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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking what, cheat…. He says Suraj you cheated again, you don’t deserve to be alive. Chakor says no, he did not do anything and tries to defend Suraj. Goons hold Chakor. Bhaiya ji gets angry and aims gun at Suraj. Chakor worries. Bhaiya ji shoots Suraj. Suraj gets shot and falls down….. Chakor gets shocked and shouts Suraj. She rushes to him.

Chakor shouts Suraj. She wakes up from this bad dream and worries……Kasturi and Bhuvan come and ask what happened, why did you shout, did you see bad dream. They make her drink water. Bhuvan says bad dream is because of Bhaiya ji’s tortures. Chakor says yes, you are right. She asks them why did they come so late. Kasturi says Bhaiya ji did not let them come home early. Chakor says I feel bad that you both are working

hard, and I m not able to do anything. Kasturi says we are habitual and do not care, I m glad you did not sign on paper and become bandhua.

Bhuvan asks Chakor to use her freedom and go away. Chakor says no, I can never be free till this stamp is on my hand, my fight for freedom started again, Bhaiya ji said one person’s freedom cost 5 lakhs, I will arrange money, I will do what Suraj used to make me do, I will attend functions and inaugurate, I will earn money and buy your freedom. Bhuvan says what will happen by that, all people of village will be bandhua. Chakor says yes, I m worried for you both, so I got emotional. Kasturi says I know you are village’s daughter, think how to teach lesson to Bhaiya ji. Chakor says yes, but first we have to see that our Diwali does not get spoil because of him.

Jeweler shows good designs to Ranjana. Bhaiya ji chooses a costly necklace for her and says party will be good tonight. Tejaswini looks on. Ragini compliments Ranjana and taunts Tejaswini. Vivaan and Imli come. Bhaiya ji asks Ranjana to gift something to Imli. Vivaan says I don’t want anything, I have your gift/wounds on my body. Ranjana says I want to gift my bahu, this gold necklace, I got something for Vivaan too, gold ring, I know he won’t take anything, but its Diwali today and we can forget our annoyance. Imli says Vivaan, forget everything, see your mum has got this for you. Vivaan says do anything you like.

Ragini thinks to get Vivaan on their side and asks him to choose jewelry to gift Imli on Diwali. Bhaiya ji says yes, Vivaan choose something, husband gifts something to wife on Diwali. Vivaan asks price of a small necklace. Jeweler says just 50000rs. Imli thinks Vivaan loves me a lot, but now he does not have money to buy necklace for me, its not needed. Vivaan says 50000rs. Bhaiya ji says you select it, don’t worry for money, I m there to pay. Imli says but I did not like this, I don’t want this, Vivaan will take me to market and buy anything I like. She asks Vivaan to come. They leave.

Ragini says I think Vivaan will just let Imli have air, he has to come to us some day. Bhaiya ji says I can see your game succeeding. She says we will know it tonight, once we win in our work, we will enjoy Diwali. Suraj is on the way and stops the jeep seeing Chakor.

He asks where are you running like a wild cat. She says I was coming to see you, are you fine. He says yes, but why. She recalls the bad dream and asks can you stay away from haveli for few days. He asks why are you saying this. She says you can’t be away from haveli, but can take care right, stop calling me wild cat, I m not a wild cat. He holds her hand and stops her. He says fine, I won’t call you wild cat, tell me clearly, whats the matter, are you finding excuses to meet me, do you… She says stop dreaming, I just wanted to see if you are fine, I m going. She prays to Lord to protect Suraj, even though she is not worried for him. He smiles and leaves.

Kasturi makes rangoli. Bhuvan does the decorations. Chakor comes home and smiles. She says rangoli is very beautiful and adds more color. She asks then to come inside house and gives them gifts for Diwali. They check the gifts and see watches. Bhuvan says its beautiful, what was the need to spend it. Chakor says don’t worry, I m sports star, I saved some money, wear the watch. Kasturi says I will never forget this gift, I did not get anything for you. Chakor says I know you got gift for me like always, I know where you have hidden it. Bhuvan says I did not get anything for you. Chakor asks them to check and get the gifts. They get gifts. Chakor smiles and says I said you got gifts for me, give it to me now. They give gifts to her and get glad. Chakor thanks and calls them best parents of the world.

