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The Episode starts with Chakor looking for Suraj. She finds a room locked. The men ask her to leave. She goes. Vivaan and Imli come to her. Chakor says Bhaiya ji’s men are guarding there, how will I go to room, that room has door to secret passage. Vivaan asks her to go via secret door and save Suraj, we will distract the men. Vivaan and Imli ask them to open the door. The men say we can’t open the door. Vivaan argues. Chakor passes by. Suraj says I will not die easily and fight till last breath, I need some weapon. He gets a vase. Chakor enters room by window. She gets shocked seeing Bhaiya ji.

Suraj sees the huge trunk kept in the room. Bhaiya ji says you have courage, you reached Suraj, so this is that secret way from where you used to go in childhood, now you have grown up, play some big

game, I m also smart, you have to praise my smartness, I knew you will come, so I m between you and Suraj, and we have gun between us. She sees another room with locked door. He asks how will you save Suraj, think. He laughs. Suraj thinks whats in this box, any weapon or gun. Bhaiya ji says you can’t save Suraj. Chakor thinks how to save Suraj, don’t know he is fine or not, he should know I came to save him. She runs to the door and shouts Suraj.

Suraj hears Chakor and gets shocked. Bhaiya ji stops Chakor and says I will put you inside. Suraj shouts I m fine Chakor, don’t worry for me. She smiles and says I will save you. Suraj and Chakor talk. Bhaiya ji shouts and says you both can’t do anything, after sunset new history will be written. Suraj and Chakor get angry. Chakor goes. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor will she not save Suraj, she lost, she is gone. He laughs. Chakor thinks of some way. She asks Bijli for whom are you taking food. Bijli says its for Bhaiya ji, he likes to have food in some room or other. Chakor asks her to get water and keep tray. Bijli goes. Chakor rushes. Suraj opens the trunk and finds it vacant.

Chakor adds sleeping pills and wishes Bhaiya ji sleeps. Bijli gets cold water for Chakor. Chakor asks Bijli to give food to Bhaiya ji. Bijli goes. Imli tells Vivaan that its tough time, we will pass it together. He says Chakor will take Suraj away, we will also leave from here. She says you will get everything, we have to be alert, we don’t know what will Bhaiya ji do when Suraj runs. He says we have to make his goons busy till Suraj goes far, we both have to go other routes. She says yes, I have to go clinic and you have to go office. He says perfect, we will sleep now.

Chakor comes to Bhaiya ji and sees him sleeping.She wishes Suraj understands what she tells him. Suraj throws the trunk down. The bandhua stamp fall down. He does not see it. She gets the keys from Bhaiya ji. Suraj thinks enemy is coming and takes a broken bottle to defend. Chakor opens lock and enters room. He gets shocked seeing her and says your neck would have got cut, I was preparing weapon for safety. She says no need, I came to take you by secret way, Bhaiya ji is sleeping by the pill, come with me.

He asks her to go, I can take care of myself, he attacked from behind. She says he will kill you. He says I will kill him first. She says I knew you will not understand. He says I will not run away. She says I m asking you to save your life. He says I can’t leave you and mummy to die here, I will kill Bhaiya ji. She asks whom, even Ragini, Ranjana and goons, you can fight by being alive, you want to see our state without you, see your mummy’s state. She shows pics of Tejaswini and Imli. He gets shocked. She says I did not save you to see you dying, you have no right to hurt me this way, I request you to come with me. Ragini comes and asks goon to open the door. Goon says Bhaiya ji asked me not to open door for anyone. She scolds him.

Suraj asks where do I have to go. She says away from Aazaadgunj, I have to tell Imli to be ready and ….. They hear someone coming. Ragini and Ranjana see Bhaiya ji gone and Suraj’s door open. They see Bhaiya ji fallen inside secret room. They wake up Bhaiya ji. He says the day is good, I have to punish Suraj. He sees the trunk and stamp fallen. He asks where is Suraj. Ragini says he has run away. He says no, Chakor made him run. He shouts Chakor.

Bhaiya ji scolds Chakor and says my men will find the rat Suraj. Chakor says you can never find out about Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode!!!
    the way chakor ask suraj to runaway with so much care she doesn’t want no one to hurt suraj…the way she find him calling him and both talked with so much care about eachother without even seeing..
    chakor plan is great that suraj will seeing his mother hurt.
    chakor forgot and misunderstood suraj is still care for imli….but he is more care for chakor than anyone else..both of them didn’t realise it…
    loved the way when suraj hold glass on chakor neck and realised its chakor worried for her

    i think they will realise that they care about eachother become sad and upset that they going to separate time is near….eagerly waiting Thursday and friday episode!!!!

