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The Episode starts with Chakor putting water on Suraj and asking him to get clean as he has to wear new clothes. He says if you put more water, I will get cold and fever. She says doctors said fever goes by bath. He asks her about getting his undergarments. She says I got everything, you change. She turns away. He takes the water pipe from her and says you gave me a bath, now you have a bath. He puts water on her. She tries to get the water pipe back. They fall down and have an eyelock. Music plays. They both sneeze. She gets up and slips in dirt. She falls down in Suraj’s arms. They see each other.

She says I will get clothes for you, you got dirty again, get clean. She gives him the water pipe and goes. Suraj cleans himself. She gives him clothes and asks him to wear. He thanks her and asks

her to change clothes, else she will catch cold. He sees clothes and asks what’s this, kurta pyjama, and this bad sweater, will I wear this. She says Girja wants you to sit in puja, its Maha Shivratri, you pray from here. He asks will cold stop by these clothes, you could have got sweater for me. She says you will never change, wear this, else sit like this. He says fine, I will sit and die in cold, I will never wear this. He throws the clothes and says it was better if I did not take bath. Bhaiya ji says Suraj won because of Chakor, Ragini went against my command, he has won. Ragini says you are saying as if you did not make mistakes. They argue. Ragini asks them to stop fighting like kids, if anyone hears you, they will use this weakness. Chakor and Imli hear them.

Imli says we have to send Ranjana somewhere. Chakor says yes, we have to use their fights. Imli says we will find something, that will break Bhaiya ji and Ragini. Chakor says yes, we should keep eyes open, this lahenga suits you and it looks costly. Imli says yes, Vivaan bought this with his new earnings, I was helpless to wear this, as he said he won’t sit in puja if I don’t wear this, I told him, I m not happy. Vivaan comes and smiles seeing Imli.

Chakor asks Imli to forget everything and go to Vivaan. Vivaan and Imli go to sit in puja. Chakor thinks did Suraj wear that clothes or not, he is not with me here. They all do the puja. Pandit asks Chakor where is her husband. Suraj comes and says I m here. Chakor and everyone see Suraj. Suraj and Chakor smile.

Suraj says I m Chakor’s husband. Bhaiya ji asks servant how did Suraj come here. Servant says Suraj was threatening to cut his wrist with glass piece, so I got him here. Chakor and Suraj do puja. Bhaiya ji says they can do anything for each other, love is developing between fake husband and wife, tomorrow one of them is going to die. Ranjana says focus on puja, leave all this now. He says fine. Suraj says you would be thinking how I got here, you kept fast for me, how can I let your puja get incomplete. Chakor smiles. Chakor sings aarti. Chakor and Suraj do the aarti together. Everyone pray.

Ragini goes. Imli looks at her. Pandit gives prasad to everyone. Imli thinks whom is Ragini going to meet. Chakor says its my prasad, and jokes. Suraj says my heart got light coming in puja, but I got headache, I wish I get good sleep today. Bhaiya ji asks servant to take bandhua away from haveli. Servant takes Suraj.

Bhaiya ji says Ragini will not leave them. He asks where did Ragini go now and calls her out. Villagers make thandai. Ragini comes to meet Chagan. His glass falls. She says sorry, I will get thandai for you. He asks her to go. Chakor and Imli look on. Ragini says you are my good friend. He says no, leave me alone, we can never be friends. Ragini leaves. Chakor and Imli take Chagan away. He asks what’s this. Imli asks what’s going on between you and Ragini. Chakor says we have seen you with her, she was saying sorry. They ask him to say truth. He says yes, she came to my house and asked me to cook food, I got angry and added red chilli powder in it, even then she ate the food and did not say anything, I don’t know why is she after me like a ghost.

Imli smiles and says we found the way. He says I don’t want to talk to her, leave friendship. They ask him to make strong friendship with Ragini. He says I can’t, sorry. Chakor says you are our spy in enemies gang. Imli says we have to make Bhaiya ji and Ragini. Chakor asks Chagan will you help us. He says sure, why not. They all join hands. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…..plays…….. Chakor says our motive is same, to end the evil trio.

Chakor gets thandai for Suraj. She smiles seeing him. He says you know I m not getting sleep, I will not wear this sweater, don’t argue, I have body pain. She says this is Shiv ji special prasad, you will get good sleep. He says it has bhaang. She says if you can add wine in my juice for my sleep, can’t I add bhaang in milk. He asks how did you get this, did the goons not stop you. She says no, I made them drink first, they were laughing, drink this and sleep. He says its two glasses, will you also drink thandai. She says yes, but my thandai is not that one. He says good girl, tell me which is my glass, so that I drink fast and sleep. She thinks both glasses look same. He asks her to say. She says this is mine, have it. They drink.

Suraj says it was fun, bhaang should show effect soon, thanks. She asks him to sleep. Servant laughs and comes there. Suraj thinks he has drunk the bhaang. Chakor gets drunk and scolds servant. She gets a stick to beat servant. Suraj gets puzzled seeing her. He asks what happened to you Chakor. Servant falls in cow dung. Chakor laughs. Servant says why did you make me fall in cow dung. He goes. Suraj asks Chakor to come. She sits laughing and talks innocently. He says oh no, it means you have drunk the thandai, stay here, else you can beat Bhaiya ji also. She says no, let me go. He says no, everyone will wake up in haveli. He holds her close. She smiles and hugs him.

Bhaiya ji says Kasturi is 30 mins away, and Tejaswini is also away but both are in different directors, I have fixed bomb below both the chairs, I have timer, if you both succeed to save Kasturi and Tejaswini, I promise to free Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Woow what an episode

  2. This was the best episode over i really liked it

  3. Chagan will save kaustri but chakor will think that her mom dies in the bomb blast ragini tells chagan to save kaustri this id where i think ragini will start becoming good and kamal and ragini will also fight does anyone know any new spoliers

  4. A happy news for all sukorians… I saw in a video kn was saying suraj will be freed because both mothers are saved which kn was not expecting… But still issues are there…

  5. Speechless…..

  6. Janani9789

    Amazing episode!! I totally loved each and every scenes of sukor!!
    Vivaan what happen to him seeing suraj itself he gets angry…
    I totally loved talli chakor… It’s as usual difficult for suraj babu to handle her…
    Today sukor romance, nok-jokes, everything there…
    Thanks Sonia for the link….
    Even I thought that chagan will save Kasturi…
    Eagerly waiting for ragini and kn fight..

  7. Woww again a sukorlicious episode. Loved their pipe romance and the scene when panditji was asking where is ur husband and suraj’s entry was superb.

  8. Awesome epi . I loved each n evey moments of sukor. It’s simply amazing. I like the convo of chagan . Chakor n imli. Excited to see hw trios gnna break. Thnx fr the link Sonia

  9. Wow…superbbb episode
    thanks for the link Sonia

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