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The Episode starts with the group talking about their loans to a shop. The girl ask Chakor about her Aazaadgunj and show the map to Chakor. Imli, Chagan and Billy are at the lake. Chagan asks Imli to come, as crocodile can eat her too. Billu says he is scared. Imli says stop it, there is no crocodile in it, and ask them to go. She says she will step in the water to make them belief. Chagan says he will come with her in water if she is saying.

The girl ask Chakor where she wants to go, and why is she covering her nose. Chakor gets Lucknow and checks its very far. The girl asks why did she not tell before, they will send her to Lucknow. Chakor says I have to go Aazaadgunj, my parents are there, give me phone, she will do arrangements. The man says my phone does not have balance. Chakor says fine, and

goes out to call Abha. They follow her.

Abha asks the villagers not to be afraid of Bhaiya ji, as Ishwar has died for them. They ask her to let them be, as fighting is not of use. Lakhan comes and says Bhuvan is right, Bhaiya ji will not leave anyone. Kishori says Chagan has gone to the lake. He says there is crocodile. Kasturi asks him to stop lying. He swears there is crocodile. Chagan and Imli go in the water. Imli says there is no crocodile here.

She asks crocodile to leave Chakor. She laughs. Chagan and Imli get shocked seeing the crocodile. Everyone come there and get shocked seeing the kids in water. Abha gives her phone to Billu and brings Imli. Lakhan brings Chagan. Kasturi cries and asks Imli is she fine. Kishore says it means crocodile has eaten Chakor. Kasturi refuses to believe so.

Abha’s phone rings and Billu drops it. They see the phone near the lake and Chakor asks Abha to take the call. Abha goes to take it and the phone falls in water. Chakor says the phone is not connecting, what to do now. The group thinks what to do. The girl asks Chakor does she know anyone else. Chakor says yes, my Mausa ji, and realizes Ishwar’s death. She says about Arjun Sir, but she does not know his number. Kishor scolds Billu for making the phone fall. Billu says I was scared. Abha says its fine, I will take new phone. Imli asks did crocodile really eat Chakor. Kasturi hugs Imli and says nothing happened to Chakor.

Manohar and Babu are on the way finding the car and Chakor. Bhaiya ji calls Babu. Babu says what shall I tell him. Manohar asks him not to tell anything. Bhaiya ji says he did arrangements to get the kids, and says his plan about crocodile fear. Babu laughs and says great idea Bhaiya ji, I have given Chakor already. Manohar says yes.

Munna catches the man and asks about Chakor, showing her pic. The guy runs and takes Chakor away. He says Munna is finding this girl. Munna shows pic and gets to know Chakor was seen in that area. Munna calls Babu and says he has found Chakor, and asks him to come. The man asks Chakor to tell the truth. Chakor says she does not know any goon. The girl says we will give Chakor to Munna, he will give us money, and they all join hands. Chakor is shocked.

Chakor is on road and asks a man about bus stop. Munna finds Chakor and sees her going. He runs after her and calls Babu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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