance and says we will see which one gets down. He laughs.

Suraj breaks things. Imli asks him to stop it. Vivaan says think why did she leave her engagement. Suraj says she chose others over me. Suraj gets angry and takes pic to throw. Vivaan says you know Chakor well. Suraj says she has kept phone off, she likes to become savior and do things alone, I m not imp for her, she could have gone later. Bhaiya ji says you have to run, your Suraj has set now. Suraj says its nonsense, did anyone point gun at her head to make her leave, she does not respect my love. Imli asks him not to think anything, maybe she needs you, she maybe in problem, till when will we doubt on each other, husband and wife’s relation is of trust. Suraj says yes, maybe you are saying right, I have to find him. He goes. Imli prays for Chakor. Bhaiya ji gives time to Chakor and asks her to decide. He sings and goes. Chakor hugs Suraj’s pic and cries.

Suraj asks where were you Chakor, sorry to talk this way, have water and do puja. She throws the pot and says I don’t want to marry you. She gives the ring back. Mahiya…..plays…. Suraj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First half was really nice, Chakor was beautiful, liked her scene with her parents and the flashback. Sukor scene was sweet but very short, why did Imli interrupt ? I wish Chakor did the puja before leaving. The gift will remain to remind Suraj of his heartbreak.

    The second part is heartbreaking, why didn’t they leave Suraj to go and look for her. I don’t know if I can watch tomorrow’s episode. Sukor will be hurting too much.

  2. what the what? ?

    1. The only thing CVs think of is breaking the fans’ hearts.

  3. Yaar again again seperation the show is.dragging very much soooo sad ? to see the trp rates decreasing.how can it increase comparing to other shows and what to say about Suraj he can’t see kn’s real motives he is blindly believing him and guys I am really disappointing with the current track with udaan.not at all good sukor’s romance except Monday episode.really very upset about the precap I cannot watch Friday episode bcoz it will be disappointing for we sukor fans.I mean how the CVs r taking the show on always they like that whenever sukor come closer separation comes between them.really it’s loosing my interest on the show.I cannot watch the show following the updates it’s not at all good.just hoping that the show will improve by the next days….? ? ? ?

  4. I haven’t watched yet but I seriously don’t think I can bear Surj’s anger. Its so heart breaking. Chakr’s dress is nice and it suits her alot. They should have done the puja first. Chakr hugging Surj’s photo at the end will be very emotional. @Didu. I agree. 2morrows epi will be very hard to watch. Very heart breaking. Surj couldn’t even give the anklets to her. He has the anklets as her sign and she has the ancestral kangan that Surj said will remind her of him and always remind her that Surj is always waiting 4 her. Just hope that vimli become their support system this time. Otherwise what what would have been the point of all 4 of them uniting? Plz Vivan don’t become selfish. Think about ur brother and ur best friend 4 once. They have always supported u in every situation.

  5. This is not fair everytime Chakor sacrifices Suraj when he has done so much for her. First she didnt trust him In Imli`s matter and now this. She could atleast tell Suraj before that why she cant marry him and then they could together save the children. I hate this CVS. Udaan is on 39th rank because of this separartion dragging, this needs to stop. I am not going to watch this from now

  6. Sukorian

    I’m finally back n won’t watch any epi…☹ I’m very disappointed how the cvs ruined the show again. I agree the remarriage was fast n without proper rituals but y the first separation ?? I just hope Vivaan have the guts to tell the true n I hope Suraj finds out asap that KN is the real villian. Poor very Poor Suraj feel sad n bad for him ???

    1. Welcome bk and i too explained my views no1 is happy with this track trps are gone down and i too feel all the rituals were abit rushed i think we will see sukor remarriage after this track finshes cvs should change the track no1 is liking it becoz it dont make sense it makes sukor relationship of trust look so weak if suraj supports kamal! That man is poison i cant believe no1 can see his true colors its hardly been a month since they reunited and now another seperation i think sukor should have got married instead it would make morw sense

    2. Welcome back! sorry you came at the start of heartbreak. Watch the episodes of Monday (second half) and Tuesday, they were good.

      If they had a good track like this, why did they show the stupid baby track. And it’s always Suraj who’s shown to be stupid.

      I agree with Tippu, I think the remarriage will be at the end of this track.

      1. Sukorian

        thank u nemo I will do as u said watch Monday n Tuesday epi I can’t watch it will break my heart

  7. Sukorian

    what the hell is wrong with Sukor 1st Suraj told Imli not to tell Chakir the truth abt the baby now it’s Chakor who tell imli not to tell Suraj the truth. So it’s Chakir n Vimli against KN


    some times I pity on imli but bcz of those facts her role got importance.

