Udaan 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Udaan 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor asking Bhagya why did she get the frame and it falls. Bhagya picks it and her finger gets cut. Chakor cares for her. Bhagya cries. Chakor asks her to come with her and asks why did she cry, when she smiles always. Bhavani sees her and Bhagya hides the pic frame. Bhavani asks where did she go and scolds Chakor. Tejaswini talks to Bhaiya ji. Laali says someone has shut light from the electricity box. Bhavani says if she says Bhaiya ji, he will not scold her. Chakor says I did not take her, she came here and Bhaiya ji saw her, he told me to take her to temple, so I got her.

Bhavani asks her to run away. Chakor says look at her, I have pity on her. Bhavani says she is Devi Maa, she pities the world. Chakor asks why is nshe angry, she came to help. Bhavani says you promised

Bhaiya ji you won’t come, if he knows, your race will not be allowed. Chakor says I will apply ointment to her. Bhavani says she will get fine on her own. Chakor says she is not Devi, but same like us, even she has pain, how is she Devi.

Bhavani asks what nonsense. Chakor says she is not Devi, I m saying true. Bhavani worries. Chakor leaves. Bhavani asks Bhagya to come and sit on the throne. Tejaswini says Suraj and I have seen someone. Bhaiya ji says its small thing. She says I m sure someone was with Chakor. He coughs. She asks about their pic and he recalls Bhagya taking it. Bhagya sits on the Devi throne and says Mata Pita. Bhavani asks what is she saying, she is Devi, she does not have parents, she is born to benefit the world, she can’t become like others, her place of stay is temple.

Bhagya repeats same. Bhavani asks how does she get the pic and asks her to give the pic to her. Bhagya does not give. Bhavani says she has to do her Shuddhi karan and apologizes to her. She ignites fire and smiles. Bhagya gets scared. Bhavani says she is Devi and does not have any relations. She repeats her words and Bhagya looks at her. The words echo in her ears and she faints.

Bhavani takes the pic from her. She thinks does she know about her parents. She says how can the pic frame go, any thief would have taken many costly things. He gets angry and says whats the big issue in this, they have much work ahead. She links all the things and says there is someone. He worries and asks why does she always doubt on him. He leaves. She says what happened to him, he gets angry on small things and feel bad of whatever I say.

He asks Chakor did he make her reach. She says yes. He turns and sees Tejaswini. He says I sent Chakor to temple to give puja items. She thinks. Bhavani says this happened because of Chakor, she tries to take Devi away from us, but where will I go without her, she should be Devi always and Bhaiya ji should have belief, so she can get benefit from her.

Chakor sits in the stable and says she is not liar and cheater, she will prove this when she runs in race, I will practice well with Arjun Sir and win. She rests to sleep. She recalls Bhagya crying and talks to the moon. She says Bhagya is very sad in that locked room, why did she take their pic and she does not look good crying, I will make her smile again, help me. She sleeps.

Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini welcome the NRI guests. Bhaiya ji tells Dadi about Bhagya and how she took Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini’s pic, whats special in it, I did not understand, I can’t go to temple to ask her, as Bhavani has warned me. The lady says the sports event is making everyone excited, if anyone wins the race from his area, then he will get double benefits. Bhaiya ji says everything will be fine. The lady asks him to register the university name. They ask him whether he will keep it on his mum’s name. Bhaiya ji says no, I want it to be after my wife Tejaswini Rajvanshi’s name. Tejaswini gets glad and smiles. Chakor asks Dadi to say anything. Dadi gives her hand and Chakor is shocked.


Chakor rushes to Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini, and says Dadi moved her hand, she has seen it herself. Bhaiya ji says what nonsense.

Update Credit to: Amena

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