Udaan 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Imli have a clash

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The Episode starts with Anjor recalling Chakor telling her that she has lied to everyone that Suraj is no more and the one living with them is Raghav, if anyone tells this, just agree with them, if you get unwell, Suraj has to tell the truth to them. Anjor says I m brave, I won’t let anything happen to dad. FB ends. Anjor says I know Chakor wants to save Suraj, don’t do any drama of Suraj’s death, I know everything, I know his name is Raghav. Raghav greets her and takes her out with him. Udaan hai…plays….

Chakor says I will get Akash punished, I won’t sit in peace until then. Chakor leaves from the haveli. She thinks of Suraj and cries. Tejaswini says Chakor will come back when she realizes her mistake. Jyoti suddenly faints. They all worry. Chakor, Rajjo, Raghav and Anjor come

to Kasturi’s house. Anjor asks is this Kasturi’s house. Chakor says yes, but someone else has taken it over, come.

Chakor sees Imli and the house makeover. She asks Imli to leave. They both get arguing. Chakor asks Imli not to interfere in her life. She calls Imli stone hearted. She asks her not to test her patience. She says Anjor is scared of you, get out of here. Imli asks Anjor not to get scared of her. She asks Anjor not to be foolish like Chakor and forgive her. Raghav goes to Imli and asks her was he apologizing inside. He asks her to leave her ego and apologize well. He says the situations have made Chakor so tough, she doubts on you, I also doubt that you are her sister, I know you regard Chakor as sister, broken relations mend some time, blood calls out blood, you make a start for it. She smiles seeing Raghav and holds his hand.

Doctor says there is a good news, Jyoti is pregnant, she shouldn’t get stressed. Tejaswini assures to take good care of her. Akash hugs Jyoti and thinks this baby will become my shield now. Tejaswini promises Jyoti that she won’t let anything happen to her. Jyoti says Chakor has left the house, I don’t find it good. Tejaswini says she will come back home when she realized her mistake, you don’t worry. Imli says you talk so well. Raghav says don’t flirt with me. She asks why, are you of someone else. He says I don’t trust you, you can really stab me. She laughs. He says apologize well, matter will be set, Chakor is nice, she will give you a second chance. He goes. She nods and smiles.
Anjor sees the house. Raghav comes to her and says person becomes bad by external factors, when the bad person tries to walk on good path, we should help, rather than pushing away, Imli has decorated this room for you, don’t misunderstand her, play with the toys. She says the toys are good. He plays with her. Anjor calls him Raghav daddy. He looks at her and gets emotional. She asks how did you like my acting. He says great, I m Raghav for you, call me Raghav, we will become friends. She agrees and asks who wants to frame you. He gets thinking and says those fraud people have made Tejaswini against me, so I m staying as Raghav, don’t get unwell. She says you stay as Suraj or Raghav, you are my daddy. He nods. Chakor looks on. He puts Anjor to sleep. He sees Chakor at the door. Chakor cries.

Inspector gives the bad news, that a new inspector Damodar has come to handle Akash’s case. Tejaswini gives keys to Akash and calls him her son. Akash tells Chakor that he will start black business in her haveli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So imli will fall in love with Raghav and Raghav may either die or choose Chakor so that she will once again turn negative.I think Raghav is not Suraj.They may bring back Suraj once Rajjo got justice.The next track may be Imli’s revenge as usual.
    They are showing only Raghav anjor bonding and imli Raghav scenes.Atleast they can show Raghav and Chakor bonding as friends.orelse bring back Suraj soon.more focus on drama is boring and irritating.
    SuKor reunions always brought good trps.so please bring back Suraj.

  2. Yay inspector Kaushal will remain.
    So it’s a love triangle, Raghav is falling for Chakor and getting attached to Anjor and Imli is smitten by Raghav.
    Teju is stupid, hope Akash throws her out of haveli.
    I feel sorry for Suraj, he didn’t deserve to die and leave his family.
    I feel sorry for Raghav, getting attached to what doesn’t belong to him, he’s so innocent and vulnerable.
    I feel sorry for Anjor for losing her dad and living in a lie.
    I want Suraj to return and Raghav to leave without dying. I can’t accept Suraj not fulfilling his dreams. I can’t accept Chakor moving on with Raghav and I can’t accept Raghav dying to reunite Sukor. I love both Suraj and Raghav dearly.

  3. I know Raghav’s words to Anjor are CVs’ views but I disagree. Some people are forced to be bad by circumstances but Imli wasn’t one of them, it was her choice.
    Chakor gave her a chance before and she back-stabbed her, Chakor shouldn’t trust Imli again.
    Imli was never punished and hasn’t realized the gravity of her crimes. Just saying she’s changed isn’t enough, what has she done to correct her crimes.
    It’s a joke justifying her deeds by blaming circumstances, she should do many good deeds before Chakor gives her a chance and she should rot in prison for ages.
    Imli doesn’t deserve a second chance, she’s worse than Akash and there is no proof that she’s changed or that she’ll remain good. She’ll turn back to evil at the first hurdle.

  4. I liked the episode, the drama quotient was less. I love Raghav and his antics but wish his scene was with Chakor, not Imli.
    Raghav-Anjor scenes was my favorite and Chakor-Imli fight was nice.

  5. Chakor should have some light hearted scenes, all her scenes are full on drama or a cry fest. The show needs to tone down the drama and focus on Chakor’s feeling not towards Imli/Teju/Anjor but towards Suraj/Raghav.
    Sukor were always central to Udaan’s story but this stopped after 7 year leap.
    Dialogues are repeated a lot in the show, especially in dramatic scenes, Chakor/Teju/Akash/Raghav all say the same thing.
    Imli is getting more varied scenes with Chakor and more ss with Raghav, that’s wrong. Showing her knowing everything is wrong. Making Chakor forgive her is wrong. Chakor doesn’t need her help. She didn’t go to prison for what she did when she was mantri. Imli shouldn’t be roaming free.
    If this track was about Suraj losing his memory and meeting Chakor and Chakor slowly suspecting it’s Suraj , it would’ve been far more interesting.

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