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The Episode starts with Kusum acting sweet to Chakor. Chakor asks did she do anything. Kusum recalls adding salt. Chakor says she does not believe her. Kusum says she is her friend. The lady says she will call jailer. Kasturi asks Imli about Chakor. Imli says Chakor did not come with us. Kasturi says you both are teasing me. I understand your game, I will catch her. Arjun says Imli is saying right, Chakor is in Mumbai, she caught a big gang and got admission in school there, she will come when she gets leave. Kasturi says I know Chakor is making you tell this, will get her.

Bhuvan and Amma ask about Chakor. Arjun says she is in child retention centre, she is blamed for murder. They all get shocked. Kasturi sees someone else and thinks its Chakor. She goes to hug her and gets shocked seeing its

someone else. Arjun asks them not to tell this to Kasturi, as he gave promise to Chakor. Bhuvan cries and asks when will Chakor come back. Kasturi comes there and asks what are they saying, where is Chakor. Kasturi asks Imli to say where is Chakor.

Imli recalls Arjun asking her to not cry and give strength to her parents. He says Chakor can study there and will be fine. Imli says Chakor is where Arjun Sir said. Kusum says jailer will be happy and can send you. Chakor asks really, can I go to my parents. The jailer says they will get gift if they obey rules. Imli says Chakor gets food there and studies also. Chakor makes the jailer taste the food. He eats the food. Imli says Chakor makes everyone her family.

The jailer throws the food and gets angry. He asks whats this food, its too much salty. Kusum says I don’t know cooking. Chakor says I know cooking. He says I told you I will taste this food, it means you did this intentionally. He scolds her and says you will be punished. He says no need to keep her alone, don’t give her food for 2 days, she will wash all utensils and clean the place. Kusum says Chakor is stuck.

Kasturi cries and says Imli is lying and asks her again. She says Chakor sat all night to ask me whether she can learn hindi, how can she stay in school without asking me. Kasturi says they all are lying and packs her bag to go Mumbai. Chakor washes the utensils. Udaan hai……….plays………….. Chakor recalls Arjun’s words, she is going remand home, not jail. Sunny says we three are orphans, but we also made family with Amma. Soham stops Sunny from telling Chakor about jail.

Chakor misses her family and washes utensils. Kusum comes there to trouble her. Kusum says I was eliminated from relay race. Chakor says that was your mistake, you can do anything, you all are my family, don’t be angry. Kusum throws more utensils. Chakor thinks to break her anger by any way.

Chakor talks to Kasturi and says she is studying in Mumbai. Kasturi cries and asks her to come back. Chakor says she can’t. Kasturi says fine, I will not have food and water till you come back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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