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The Episode starts with Chakor saying Khanna that I can’t do Aazaadgunj. Khanna asks why. Chakor says I can’t go there. Ronnie says we have come here for bullet rani act, you think there won’t be circus without buller rani act. Vishaka and Khanna calm him down and stop at that place to think what to do next. Bhaiya gives money to some men. The man says its your land and all gold will be yours. Bhaiya ji says now I want this gold, get all bandhua labor here to dig the land and get gold. He asks Suraj not to care if anyone dies. Suraj says fine and asks Imli to be careful. Bhaiya ji asks Ram Singh to shoot the villager if anyone tries to steal the soil. Kasturi and Bhuvan try to talk to Imli. Bhuvan stops Kasturi and says its good for Imli to be away from us. They cry.

Vivaan cries in his room

and Tejaswini comes there. She asks him to stop Ranjana from doing wrong. Ranjana comes and Tejaswini goes. Khanna tells Vishaka that it will be big loss for circus, they have to return advance, but they can’t force Chakor. Vishaka says yes, I think there is some big reason, she did lot for our circus, Chakor is brave and saved circus, I think we should go back. Chakor hears them. Vishaka says we can earn money from somewhere else. Ranjana asks Vivaan why is he stopping her. He says you are my mum, and its my duty to stop you from doing mistake. She asks who is filling your ears. He asks why do you care. Bhaiya ji hears him and asks is this way to talk to your mum. Vivaan says you killed my dad and pushes him. Ranjana slaps him. Vivaan says mummy, you slapped me twice for this murderer, I don’t want to see your face, I will not stay here in this haveli. Ranjana says fine, go with your Nana, its good if Vivaan does not stay here. Vivaan says fine, I m going, all women are same, you and Chakor, liars and cheaters. He cries and says I hate you all. He leaves.

Ranjana cries. Bhaiya ji pacifies her and says everything will be fine in some days. Om asks Chakor is this your village from where you have run away. Chakor says yes, I promised my twin sister that I will not come back, if Bhaiya ji sees me, he will understand I fooled him, he will do bad with my family. He asks can’t we hide you. She says no, everyone knows me, village is small. She thinks what to do. She sees few women praying and asks how to take the dance mandli, as some members got ill. Chakor smiles and says Lord heard your prayers. The lady asks what will you do. Ronnie asks Khanna why are we going back, we will do circus, my horse act is ready. Chakor comes in dancer’s costume and smiles. Chakor says she wanted to help these ladies. Vishaka says we were thinking to return, how did this happen. Chakor laughs and says you have to do that show now, I will also come along.

Ronnie says whats there that Chakor agreed in dancer costume, there is something fishy. Suraj troubles the kids and asks Imli and kids to put the metal wires fencing so that none can come inside this fencing. Imli gets hurt and screams. Suraj smiles and asks all of them to get to work. The circus truck comes there. Chakor hides and gets shocked seeing Imli.

The circus crew goes to haveli. Vishaka says he is same one who came to find Chakor. Khanna says yes, he is the one. Chakor hides face and enters haveli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    in my ff what should i show now
    – KN nd gang r following chakor since long nd
    now they will take revenge
    – they just want their children back by hook or
    – light family moments+luv stories nd negatives

  2. Chakor hide your face

  3. Nice episode. . Chakor looking cute in new avtaar.. plz don’t hurt imli.. she’s so cute. . Feeling bad for vivaan

  4. I m not seeing this for much time so can any one tell what is happening here and why ranjana is angry with vivhaan and supporting kamal narayan?

    1. She can killed her husband Manohar and now wants to marry Kamalnarayan so that she can get all the powers. Vivaan is angry bcz of this..

    2. Srry typing mistake. . She has killed her husband Manohar..

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