  8. So sad to see suraj heart breaking kamal ruined everything… in olv wen vivaan finds out bout kamal i felt vivaan wouldn’t tell cuz he is to scared too etc cuz wen he heard about kamal talking to some1 on phone he didnt bother telling anyone and sukorian thanks for the link this plot is similar to ravaan gun factory track except this time suraj is the only 1 kept in the dark and kamal will instigate and take full control of suraj just how ragini controlled vivaan? so suraj will do all the work and kamal will take advantage and vimli and chakor will try explaining to suraj but he will be to angry etc what is fustrating if all this happens is that wen suraj drank poison sukor made so much promises to tell each other the truth etc suraj will be angry with chakor and kamal is playing with chakor mind wen chakor came in for the engagement he got shocked and abit scared seeing her as he thought his plan might not have worked so in this plot it will be kamal and suraj and chakor fighting for suraj and azaadi whilst vimli will be her supporters….

  9. @Nemo di n sukorian please gys don’t upset. Jst think once agr cvs jldi jldi sukor ki shadi krva denge to bchega kya? Main theme to yahi hai na Chakor ki kn ji se azadi k liye ldai. Pr ye to super blast hai Jo kn ji ne dhmaka kiya hai.
    Hm sb jante hai Chakor bchon ko he chunegi right n i think ye shi bhi hai agr koi or ya aap hote to aap bhi yahi krte na .aap kya krte? 7zindgian bchate ya ek kurban hone dete?
    @all gys jyada upset mtt ho Jo aage hone wala hai uske baree mai soch k deko please. I know again n again separation se aap tng aa chuke ho bt gys truth is that this remarriage would happen bt with sm twist n trns. Its great TV world na. Nnothing could be happen here so easily n simply right gys so please calm down n wait for great sukor moments OK.

  10. TRP itne ache episodes ke baad bhi itni km kese?

    1. Aanya Trp decreased a little 1.9 and ranked 14th. other shows got more viewers because their tracks are happy.
      I’m not upset, I think the next track is interesting but today will be heartbreaking. CVs shouldn’t have promised fans a marriage and then deceive them.

  11. Or gys sbko kya hogya hai esa kyu kr rahe ho itna bura track bhi nhi hai k aap sbne cment krna chod dia. If u don’t like this track so u can criticis it naa in ur point of view bt please cment gys pleeeeeeeeeeeeese. @silent readers n aria, zoya, shreya di, shruti di, dil d, tapa, mama n others

  12. Thnk God sukorian aap vapis aa gye

  13. The problem isn’t the track, the problem is having another separation so soon after the first one. The other problem is promising fans a remarriage and then crushing their hopes.

    Ever since they had Sukor fight about Ajay, I expected a separation. We might get a remarriage at the end of this track but CVs lost our trust.

    The new track looks very interesting, but they need to handle Suraj carefully and not make him look like a fool and KN’s puppet. It’s bad enough that he has forgotten everything that KN has done to him, Chakor and his mother.

    1. How vivaan became ragini puppet in anger the same will happen to suraj as kamal will instigate him very badly as suraj will be in the dark and all of that was part of the plan kamal wants to run for election so for now he will not harm anyone as it will ruin his image he did all that drama to get rid of chakoe who fell for his plan and i too agree cvs messed with viewers feelings by hinting remarrige track and starting another seperation which is why alot of viewers are threating not to watch anymore but i to feel the track might get interesting after next week

      1. I think the heartbreak phase will be shorter than in the last track, but I’m worried that as you said Suraj will be KN’s puppet. ii think by Wednesday the episodes will be watchable. In the last track they managed to have Sukor scenes from the start because Suraj kept chasing Chakor. This time they can’t do that so we’ll either have many flashbacks or a quick move to the stage where they keep meeting.

        This track can be very good, hope they don’t mess it up.

  14. Sukorian

    @all who missed me n those who don’t thx ?

  15. I think suraj will become sports minister nd chakor will come back as marathon ? runner wil see initial tashan again. I like the old suraj. So I like separation track as of now ?

    1. That’d be awesome but most fans are against separation, so let’s what CVs do. I just want a good story and if there is separation I want the grief stage to be short.

      1. Thank u I know no one likes sukor separation but what the fun if they r happy happy with each other. No story ahead. CVS make a leap nd we have to see the grown up child of sukor nd imli it’s not interesting na may b sukor’s child wil become girvi nd all?I know I m telling story so far. Just my thought

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