Udaan 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Lakhan making Vivaan sit in another car and sending hi to haveli. Vivaan says he wants to be with Dadi. The goon aims at Chakor and the inspector shoots him. Ishwar opens his eyes and says he heard the gunshot. Abha goes to see Chakor. Ishwar asks Aditya about Abha and Chakor and go out to see. Abha cries and says Baa got shot and Chakor is in shock.

He talks to Chakor and she tells him what Baa said, not to break Satyagrah. The reporter asks is she sure Baa will come back. Chakor says yes, Dadi/Baa is our Bapu, she will come back and sit with me in this Satyagrah. She sits back in her place. Lakhan brings Baa to hospital and asks doctor will she be fine. The doctor says don’t worry, we will treat her. Baa says Chakor….. The doctor prepares her for the operation.

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Manohar says he has shot Amma and cries. Bhaiya ji pacifies him. He says where is she. Manohar says Lakhan took her to hospital, don’t know she will be alive or not. Bhaiya ji asks him to stop, as Vivaan comes there. Vivaan cries and says he wants to go to Dadi. Ranjana says nothing will happen, calm down. Bhaiya ji asks him to go to room. Vivaan says someone shot her and Manohar is shocked. Ranjana takes Vivaan. Manohar says what will I tell Vivaan.

Bhaiya ji asks does anyone know this other than Lakhan. Manohar says no one. Bhaiya ji says its good, Vivaan should not know this and hugs Manohar. Baa is getting treated and Ranjana asks Vivaan to stop crying, and not take Chakor’s name. Bhaiya ji calls doctor to ask about Baa. He says what and tells Tejaswini that Amma is serious. The doctor says she is taking Chakor’s name, call her, she is critical, anything can happen. Bhaiya ji says save her, I m coming. Ragini looks on. Tejaswini says I will come along. He says you said it right, I got emotional, but I understood, if Amma goes, there will be peace in this haveli.

Ragini calls Ishwar and talks to him. He says fine, you showed courage by calling me, thanks. Ishwar asks Chakor to come with him to hospital. Chakor says no, I will wait for Dadi here. Ishwar says she can’t come, she is serious, maybe she will….. Chakor asks what and they all get sad. Ishwar says maybe she can’t be saved. Chakor is shocked. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini come to hospital and see Baa. He says we will get good news soon, doctor will come and say we could not save her.

The doctor comes and says its hard to save her, we are doing everything we can. Bhaiya ji acts to cry and Tejaswini falely consoles her. Bhaiya ji comes to see Amma and says everything will be same as before, and he can’t do anything to save her as its Lord’s wish. Ishwar says Baa wants to meet you, come with me. Chakor recalls Baa’s words to keep doing Satyagrah.

Chakor says Dadi told me to continue Satyagrah and I want to be with her, what should I do now. Bhuvan says the biggest sad part if my life was … I wasn’t with my dad in his last moment, maybe I could have done something and he would have been with us, when our loved one goes far from where he can’t be back, our heart does not get peace ever, what you are doing is you can resume your Satyagrah, but if Baa dies there, then she will never come back.

Chakor asks for Dadi and Bhaiya ji stops her, and blames her for ?Baa’s state. He pushes her. Chakor and everyone pray for Dadi.

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