  2. Brilliant, amazing!!! U hav no right to hurt me!!! Wow, wife is wife afterall..

  3. Awesome episode and specially sukor’s coversation is just fab.Like the way she said he has no right to hurt her.

  4. This Bandua track is going to annoy me, Suraj is a strong character he also has a brain which the CVs seem to keep forgetting. I think I’ll be avoiding Udaan and Ishqbaaz for a month, both were going great until Udaan dumbed down Suraj and made him weak and IB did the same with Shivaye. Suraj outsmarted Chakor many times and now they decide to forget that Suraj is a great tactician. As for Chakor she should have just let Suraj kill KN, there is nothing redeemable between KN, Ragini and Ranjana the 3 of them will never end up in jail the only place for them is hell.

    1. I also used to see isqbaaz nd udaan

  5. I can’t believe that Chakor is still under the misconception that Suraj cares for Imli, when in today’s episode he clearly states that he won’t leave Aazaadgunj, as he refuses to leave his mother and Chakor alone with KN. He said your name Chakor not Imli’s, Why do you still believe that Imil is who matters to him most? I also loved the part where Chakor pleads him to run away and he stares at her for a few seconds before finally giving in. He really can’t say no to her, even if he wants to, in the end he’ll end up listening to what she is saying and giving in. It was nice to see Sukor’s nok-jok again. I swear if possible, they’ll argue over anything and everything, no matter what the circumstances. They can be in a dangerous and life or death situation such as this and lo and behold there they are arguing.

  6. epi was nice bt anybody know about upcoming track

  7. i agree with kalika.suraj is smart and he most of the time outsmarts chakor,he is intelligent to plan anything,so cvs shouldn’t made suraj as weak and dumb in thinking about others,he should be brave as before,pls udaan team its a request

  8. Making suraj a bandhua was cvs worst and unacceptable decision i m hating this track of making suraj a bandhua and than they will start a track where kn will torture suraj and soo on..

    1. Agree with you angel byt if this happens then chakor will show sympathy for him.

  9. Thrilling episode. Waiting for sukor alone scenes like before Delhi trip. Love u sukor forever

  10. Hey! I am new here! Angle have you any idea about upcoming track

  11. Guys guys guys, dnt hate this track of making suraj a bandhua.. this is the track which ll bring sukor close!!! Nd suraj is nt weak, he jst has a lot of anger in himself nd lacks patience.. so u r thinking that cv’s suraj weak.. but this is not it.. frankly speaking this is the only serial which i could not hate, nd i hope i ll never hate any twist they bring!!! Hav patience u guys!!!

  12. I really understand that this time is Suraj metamorfosis phase. He start to change from someone who will do everything he wants without think about the right or the wrong, become someone who has to do the right thing not only for him but also for people and for everyone that he loves.
    I’m agree with titli opinion that he has so much angry and no patient in such situation. He is someone smart that full of brilliant idea to win the game. But what he does now, always against chakor opinion. And I think we need time and proses for Suraj taking over the game. I miss Suraj a lot. Someone who has strong character that always become leader. See, when chakor play with him in the marriage, he can make chakor lose in a second. It show he is someone smart but make wrong decision that later make him regret. But, in this process, I hope Suraj will find his character back but in right lane. Someone brilliant who always has tactics to win the game. And I hope than, Suraj and chakor will make great duo. Strong couple, strong lover, who will always together face every problem and make them more more closer. For bandhua track, I hope its not take long time. Don’t make kn success in his plans. But I will patiently waiting, if chakor and Suraj will have more screentime together, mor sweet moments. Its no problem for me that chakor still think Suraj loves Imli because I enjoy this process until they realize it. They are not instant couple that meet than falling in love in one day. Thats way they are unique.

  13. Guys vote for vj at this link.He is is 2nd position

  14. i totally arrasukman,yes he will do anything to win the game by the tactics,but he regret it later,but now he is changed a lot and matured,so he will now plan everything clearly,with help of chakor..
    in bandhuva track there is more chance for suraj and chakor to come closer….

    even chakor think that suraj still cares about imli,when she start to want to him listen to her,pay attention to her she will definitely leave talking imli to suraj(when they start to have feelings for others there will be jealous is the first thing),she will always want suraj to pay attention for her….
    this track will be simply amazing because now suraj can anything to chakor,so he became bandhuva its leads them to be strongest…best

  15. Nice epi. Sukor scenes r awesome. Evn I wish banduva track wnt last fr long time. When sukor r together , it keeps u attracted , takes u to another level.

  16. please share spoiler of udaan

  17. I really kuv it wen kn says apna suraj to chakor
    Toota n maina

    I cant see suraj as a bandua

    If it happens im sure dat many fans wld lose interest in the show

    So end this bandua track soon

  18. Sorry guys that is not kuv its luv
    It would interesting if chakor too turns as a bandua
    Thats just my opinion

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