Udaan 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Chakor spend romantic time

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The Episode starts with Chakor scolding Suraj for spoiling the rangoli. He says I was looking at you, you pushed me and this happened, fine I will fix it. She gets colors and teaches him how to fill colors. He smiles seeing her. He asks her to make rangoli. She makes it. Mahiya….plays…. He holds her hand. They make the rangoli together. He says its fun, we are making rangoli, next time I will make rangoli alone and better than you. He holds her close. They romance. She asks him to leave her, Ranvijay will come. He says he will not come, he will be finding someone else. She asks what do you mean.

Ranvijay asks his men to find Suraj. He sees the man meeting Radheshyam. Radheshyam gives him money and says you did a good work. The man says you did many favors on us, you are doing good work

by saving someone, inspector will just save Suraj. Imli calls Ranvijay. He gets angry and tells her that Suraj has misled him, it means Suraj has entered his house, it will be fun to kill him in front of Chakor’s eyes. Suraj makes Chakor wear earrings and says what can be better time than this, I gave you this gift. She says its beautiful like your love. He says next year, someone else will be with us on diwali. She worries when diyas sink in water and blow off. They light fresh diyas.

He says I have thought baby’s names, if its a son, we will name him Niranjan, if its a girl, we will name her Nitibha. She says I don’t like it, if we have a son, we will name him Dev, if we have a daughter, we will name her Devika. He says no, names which I thought are better. She says it will be what I thought. He agrees. She smiles. He says you won’t get a husband like me, who agrees too you, I gave you gift, won’t you give me gift, I told you on phone. She recalls his words.

She says its not time. He says what time will we better, we will think you don’t love me. She says I love you a lot. He says prove it. She says say to them that you love me, else give me a kiss. She asks are you mad, Ranvijay is finding you. He says you have to do this, else I will think you love me less, if you don’t give a kiss, come downstairs. Ranvijay says I will end Suraj and Chakor’s story in front of everyone today. Suraj says fine, I will go. Chakor says no, Ranvijay’s guards are there. He says they also went. She says I can’t do this in front of guests. He asks her to be brave. She says I won’t risk your life. He says I risked my life and came here, you can’t do this, coward. They come downstairs and hear about Antakshari. Suraj sings Ladki bani anjani hai. Chakor sings Aisi deewangi…. They continue. She sings bohot pyaar karte hai. Suraj stops and smiles. Ranvijay is on the way. Suraj and Chakor have an eyelock.

Imli says I got Suraj’s number, I will call on it. Ranvijay hears the phone ringing. Chakor asks Suraj to leave. Suraj looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved Sukor scenes! ?????
    They made rangoli together. Out of the baby names, I like Suraj’s Nitibha. It sounds really cute. I hope RV doesn’t find Suraj.

  2. Amazing episode, it was a treat watching them happy together. Loved their cute argument about baby names. Chakor got shy when Suraj asked for a kiss ???. Antakshari scene was fun, especially Sukor’s expressions.

  3. what is the name of suraj’s cellphone and ringtone name …. i want to download it … it is cool

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