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The Episode starts with Vivaan making the men do the decorations of the dinner date. He asks the men to leave. He says I m doing all this to make Chakor happy, but how to love her, when I don’t love her now, why did Chakor not come till now. Suraj says I won’t let you come in between Imli and Vivaan, you have to tell him that you don’t love him, and ask him to go to Imli. Chakor stands close and he points gun at her. She says you can’t threaten me at gunpoint, will Imli be happy when she knows this, I love Vivaan and I m going to meet him, I will do what I want, you shoot me if you want. He says listen to one thing before leaving, whatever step you take, find out am I saying truth or you, Vivaan loves Imli or you. She cries. He says if I m saying right, you have to free Vivaan for Imli. She recalls

Vivaan. Saware……plays………. She says you are lying Suraj.

Vivaan thinks to call Imli and ask did she reach there, no I have to think of Chakor, I can’t show Chakor that I love Imli, I have to pretend that I m happy. Chakor comes there and thinks if Suraj is saying true, I will come between Imli and Vivaan, how to find out whether Vivaan loves me or not. Vivaan calls Chakor and her phone rings. He turns and sees her. They both smile seeing each other. She thinks I will show I don’t love Vivaan then I can know his feelings. He thinks I have to start new life with Chakor, and have to show my happiness. He asks her to come, I got all this decorations and flowers for you, I was waiting for you, there is no one between us. She thinks of Suraj’s words and thinks is there no one between us Vivaan, are you really happy or is Suraj saying truth.

He makes her sit and says he loves her. She thinks time is changing and my heart is shaking right now, who is saying truth, Vivaan or Suraj. Vivaan shows the ring and says I have waited for this moment since long, there is no one between us now, forward your hand, I will seal our love today. She recalls Imli and Vivaan. Imli thinks of Vivaan and says stop the car. Kasturi asks what happened. Imli says I can’t go anywhere, I love Vivaan, I can’t love without him, I don’t want to go away, take me to Vivaan. Chakor thinks of Suraj’s words and says no…. She takes her hand back.

Vivaan asks what happened. She says this can’t happen. He asks what are you saying. She says how shall I tell you, that I ……I don’t love you now. She keeps fingers crossed as she is lying. Vivaan gets shocked. He asks what are you saying, you loved me since childhood. Chakor thinks how to lie such big thing. Saware….plays….. She says yes, I loved you, but love is not a line made on stone, love changes, so much happened between us that everything changed, now we have gone away from each other, and now even if I want, I can’t start from the point where our love story started, its tough, our relations changed, we can remain friends, but love …. And spending time together is not possible.

Bhuvan says Imli I know its tough time for you, what you did for Chakor, no one can do that. Kasturi says yes, he is right, you gave happiness to Chakor and Vivaan, you can’t take their happiness back, life is beautiful, think of your future. Imli cries and says you both are right, Vivaan and Chakor love each other, how can I come between them, I will never come between them, we will leave. They leave. Imli wipes her tears.

Vivaan asks what are you saying Chakor, you were happy on our engagement day, what happened today. She says I was doing that as Imli wanted so. He asks what. She says yes. She cries. He thanks Chakor and hugs her. She gets shocked. He smiles. He says I was going to do big sin, you saved me Chakor, I was also doing what Imli wanted, but I had no courage to say truth to you, you said right, many things changed between us, we were trying to start new life with our life partners, I did not know your life changed, I did not know when I started……. She says loving Imli…

Vivaan says yes Chakor, I love Imli, I m sorry, forgive me is possible. She cries and says no need to be sorry, our love was of childhood, I don’t regret to lose you, I m happy, that my best friend will get his true love. He cries happily and says I don’t know how to thank you, I could not think you will understand my feelings so easily, I will go and tell Imli, but no, she does not love me. Chakor smiles and says you remember, when you got hurt on Janmashtami, how much Imli worried for you. He says I remember, she got mad. She says any girl does not get mad for anyone’s small wound, who told you Imli does not love you, Imli loves you a lot that she is ready to give her life for you, she gave big proof, she left everything to give you happiness, she is leaving, she loves only you. He gets shocked. Chakor gets tearful eyes.

Chakor asks Vivaan to stop Imli, go and stop her. Vivaan rushes. Imli is leaving in the train. Vivaan looks for her. A man tells him that train left. Vivaan says I lost you Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow!! What a episode?? i’m glad that chakor took decision wisely by letting vivan go back to imli…n now she again proved that she is a gr8 sis….just eagerly waiting for sukor luv story to start….luv u sukor…

  2. Now imli would be waiting in the rail way station. Thats what happens always.

    1. Or there will be a ” tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam” scene complete with vivaan running to catch the train an overwhelmed Imli extends her hand to help him board.
      Sukor Sukor Sukor!

  3. Woah Sukor 4 sure

  4. I’m totally devastated just when I realized till what extent these daily series team would go to keep the story prolonged… Can’t they seriously introduce something new and interesting… What the hell would happen if chakor and vivaan are paired, story should concentrate on the stepping up of life of chakor.. Kamal’s entry should have nothing to do with vivaan-chakor relationship and keeping imli on the show… Stupid storyline at present according to me…

  5. Liya

    I like Sukor!!but really felt bad for chakor, she only loved one guy from the bottom of her heart and its vivaan,the pain she would have gone through…is not describable…I think sukors relationship will be very strong and will be full of hurdles??

