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The Episode starts with Chakor making the sign and leaving. Amma and the group finds for Chakor. Babu tells Vaibhavi about this sign, its bandhua sign on everyone’s hand, its on Chakor’s hand too. She says it means Chakor made this, she came here and she will not go far, find her. Babu asks the men to find her. Chakor marks signs on the walls and says I will free my friends in morning. Babu asks Vaibhavi to leave. She says no, I won’t go till we get Chakor. She sees the coal marks. She says Chakor is clever, she found this place, she will get her friends and police to free the kids. He says yes, I will find Chakor soon. She leaves.

Babu asks the goons to see the marks and asks them to follow her soon. Chakor makes more signs and someone catch her. Bhagya prays at home. Bhaiya ji sees her and

thinks what ghost came in her, why is she doing this. He goes to Bhagya. Dadi asks Bhaiya ji why is he shocked, he wanted to make her Devi, just see her, this is real avatar of Devi. She says remember you have hurt her husband, but Bhagya will get her husband. He looks on.

Amma brings Chakor home. Soham and Tamasha make many more signs and confuse Babu and the goons, so that no one can find Chakor now. They laugh. Babu and the goons are worried. Babu says Chakor is very clever, whats happening. Chakor tells Amma about the signs made after she found the place. Sunny says Babu has seen the signs and were following her. FB shows Amma and everyone seeing the signs and Babu following Chakor. Chakor says my hardwork got waste, I will go there again, let me go. Amma stops her and say they are dangerous people, are you mad to get against them, I was worried on not finding you here, what will I answer your family, friends and Arjun, tell me.

Chakor says my mum also used to scold me like this, and sometimes she used to beat me, I felt glad. Amma hugs her and says you have melted my stone heart. Chakor tells about Imli and Arjun. Imli tells Chagan about the water way going to Chakor in Mumbai. Chagan says he is not afraid. Imli asks is he afraid of crocodile. He says my dad told that to scare everyone, there is no crocodile, we will get Chakor come. He goes in the lake. Imli gets shocked seeing the crocodile. Chagan gets tensed as he is close to crocodile. Imli runs back and asks him to run fast. Chagan gets pulled by crocodile.

Lakhan wakes up and asks Kishori about Chagan. She says he is sleeping. He smiles seeing his son. She asks did he see bad dream. He says dream, nothing. He asks her to keep Chagan away from Imli and river has crocodile in it.

Its morning, Sunny makes Chakor ready as Choka. Chakor goes out and gets shocked seeing Babu. Babu says Chakor is close by, find her well. Amma sees Babu there and gets tensed. A shopkeeper asks Chakor what does she want. Chakor says she wants rakhi. Babu looks on. Chakor bargains and says she wants a good rakhi. Sunny comes there. They manage and take Chakor from there. Babu collides with Chakor and does not identify her.

Soham says he has got rakhi tied by Chakor, but he has nothing to give Chakor. Amma says she will give them some money, Chakor shows the sign and asks Amma is she related to Aazaadgunj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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