She asks them to check their gifts for each other. They smile seeing the wonderful clothes and gift each other. Kasturi says its really beautiful, you are biggest gift if my life. Chakor asks her not to try. Chakor says I have to do a lot for you. Bhuvan blesses her. Chakor sees time and says I have to meet Vivaan and arrange proof against Bhaiya ji. She asks them to bless her. Kasturi blesses her. Chakor goes. Kasturi says we will see what Chakor got for herself from our side. She checks and says its empty boxes. She says Chakor got so much for us and not anything for her, let her come, I will show her I m her mum.

Chakor and Vivaan meet. Vivaan says I m not able to give any gift to my wife on Diwali. She says like good days are not there, even bad days won’t be there, you will get job. She gifts him. Vivaan says I m trying hard to get job. She says you focus on job, I will collect evidence against Bhaiya ji, no need to be sorry. He asks for some money, he wanted to gift Imli, he will return money when he gets job. She says I bought gifts for everyone and now bank closed, I will ask someone and give you. He says no need, I will arrange from someone else. She asks how is Suraj. He says he would be fine, why. She says I m scared, Bhaiya ji never forgives his enemies, Suraj tried to murder him, Bhaiya ji can’t forget this.

Suraj and Bhaiya ji have a talk. Suraj says our gift boxes are same, see our thinking matches so much. They both gift gun to each other. Bhaiya ji says you said right, out thinking matches. They aim gun at each other. Ranjana says such Jodi is seen less where father and son gift pistol to each other, its history, get pistol down else another history will be made. Bhaiya ji says I m born to write history, come Suraj, hug me, lets forget the mistakes, I m tired of playing friendship and enmity game. He hugs Suraj and says you will always remember this Diwali, I want to celebrate with you. Suraj says even I want to, but I told my friends that I will celebrate with them. Ragini comes and says you can’t go out of Aazaadgunj. Suraj says what do you mean, Papa made me your helper in work, I m not your servant, I promised my friends and have to keep it. He goes. She says how will we give party without you. Bhaiya ji says we will keep party like he likes at home. She says okay, but do you think Suraj will agree.

Suraj comes in the party and wishes everyone happy Diwali. Bhaiya ji hugs Suraj. Ragini and Bhaiya ji aim gun at Suraj. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sukor cares for each a lot..i think chakor is pretending for not loving.she loves him..thats why she prays for him

  2. Nice epi…waiting for sukor romance…
    Where is the sukor os you are mine….

  3. show is turning interesting day by day!!Eagerly waiting for next episode.chakor saves suraj and sukor escapes somewhere.So we will get to see some very nice sukor scenes

  4. little secne of sukor… but I have always waiting to watch sukor… I love to watch uddan, because it is a interesting story and chokor and suruj acting also awesome….

  5. Wow sukor secnes was awesome .chakor caring about suraj. Sukor cares each otherside the upcoming episodes chakor saves suraj from KN .sukor love secnes was sooooo. … lovin I am waiting for sukor love track Plzzzzzzzz. The episode was good sukor forever. ….I love you.

  6. Its sure now chakor has feelings for suraj and suraj too bcoz chakor is only thinking about suraj and yeah waiting for next epi

  7. Sukor really care for each other and chakor is thinking for its nice.But happy to see chakor escapes suraj

  8. Chakor is so worried for suraj… and suraj was also smiling seeing her worry for him… i think they had started liking each other….love sukor… writers know how to raise the trps.. just keep 1 2 sukor scenes and some intense scenes and it becomes a nice episode….keep on going like that… love sukor♡♡♡♡

  9. Sukor rocks..

  10. wowww…chakor u look georgious in that western outfittt…I think when suraj sees her in that dress he will b surpriseddd….. and have some attractions on herrrr…….

  11. It was awesome especially sukor scenes….I’m waiting for that episode when chakor rescue sooraj from Kn n his people….but guys what is the further update?? What will happen to sooraj???

  12. nice….thnx 4written update!!!

  13. I am very eager to know what happens after sukor escapes from the haveli

  14. Me too sia i think there will be some jungle scene and if it is than also must be some hot and close scenes of sukor

  15. Any Vikor fans???????

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