    1. Agree with u on that ,,,

  6. Guys seriously i dnt want sukor to be like simple or normal couple like others .,i want them to be totaly different couple main chahti hun wo ek dusre ko pyar na kre balki ek dusre ka junoon ban jaye unka pyar aisa ho jisme tadap ho, jisme bechaini ho, jisme dard ho aisa dard jiski dava bhi wo dono khud ho ek dusre ke liye, aisa pyar ho jisme pyar bhari bate kaam ho balki ladai or nok jhok zyada ho bcoz this nok jhok are best about sukor .,bas yeh writers sukor ko normal couple na bnaye balki aisa couple bnaye jinki chemistry ki charcha unke show khtm hone ke baad bhi hoo jaise arnav khushi ,geet maan, armaan ridhima or rk madhubala..

  7. I m nt hppy wid the tracks going on …jst few days ago it was shown that vivaan wanted to talk to chakor about their future when he cme to knw tht chakor was innocent …..n nw ….vivaan lve imli? ?? Ridiculous yaar ….chakor n vivaan was the right pair..

    1. Yep!! I totally agree with you….I haven’t seen this show from starting but when I came to know about paras and meera I was quite excited to watch the show….but now the makers are separating them…WHY!!!??…from the starting they have shown chakor and vivaan’s love story and now this..!!:-(

  8. Dalchini

    Never will i watch this show

  9. Sriranjani

    suraj will propose chakor and chakor accepts the proposal. Sukor where doing this only to show that they were happy infront of vimli. so that the 2 love birds can live peacefully. but this sacrifice lead suraj and chakor to be closer and they will be befriends eachother for all the life. it would said that suraj might fall for chakor as she also lost her love.

  10. Chakor-Vivaan

    What qualities does imli have???? I hate this serial, so stupid…vikor loves scenes…there were many??? But imli is goon, she roamed around with guns and disrespected everyone…now? this stupid serial hate you vivaan and imli just leave..

    1. Yep!!totally ryt

  11. Chakor-Vivaan

    Everyone wants to share their opinions..sukor or vikor, so come to my chat, it will be best to bookmark so you can come everyday, thanks http://us23.chatzy.com/47484356834203#0

  12. WhAt the hell……..whats wrong with vivaaan. How can he change like this. Is this is vivaans real love….how he can break his love with in 2 days…….i like vikor more than sukor……i cant watch this serial any more……am really feel very bad about chakor..

  13. Thank goddddd…finally vimli is confirmeddd…. Guyzzz…now v can finalize sukorrrrr…….noooooo confusion in ittt….100% sureeee…….bt vll take a longgggg…time 2 realize thr trueee…
    …….luvvvvvv…..soooo….guyzzz….v can wait 4 somr timeeee…….

  14. sukor rocks

  15. cvs kuch bhi likh rahe hain is show mein……10-12 yr pyaar 1 mnt ke sadi ne todh diya….ab imli true love ho gaya vivan ka……jis vivan ne chakor ko bachane ke liye aag me kuda jisne chakor ki mot ke khabar se aoyaj kho di….I dont blv ds whats going on…..agar chakor kokisi aur se pyar hoga to mante hain par vivan ko kaise……by the way disgusting show….sara topic bigar diya…..rip udaan…

  16. I hate Vivan the core Times. Hereafter am not interested in watching this show.

  17. How Vivaan changed.his love is not real for chakor

  18. What’s going on this serial.who is real heroine of this serial,chakor or imali.why so much importance to imali.Everyone loves imali.what the hell.vivan loves chakor from childhood.kya imali itni achhi hai ki vivan ne chakor ko reject kiya.writer pls read our comments.

  19. What’s going on this serial.who is real heroine of this serial,chakor or imali.Everyone loves imali.what the hell

  20. What the hell all u r talking sukore is the bst ever i love them and waiting for their unique

  21. Udaan...meeta

    Omg finallyyyyy…..now sukor track….fed up with only imli…story was turningggg around imli only imli…oooopps want sukor hate n love storyy now

  22. Neither vivan nor Suraj deserves chakor..plz show chakor as a bold and strong girl..let her move on..and concentrate on her sports career…why so much importance is given for vimli’s stupidity..its not sure that Suraj won’t change after kn comeback…writers plz don’t forget ur social responsibility and stop making fun of love,marrige,relationships…don’t limit girls only for love,marriage,tear etc..todays girls can manage both family and career..especially udaan is a story of a bold girl…dont make chakor cry always..choti chakor never cried..

    1. Correct dear choti chakor never cried nd this badi chakor…..she’s always:'(

  23. Just be glad dt Vimli is finally reunited so there will hardly b any scenes of those two from now on…I think vivan-imli and Suraj-chakor r better pairs than sunlight and vikor

  24. *sumli

  25. If Vivaan married Chakor he would have eventually died of food poisoning. If you think about Vivaan as a character he requires a homely wife which is what gun toting Imli turned out to be. Chakor is too driven and independent for Vivaan, I don’t see her playing the normal cooking cleaning washing bahu. Imli makes Chakor weak I hope CHakor starts thinking about herself now, maybe Suraj can teach her how to be a little selfish.

  26. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww thankkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh kalikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,its just awosome,waiting more scenes like this, sukorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    loveeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  27. Hw can imli & vivan be so much selfish hate ths episode

  28. thankkkk…. uuuuu…..kalika. sukorrrrr…….rain sceneeee……wow…..really awesome.Hey everyone must watch ittttt……

  29. Arghh…how can vivaan and chakor could be seperated…..hate this show….only showing crap….

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