Udaan 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji being welcomed in the Ramleela. He sees Chakor there dressed as Ram. Chakor asks who has killed Satya, Ishwar and me. Bhaiya ji starts screaming. Manohar asks him who is troubling him. Bhaiya ji says Chakor, she will kill me. Manohar says you know Chakor is dead. Bhaiya ji shows Chakor’s ghost. They all turn and see Aditya. Manohar says its Aditya, he became Ram. The inspector asks Bhaiya ji why is he scared of Chakor. Bhaiya ji laughs and says I m not afraid. The inspector says I was going, this boy who became Ram stopped me. Bhaiya ji says no, it’s a girl. Tejaswini says Bhaiya ji likes to joke. Sunny and Soham send the man and come on the mic.

Imli asks Dadi to go and see Ramleela, she will sit with Kasturi and sends Dadi. Sunny tells about lanka story. Aditya

tells Chakor that everyone should think we are acting, and just Bhaiya should understand. Bhaiya ji sees Chakor and gets scared. Suraj acts like Raavan and laughs. Chakor becomes Hanuman and scolds him. She says she will end his laughter and ruin his lanka. Bhaiya ji imagines himself as Raavan and laughs.

Bhaiya ji as Raavan tells the guards to bun Hanuman’s tail. Chakor says you have burnt your lanka and runs around. Bhaiya ji screams and says he is burning me. Tejaswini says every year Raavan is burnt, calm down. Bhaiya ji says I m going haveli. Manohar says I will take you. Bhaiya ji takes car keys and goes. Suraj says where is dad going. Chakor says Raavan is running. Suraj says I m here. Aditya asks Chakor not to worry, he will solve all the problems. Chakor says Jai Shri Ram. He tells Vivaan that they have to stop Bhaiya ji. Vivaan says he has a way. They all become little hanumans and asks him who killed Satya, Ishwar and Chakor.

Bhaiya ji runs inside Ramleela again. The kids smile. Bhaiya ji says Chakor…. He says he will go haveli with everyone or not go anywhere. He asks Manohar to be with him. Ranjana asks did he go mad, sit with me and see Ramleela. The inspector says Bhaiya ji does not look well. Tejaswini says wait for sometime, we will go home soon. Dadi comes there. The lady asks why did she not get Kasturi. Dadi says Kasturi is not in her senses. Sunny says many incidents will happen here, enjoy it. Kasturi claps hearing Ramleela. Imli smiles. Sunny tells about last chapter, Raavan’s vadh. Kasturi goes there. Suraj, Aditya, Chakor act in the play. Chakor asks for the truth. Bhaiya ji sees Satya, Ishwar and Chakor.

Bhaiya ji gets up and says I have killed Satya, Ishwar and Chakor. Everyone get shocked. He says he has killed Satya, as he could not stop their marriage, he can’t see his sister marrying bandhua, he has shot Satya, his characterless sister Nayantara ruined their respect, I have killed Satya. FB shows Bhaiya ji scolding Satya for being bandhua and throwing him off the cliff. Nayantara cries and shouts Satya. She says she can’t live without him and jumps after him, while he tries to stop her. Amma hears this and is shocked.

Bhaiya ji says Ishwar came to me and acted like my friend, I killed him, and that bandhua girl Chakor, I have killed her by bomb. He admits all the crimes. Everyone look on shocked.

Bhaiya ji acts and says he has killed everyone including great fighters. The inspector says it looks MP has got mad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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